Lot 48: the best parts of spring

March 25, 2015

the best parts of spring

Hello love! I'm Kelly and I blog over a little place called Love, Kelly Lorene {previously Kelly's Kinda Crazy}.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have the best group of a friends a girl could ask for. In a nut shell - I believe that there's a country song for every situation, baseball is good for the soul and a good book has the ability to give you a break from everyday life. Want to know more? You can always check out my about me page.

It's officially spring y'all! If your weather has been anything like mine it's felt like spring for a few weeks now. I turned my heater off like three weeks ago. Sure there's been moments where I've looked like an eskimo because I've been so cold, but I refuse to turn it back on. Rumor has it I'm stubborn.

I don't know about you but spring is one of my favorite seasons. There are so many things that I love about it that we would be here all day if I tried to share them with you. So I decided to cutting my list down to just the top five. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Except for number one, number one is by far my favorite thing about spring. It has been since I was just a wee tyke and I don't see it changing any time soon. Lets get started shall we...

1 | Baseball starts
I have loved baseball since before I can remember. My cousin played, so weekends for my family were always spent at the ball park. In high school I worked the concession stand and it was no surprise when I started dating and married a baseball player. Now my adorable nephew is playing so my spring/summer is still spent at a baseball field. I don't really have a favorite team, I just like to watch the game. However, my best friend's husband is a huge LA Dodger fan so that's who we route for most of the time.

2 | Getting to have the windows open
I love having the windows open. Honestly, I don't care if it's the windows in the car or the windows at home. There is something special about having the windows open with fresh air coming in, listening to the kids play outside or the birds chirping. Spring just isn't spring without the windows open and a baseball game on.

3 | Maxi skirts come out
I am a huge fan of maxi skirts and dresses. I have six skirts and five dresses. If you're looking for a good place to get them, try Vanity! I have bought four skirts from them in the last three weeks. Three of them are pictured below. They have an amazing selection and are nice and long which is a big deal for me because I have long legs and like them to come all the way to my feet. I also bought this super cute vest the other day to wear with them.

Skirt 1 | Skirt 2 | Skirt 3

4 | The sun sets later
I'm going to be completely honest here, I only enjoy it during the weekend when I don't feel the need to be in bed early because I have to get up early the next day. During the week however, this old lady is normally in bed by 7:30 and asleep by 9:00 so once the sun, and loud neighbor kids, start staying out past that it just interferes with my sleeping.

5 | We get to be outside
My beautiful-bestie and I can talk for hours. Normally about nothing, and everything, important. There are lots of times throughout the winter where we'll be on the couch talking and realize that it's been two hours and we've done absolutely nothing productive. In the spring we do that while we're outside walking. At least that way we're getting a little exercise and the kids are letting out some energy. 

That's all I've got folks! A huge thank you to Lauren for letting me hijack her blog today. I hope y'all enjoyed it. I'd love to hear what you enjoy most about spring!


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thank you so much kelly for taking over the blog! i love this girl! she is so upbeat and positive! don't forget, with my one year blogiversary coming up, take 50% off any ad with code ONE YEAR! happy blogging!


  1. I LOVE maxi dresses and skirts! Can't get enough! Also love that the sun sets later, it always feels like I can get more done! :)

    1. Aren't maxi skirts/dresses the best! I wore one three days in a row last week and would be wearing them this week, but it's been raining. Thanks for commenting :-)

  2. Have to say I like those skirts, I went though a long skirt faze and then a short skirt faze and now I am moving back to longish skirts, we have to mix it up or life would become pretty run of the mill

    1. I wish I had the legs for shorter skirts, haha. I'm super comfortable in long skirts though!
      Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. You didn't mention outdoor concerts? I'm shocked! :)


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