Lot 48: one year blogiversary: what to know when you start sponsorships

March 31, 2015

one year blogiversary: what to know when you start sponsorships

hello hello!! i know i have been absent the past few days but now i am back with a splash because guess what!! it is my one year blogiversary!!! can you believe it?  i never thought that i would love blogging so much or stick with it this long, or get so invested in it.  i have fallen completely in love with the blogging community and have made so many amazing friends!  

i have also learned a thing or two, particularly in the area of sponsorships. today i want to share some tips for what you need to know when starting sponsorships on your blog. these are some of the things i wish someone had told me when i first started!! 

also, before i start blabbing, i want to let you know that i LOVE having sponsors, i really do.  i love helping them promote their blogs and making new blog friends along the way.  so, in celebration of my blogiversary i am giving all ads for 50% off with code ONEYEAR!  also find a giveaway for $145 target giftcard at the end of the post! 

be dedicated to spending A LOT of time blogging. when someone spends their good hard earned money to sponsor my blog and i promise then a sponsor highlight, giveaway, guest post, social media love, whatever, i want to deliver.  i don't want to waste anyone's money.  so when i get a new sponsor, i put them in a separate list in my bloglovin account.  i check that list first each morning and then schedule out tweets about their posts every day.  this is a very important part.  i promise my sponsors plenty of social media love, so i want to be sure that i am tweeting, pinning, facebooking every awesome post they have.  it takes a lot of time because you want to be sure to write frequently, schedule your own social media, and then spend time reading all your sponsors posts and schedule social media for their posts.  it takes a lot of time.

be organized.  it's really easy to let sponsorships slip through the cracks.  each sponsorship gets a different perk.  that could be a guest post, highlight post, etc.  i organize everything in my calendar so i know that this sponsor gave me her responses to the sponsor highlight and what day it will run, etc.  and to make absolute sure i don't forget, i go ahead and try to create their photo immediately and put their answers in a blog post and schedule it for that day.  when i see on my dashboard that it is scheduled, i know that i need to write an actual post with their sponsor highlight.  it makes things a lot easier. the most frustrating thing is when a sponsor doesn't respond when i ask her the questions!

ask for testimonials!!  it really helps when you have testimonials on your sponsor page.  that shows a potential sponsor that other sponsors liked you and shows that you are a good sponsoree.  (is that the right word?)  i know that i always look for testimonials when i consider sponsoring someone.  i want to know that i won't be wasting my money!

do giveaways!  some sponsorees (?) are afraid of hosting giveaways, but giveaways are the best way for you and your sponsors to gain followers! they love it! and i love it too!! i was scared the first time i did it, but it went so well! we got so many entries!! do giveaways! do it! they are so good for your blog!

speaking of which....

these lovely bloggers and i have put together a $145 target giftcard for you to win!  gift card amount is in US dollars only.  giveaway will be open march 31 - april 7.  best of luck to you!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! YAAAAAY!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Happy Blogiversary!

    You are seriously one of THE BEST blogs to sponsor. You are so dedicated to making it a great experience!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!


  4. Great tips Lauren! Happy bloggy birthday (:


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