Lot 48: one of the worst parts of being a dancer

March 10, 2015

one of the worst parts of being a dancer

**This post has been sponsored by Linqia and U by Kotex. I was compensated for writing this post but all opinions are my own.**

We want YOU to join our ranks and become an official UnderWarrior!!!!!!!! isn't that a cool name?? want to be one??? an UNDERWARRIOR!!!!!! is YOU! underwarrior is joining the kotex fight to save the undies!!!

i was a dancer for 12 years, did you know that?  well, i was.  i did every dance type known to man.  tap, ballet, jazz, modern dance, musical theater, all of it.  the thing about dancing is your body parts are everywhere during class, during shows, whatever.  so if you are on your period, it is really awkward to go to dance. you just hope that you don't bleed through your leotard.  TMI?? 

well kotex is taking women's confidence back!! with U kotex 3D capture core, you don't have to worry about leaking!  and the best part is they are pads!! i'm not a dancer anymore, but man this would have been helpful when i was!! these new pads lock in wetness to avoid links! and they are SO THIN! a dream! and you can get a free sample!


all the pads i have worn in the past have been chunky and are awkward to wear and awkward to carry in your purse.  but these pads are ultra thin which i love because they don't feel like a diaper! man this is a real girl talk kind of post, yeah??  kotex is so nice they are giving you can get a free sample!! a free sample!!

a FREE SAMPLE!! do you get it? yay!

but for real, i do like these pads and i do believe in this product.



  1. Do you have to order any of the free samples or just click the links for it to count? I'm pregnant and don't need pads (hallelujah), but I'd like to help out still.

  2. Done & Done ;) I'll take free sanitary stuff any day!

  3. I'm all about free stuff! And this is my brand!

  4. This is totally true life of a dancer…had the same worries girl!! Love it!


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