Lot 48: my hood

March 16, 2015

my hood

i live in what some would call "the ghetto" of salt lake city.  it is a well known fact that anything west of i-15 freeway is a little scary and a little ghetto.  the houses look like something out of a horror movie as they are so run down and the area i live is the murder capita of the city.  my parents are constantly worried sick about me as well as my sisters.  every one in my family is always trying to get taran and i to move.  needless to say, there were not happy when we renewed our contract after living here for a year. 

but here's the thing.  i absolutely love where i live.  when my mom came to visit a few weekends ago, we went to the grocery store to get the supplies to make her infamous spaghetti sauce (OMG BTW when i was hanging out with my mom that day there was this small and fabulous gay maybe mardi gras parade crossing the street downtown.  my mom had the window down and this fabulous and awesome guy saw us, ran over, came up to my mom's window and said "buy yourself something nice" and gave us a gold coin.  it was the best thing ever and my mom and i were hysterical and it made my life) and as i drove us to the store, she again talked about how i needed to move and that by the time we got to the store, she had seen two cops arresting people.  and it isn't that short of a drive.

i might be weird, but i freaking love that.  i love my apartment.  i love the diversity.  there are so many children who play in the courtyard right outside my window.  they are black, hindu, mexican, all kinds of races and colors.  and i looooove it.  and there are these beautiful and sweet little girls who always compliment me when i walk by.  they tell me i look pretty or they like my ___ and there is this adorable little black girl who has the squishiest cheeks who always says "hi!!!!!!" whenever i walk by and she tells me i'm pretty and she lives above me and i really just want to go up there and kiss her adorable cheeks.  one time, she was playing with her brother in the courtyard and the boys were throwing the ball accidentally at my bedroom window so i opened it and said "hey! don't hit our window!" and they were polite and apologetic which made me love them but then the cute little girl came to my window and we made faces at each other and oh my gosh who would want to leave that?

there is something called "the utah bubble" or "the mormon bubble."  this bubble is very real and very damaging.  i hate the bubble.  taran and i might-possibly-don't-jinx-it be working farther north and my sister said it would make sense to move to the suburbs.  

ugh.  i would not be happy in the suburbs. 

where i live, there is no bubble.  people come from all kinds of races and religions and walks of life and that is what i want.  that is the kind of place i want to live.  i feel most comfortable in these environments.  i feel boxed in and not myself and very uncomfortable when i am in a place where there is no diversity, no mix of race or religion.  

so nuh uh.  we will continue to live in the murder capita of the city.  i have only once in my 1+ here that i haven't felt safe, and it lasted one minute and i handled it well.  sometimes there is barf on my sidewalk from a hungover person.  i don't care at all.  as long as you don't barf in my apartment, i'm fine.  my mom says i am not allowed to go to the parks or go walking in my neighborhood because it isn't safe.  to that i say...... something about how i won't live in fear.  and that i feel completely comfortable in my neighborhood.  

also, the govenah is launched a national campaign that is making everyone want to live here because we have 5 national parks in one state.  i got goosebumps watching it and i don't even like nature.  but God created it and man oh man is it beautiful.  

i am proud to live in utah.  i just want the diversity.


  1. I was surprised at how much diversity I saw in SLC, then again I stayed downtown in a rougher area.

  2. I love that you are embracing the diversity....I think that is wonderful. Kudos to you for sticking your ground!

  3. I also love the feeling of being surrounded by diversity. There is nothing wrong with suburbs but it just isn't the lifestyle I want at this point in my life.

  4. So great that you want to be surrounded by diversity! I definitely understand the bubble mentality well. Also, I saw that Utah commercial on TV, and it was so beautiful! I've been to four out of five of those parks and definitely want to go back!

  5. So but first of all, cuuuute outfit. Second, YAY DIVERSITY! In many years you'll look back and tell your family "Look what I did! Listen to the stories I have!" Enjoy!

  6. YES to embracing diversity! That's awesome and I love that about you!
    Also you look like a rockstar in those pictures :)

  7. Utah is a great place, but I agree with you. Not nearly enough diversity in most places! I was happy in Ogden because it was a little more diverse than, say, Kaysville, Layton, Brigham City, etc. But I always loved coming home because it was so much more interesting.

  8. This is awesome, I think it's great that you see the beauty in it all, and LOVE it. Go girl, ps...cute pics!


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