Lot 48: five positive things

March 6, 2015

five positive things

today i am stealing an idea from laynah and am going to write 5 positive things that have happened recently. because really, with all the bad that is happening in my life and all the hard times, i really need to look at the positive.

| ONE | that fun cobbler night i was invited to that gave amazing free cobbler with ice cream and the best hot chocolate!! it was AMAZING and soooo yummy.  that was fun!!!  i love going to blog events!  they are so fun! 

| TWO | my blog friends.  i have an amazing blog friends and i can't believe how sweet people are.   things are so incredibly hard right now, and my friends have been absolutely amazing and supportive.  they have sent me the sweetest things and i feel so so so lucky and blessed.  they are always there to talk and help me.  i love love love this blogging community.  i need it.
emelia was sweet enough to send me this 

my sweet taylor sent me this yesterday on one of the darkest days i have had in a long time.  it was a light in the dark.  and how did she know that i have been dying to get those trashy magazines and her card made me cry.  she is amazing.  i love my friends.  i just wish that they lived near me. 

| THREE | i have been married a year and had the best little staycation on our anniversary weekend!  we got to spend so much fun time together and it was amazing.  i used to dread the one year anniversary because then i thought we couldn't be newlyweds anymore.  lies!! we are still newlyweds and i love it. 

| FOUR |  our san fransisco trip.  it was the the best vacation i have ever taken in my life.  everything about it was amazing.  the best trip of my life.  we experienced so much and saw so much and it was amazing.  and the best part was that i got to do it with my love.  trying not to say i got laid off the day we got back.  oops.  i did.  POSITIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!

| FIVE | my nieces and nephews and my mom and my dad and my sisters.  i love this video of my niece that i took shortly after i was laid off.  she is so adorable.  they are all adorable.  just all of them.  and i want to kiss their cheeks (well, nibble their cheeks, especially isaac's and june's, the youngest ones in the picture).  and just play with them and kiss them and did i mention kiss them?? 


if you could please keep us in your prayers, that would be greatly appreciated.  i would love you forever. 


  1. These are all awesome things! Way to focus on the positive! Don't you just love blogger friends, they are the sweetest!

  2. Good job being positive, try to stay that way! I'm praying for you guys. Have a great weekend!

  3. These are all great things! Especially yay for blogging friends!

  4. I always try listing off the small positives each day when things get rough and realizing that even though things might go wrong having strong relationships with my family and friends are important enough to cheer me up. What wonderful care packages! I love the blogging community for that reason.

  5. Always best to look at the positive; great attitude, sister! Where can I sign up for cobbler night?! Loving the blog community and all the sweet people and new friendships – glad I’ve now stumbled aross YOUR blog :) Staycations are a favorite of mine too and you guys look adorable in your staycation pic. San Fran was one of my more favorite trips too! Sucha great city!

  6. You look absolutely stunning in the anniversary picture! By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.



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