Lot 48: March 2015

March 31, 2015

one year blogiversary: what to know when you start sponsorships

hello hello!! i know i have been absent the past few days but now i am back with a splash because guess what!! it is my one year blogiversary!!! can you believe it?  i never thought that i would love blogging so much or stick with it this long, or get so invested in it.  i have fallen completely in love with the blogging community and have made so many amazing friends!  

i have also learned a thing or two, particularly in the area of sponsorships. today i want to share some tips for what you need to know when starting sponsorships on your blog. these are some of the things i wish someone had told me when i first started!! 

also, before i start blabbing, i want to let you know that i LOVE having sponsors, i really do.  i love helping them promote their blogs and making new blog friends along the way.  so, in celebration of my blogiversary i am giving all ads for 50% off with code ONEYEAR!  also find a giveaway for $145 target giftcard at the end of the post! 

be dedicated to spending A LOT of time blogging. when someone spends their good hard earned money to sponsor my blog and i promise then a sponsor highlight, giveaway, guest post, social media love, whatever, i want to deliver.  i don't want to waste anyone's money.  so when i get a new sponsor, i put them in a separate list in my bloglovin account.  i check that list first each morning and then schedule out tweets about their posts every day.  this is a very important part.  i promise my sponsors plenty of social media love, so i want to be sure that i am tweeting, pinning, facebooking every awesome post they have.  it takes a lot of time because you want to be sure to write frequently, schedule your own social media, and then spend time reading all your sponsors posts and schedule social media for their posts.  it takes a lot of time.

be organized.  it's really easy to let sponsorships slip through the cracks.  each sponsorship gets a different perk.  that could be a guest post, highlight post, etc.  i organize everything in my calendar so i know that this sponsor gave me her responses to the sponsor highlight and what day it will run, etc.  and to make absolute sure i don't forget, i go ahead and try to create their photo immediately and put their answers in a blog post and schedule it for that day.  when i see on my dashboard that it is scheduled, i know that i need to write an actual post with their sponsor highlight.  it makes things a lot easier. the most frustrating thing is when a sponsor doesn't respond when i ask her the questions!

ask for testimonials!!  it really helps when you have testimonials on your sponsor page.  that shows a potential sponsor that other sponsors liked you and shows that you are a good sponsoree.  (is that the right word?)  i know that i always look for testimonials when i consider sponsoring someone.  i want to know that i won't be wasting my money!

do giveaways!  some sponsorees (?) are afraid of hosting giveaways, but giveaways are the best way for you and your sponsors to gain followers! they love it! and i love it too!! i was scared the first time i did it, but it went so well! we got so many entries!! do giveaways! do it! they are so good for your blog!

speaking of which....

these lovely bloggers and i have put together a $145 target giftcard for you to win!  gift card amount is in US dollars only.  giveaway will be open march 31 - april 7.  best of luck to you!!

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March 26, 2015

boy behind the blog: march edition

1 // Do you have a good luck charm or ritual? (like a lucky coin, or you always used to listen to a certain pump-up song when you played sports in high school or college?)  maybe the scriptures that i have had since i was a teenager? they are worn behind belief, the book of mormon has completely detached from it's bindings and i have marked them up and written on them so much. 

2 // What is your favorite dish that your wife/fiance/girlfriend makes for you?  Do you have any fun memories of a time when she tried to cook and it totally flopped or does she get it right every time? pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!! and yes, she gets it right every time. 

3 // What did you want to be when you were growing up?  astronaut.  first man on mars!! as a kid i used to watch bill nye the science guy and one episode was about space and he looked at me and pointed and said "you could be the first man on mars." and i thought "bill, you are right.  i WILL be the first man on mars!"

4 // Which of the five senses is your strongest?  sight, i guess?  it's the one that prevalent. 

5 // Would you ever run for president?  nooooooooo!!! i do not want that sort of attention or responsibility! i think people would blackmail me into doing what they want me to do and i think whoever donates the most to the president is most attached and can pull their strings when they want to.  i also don't want reporters digging into my life and analyzing every little thing that i say. 

March 25, 2015

the best parts of spring

Hello love! I'm Kelly and I blog over a little place called Love, Kelly Lorene {previously Kelly's Kinda Crazy}.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and have the best group of a friends a girl could ask for. In a nut shell - I believe that there's a country song for every situation, baseball is good for the soul and a good book has the ability to give you a break from everyday life. Want to know more? You can always check out my about me page.

It's officially spring y'all! If your weather has been anything like mine it's felt like spring for a few weeks now. I turned my heater off like three weeks ago. Sure there's been moments where I've looked like an eskimo because I've been so cold, but I refuse to turn it back on. Rumor has it I'm stubborn.

I don't know about you but spring is one of my favorite seasons. There are so many things that I love about it that we would be here all day if I tried to share them with you. So I decided to cutting my list down to just the top five. This turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. Except for number one, number one is by far my favorite thing about spring. It has been since I was just a wee tyke and I don't see it changing any time soon. Lets get started shall we...

1 | Baseball starts
I have loved baseball since before I can remember. My cousin played, so weekends for my family were always spent at the ball park. In high school I worked the concession stand and it was no surprise when I started dating and married a baseball player. Now my adorable nephew is playing so my spring/summer is still spent at a baseball field. I don't really have a favorite team, I just like to watch the game. However, my best friend's husband is a huge LA Dodger fan so that's who we route for most of the time.

2 | Getting to have the windows open
I love having the windows open. Honestly, I don't care if it's the windows in the car or the windows at home. There is something special about having the windows open with fresh air coming in, listening to the kids play outside or the birds chirping. Spring just isn't spring without the windows open and a baseball game on.

3 | Maxi skirts come out
I am a huge fan of maxi skirts and dresses. I have six skirts and five dresses. If you're looking for a good place to get them, try Vanity! I have bought four skirts from them in the last three weeks. Three of them are pictured below. They have an amazing selection and are nice and long which is a big deal for me because I have long legs and like them to come all the way to my feet. I also bought this super cute vest the other day to wear with them.

Skirt 1 | Skirt 2 | Skirt 3

4 | The sun sets later
I'm going to be completely honest here, I only enjoy it during the weekend when I don't feel the need to be in bed early because I have to get up early the next day. During the week however, this old lady is normally in bed by 7:30 and asleep by 9:00 so once the sun, and loud neighbor kids, start staying out past that it just interferes with my sleeping.

5 | We get to be outside
My beautiful-bestie and I can talk for hours. Normally about nothing, and everything, important. There are lots of times throughout the winter where we'll be on the couch talking and realize that it's been two hours and we've done absolutely nothing productive. In the spring we do that while we're outside walking. At least that way we're getting a little exercise and the kids are letting out some energy. 

That's all I've got folks! A huge thank you to Lauren for letting me hijack her blog today. I hope y'all enjoyed it. I'd love to hear what you enjoy most about spring!


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thank you so much kelly for taking over the blog! i love this girl! she is so upbeat and positive! don't forget, with my one year blogiversary coming up, take 50% off any ad with code ONE YEAR! happy blogging!

March 24, 2015

what I've learned in my first year of marriage

I have been married for 1 year and and almost 2 months, so I want to share what I have learned in my first year of marriage. Becuase, oh ho ho ho boy, I have learned a lot. 

I have no idea what i am doing.  It's true.  I have no idea what the heck I am doing.  I have never been married before, how am I supposed to know what to do! Above all else, that is the only thing I know for sure.  I have no idea what I am doing.  Do I let this little thing that is bugging me go?  Do I talk to him about it?  Will I hurt his feelings if I ask for some alone time?  I don't know!! I don't know what to do.  Any of you ladies out there that have been married longer than I have, does this change, or are your married for 20 years and still winging it? 

Everything you thought about love, you underestimated.  I never really and truly realized the lengths one person can go for the one they love.  How much you put up with, what you can do for them.  I always believed that love was the most powerful source on earth.  It is, but not by what I ever thought it would be.  It is much stronger, more durable, and tougher than anything I have ever seen or experienced.  Things I never thought I would have the strength or emotional capacity to do, I have done.  For him.  Because I love him.   One week I was terribly terribly sick but I knew I had to go to work for fear of losing my job.  That was one of the worst weeks of my life, and every minute was indescribably hard.  The only thing that got me through was knowing our plan that we had made together, our family plan and our financial plan.  I suffered through that week for him, because I knew I had to in order to keep us afloat.  Still got let go!! Plan still burned into flames! But I still did that awful week.  Speaking of which....

You have no idea what you can endure if you have your loved one.  With me recently losing my job and Taran knowing his job will end in two months, we are really freaking out.  It's really hard and some days I don't know how I do it.  I am just so glad for Taran.  He always calms me, comforts me, keeps me looking up, I don't know what I would do without him.  I honestly don't know how I have gone so long without him. 

The #1 thing we fight about is money.  As with every couple, I think.  I know that statistically, that's true.  I am a spender, he is a saver.  I want to buy everything I want right this second.  Taran wants to save everything and pay off debt right this second.  We never ever agree on things when it comes to money.  But I have learned to compromise.  I have learned to severely cut back on my bad spending habits and he has learned to have just a liiiiitle looser purse strings.  It's all about compromise.

Lastly, what I will leave you with is the only piece of advice that I took when we got married.  Forgive and move on.  You will hurt each other's feelings often.  You'll say something stupid or you'll say something in a tone you didn't mean or you will just say something plain mean that you will regret.   Forgive and move on.  Don't dwell on it.  Remember you love each other and love conquers all. 

 p.s. What your wedding day is really like and what you might feel 4 days before your wedding.

and because i feel my one year blogiversary is coming up (!!!) use code ONEYEAR for 50% off any ad!! 

March 23, 2015

weekend getaway

you know those times when you really need to just leave, get out of your head, leave reality behind and getaway?  well that's what we did this weekend and it was just what i needed. i can't even tell you how much i needed it.

my hometown is 300 miles away from salt lake city, in the very very southwest corner of utah.  my home is 120 miles from vegas.  i've been to vegas so many times i lost all wonder and amazement at the age of 7.  never having a drink in life, not gambling or going to clubs really kind of ruins the whole vegas experience, but i still like going there with my girlfriends or going to a hotel on the strip and tanning and swimming and going to the m&m factory.  hopefully we can do that next month.

anyway! we left right during rush hour which was stupid but i wanted to take a nap so, what ya gonna do..  i was so hungry on the drive home but i waited because i wanted my mom's cooking instead of road trip fast food crap.  and i was greeted with homemade chicken noodle soup (even the noodles were homemade!) and all was right with the world. 

my sister and her family were there as well and had been since wednesday as her husband works from home so he can do whatevs.  i loved having quality time with nieces my little junebug and avery, who is such a firecracker and so socially advanced, i swear, the things she says. 

june is getting some nice chubby arms!! i want to eat them.

we went to the sand dunes which is in a state park and had a lovely picnic.  homemade chicken salad on croissants, i mean, what other reason to go home is there besides my mom's cooking.

one of my favorite things about avery is her need for attention.  she is such a little ham.  we have to watch her at all times and pay attention to each thing she does.  if we are all watching, man oh man will she put on a show.  i called her princess avery the whole day and she looooved it.  she loved it so much that she told me multiple times that she loved me best.  i'm not really sure what to write after that because that just made my life and i think i heart stopped beating for a second with pure happiness.  we know how much she loves taran, so this was a huge aunt win. 

when she was digging her whole she kept saying "watch me!!! watch me!!" and then proceded to fling a whole shovel's worth of sand on me which got down my shirt, pants, and in my mouth and on my face.  lovely. i would have been mad if she wasn't so cute.  

then we headed to the children's museum per avery's request.  this museum is so awesome and teaches kids about cars, planes, airports, and has a "farm" vet hospital, grocery store, bank, stage where the kids can dress up in costume and sing, a princess castle, a kitchen where you bake things, and some science learning that taran really enjoys.

we decided to be bankers, but we have to work in tandem, obviously. 

then avery went for the stage and sang "let it go" in the only thing i could fit her in.

then i pretended i was a dj.

mixing a beat

then we learned about phones and and communication all the way back to the telegraph and i used julia robert's cell phone from my best friend's wedding.  

"no, i love him george, he was mine first, i will break up this wedding!!!"

then avery milked a cow and gave it some shots. 

then it was best friend time. patrisha was getting off work at 5 so my parents left taran and i downtown and i took taran on an eating walking tour of saint george.

yes.  this is downtown saint george. we are like, a huge city. 

i took him to a place that carries really old candy (like razzles!! call jennifer garner!) and is also a place that we always went for lunch in high school because you could get homemade soup and breadsticks for like, $3.  but i'm a bad blogger and didn't take a picture. 

and then i showed him an adorable inn that was built in 1862 and then took him to a cake parlor that is heaven.

then patrisha picked us up and we went to the best pizza in town, where the wait is always an hour and there is only one bathrooms stall for two restaurants.  pasta factory is downstairs, pizza factory is upstairs.  and there is one stall for each sex. what the.  but their pizza and breadsticks and homemade suckers are to die for.  but, again, i didn't even take a picture with my best friend.  what is wrong with me.

and then we went to my house and played candy land because i don't remember ever playing it and won twice!!! hollaaaa!!! i did a victory lap around the table.  according to my mom, i did play when i was little, i just don't remember.  but i have such a gift, guys.  and the board made me drool thinking about candy and why isn't candy land real and why can't i live there? i ask you. 

on the drive down, a gas station we stopped at had a magical $5 movie bin and i got four chick flicks, including a special to my heart and all my high school memories are surrounded by this movie, music and lyrics, which taran had never seen.  despicable.  so we fixed that.  and then taran went to bed and i talked to best friend in the whole world for a while because i hadn't seen her since Christmas.  long distance bff relationships are stupid. 

and then june was being so cute in church the next day i took a picture in the middle of church and my mom got mad at me. but she was being so smiley and was being the biggest charmer and was wearing the prettiest dress and is drop dead gorgeous, so what was i supposed to do mom? 

and then i took a million more pictures of her.

and then i held her while my sister packed and she just grinned and grinned and grinned at my dad and i kissed her so many times i am surprised she didn't just utter her first words at 4 months old just to tell me to stop.

and then we came home and i feel rejuvenated and refreshed.  

what did you do this weekend?

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