Lot 48: third and final day in san fransisco!!!!

February 23, 2015

third and final day in san fransisco!!!!

sunday, february 15 was our final day in san fransisco.  {catch up on day one here and day two here}i was sooooo tired.  we had been on our feet for two days!! but today we were going to golden gate park with my family and go to the california academy of sciences in golden gate park.  we packed everything up as we were going to stay with my other cousin that night as the airport was about 20 minutes from her house.  the drive from san carlos where had been staying up to san fran was so gorgeous!! we saw so many lakes and just gorgeous mountains! i love california! 

we made it to golden gate park and were ready to check out the museum but i was in desparate need of a diet dr pepper. 

 my cousin was a member of the museum so we didn't have to pay when we got in, we were so grateful! the museum was amazing! but, it was "all nautral" so they had NO SODA. which meant no diet dr pepper for lauren.  if you know me, this means big trouble.

they decided to show us the earthquake exhibit and from our boat tour the day before, we knew all about the 1906 earthquake and the 198? earthquakes.  this exhibit showed you what it felt like to be in the earthquake. 

 we went into this fake little dining room and held onto the rails as it shook.  it was crazy! {although when my cousin's wife told us we were going to a dining room i thought they meant a real one, like one that might have diet dr pepper?? nope.}

 after that, we saw this awesome dude, who at first totally freaked me out but it's ooookay.  he is a white alligator, i had never seen one before or knew they existed.  my cousin told us that he (or she?) had never been laying on the rock when they had come.  and it moved a toe guys! a toe! we got a real show.

then we went to the planetarium where a woman narrated about the ecosystems and i fell asleep.  i am so horrible because when we sat down i looked at taran, king of falling asleep every time he sits down (he fell asleep on the drive from san carlos to san fran) and said "don't fall asleep, i mean it!" but then i did.  and i never fall asleep in public places.  but guys, i was so tired.  we had already seen so much and walked so much and i had no diet dr pepper!! when it was over, i was so groggy, so they took us up to the roof, the living roof.  which was really cool and had an amazing view!

 me with glasses??!?!?! my contacts were really bothering me because i had soaked them in the wrong solution so my eyes were on fire so glasses it was. do you like my new haircut! cut off 3 inches and it's amazing. i can breathe now.

my cousin's daughter was obsessed with penguins, so we ran over to the penguin show and learned a lot.  and i got to sit on a bench, so i was really happy.

 then to the rainforest it was!! it was so beautiful and so hot.  they have these amazing butterflies that i guess die after two weeks and then they buy another bulk of them from costa rica (hey, that's where my parents are right now! lucky ducks!) and fly new ones in.  made me sad butterflies die so quickly! but they were so beautiful!

see that gorgeous blue butterfly?? 

then we took an elevator down to the aquarium.  below where the white alligator was.  it was so beautiful.  this museum really is amazing.

bad picture, sorry, but this octopus was giving us a show! allllll his (her??) tentacles were just creepily on the glass and it really freaked me out.  i had never been so up close to an octopus before.

did you know when jellyfish spread their little creepiness out and swim up and down, they aren't swimming, they are gathering food?  museum didn't teach me that, already knew it. #winning #peoplewhosaywinningareannoying

i showed my nieces and nephews these pictures when i got home and they were so enthralled.

i feel like this turtle should be an advertisement for a dental company with a big reading called "get your teeth cleaned or you'll end up like this guy." or "don't do meth or you'll end up like this guy.  that's more accurate.

then we left the museum to get a bite because i was starving. and we got to see more of golden gate park!

we ate at park chow which was really good and had a cute atmosphere.  then we said our goodbyes to the cousin who we had been staying with as we went with my other cousin to see my aunt and other other cousin.  (my mom's cousins all live in san fran, okay? so i guess they technically aren't my "cousins" but what does that make them, cousin once removed? second cousin? i don't know) we drove to oakland and had a delicious chinese dinner with the my aunt and another cousin and spent the night in oakland.  when taran woke me up to go to the airport i almost started crying.  i was sooooooo exhausted.  i didn't remember the last time i had been that exhausted.  the bed was so comfy and i really wanted to just stay in it.  the only thing that got me out of bed was that i knew i was going home and i could spend the rest of the day in my bed.

rude awakening when i lost my job the next morning.

whew! we did it! san fran recapped! who is sick of hearing about me blab about it now? raise of hands? everyone? i thought so.

**please continue to pray for hubs and i as i have no job and his work has cut his hours and the company is kind of folding.  we are in a tight spot.  but i went on a job interview today, so hey! the Lord will ALWAYS comfort and provide.  always.  i have Him so why would i worry.

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  1. Stopping by from the link up. I have only been to San Francisco once and I loved it. Sadly we didn't do the museum, but we did do Golden Gate Park, which is just beautiful. We had fog the entire time I was there, boo, so I am glad to see the sun actually can shine there. Hopefully you caught up on your rest and got that much need diet dr pepper!

  2. 1) you look so adorable in glasses, you should wear them more often!!! 2) I've been to Sam Francisco so many times and never visited that museum though I always want to! 3) I am so sorry to hear about your job but I am so confident something wonderful is coming your way (I hope your interview went well) 4) I just got your Valentine's Day card in the mail and I am blown away by how sweet and kind you are! I picked out the perfect card for you and I'm sending it your way this week gorgeous girl! xxoo!!'

  3. Such an amazing trip! San Fran is high up on our list of U.S. Cities to visit next :)

    Fingers crossed and prayers going out to you gurlie about the job situation? God always provides ;-)

  4. I've been to SF so many times and never been to the planetarium! Need to go next time. Also can't believe that albino alligator!

  5. I LOVE your pictures...I have never been to California but would love to go. Your hair and glasses look awesome, and I really hope your interview went well. Thinking of you girlfriend, XO!

  6. That turtle looks so happy! And albino alligators are awesome! And your whole trip looks like so much fun. It makes me want to go to San Francisco!

  7. Wow, I would love to go there one day. Love all the pictures you guys took!! That sea turtle looks like it's laughing LOL.

    Sorry to hear about your job! I have recently been there and just now going to start working again. I pray that you guys find something soon to help you out! Keep your head up :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!! xo


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