Lot 48: the worst part of being unemployed +blogger love

February 27, 2015

the worst part of being unemployed +blogger love

today i am cohosting blogger love with mean at all the joys! time to share some blogger love
All the Joys - Blogger Love

now keep in mind, i am waaaaay behind on my blog reading so these are old

i loved jana's instructions of how to write a pitch email to a brand.  as my blog is getting bigger and i want to expand and work with brands, this was extremely helpful.

i loved natalie's post about feeling inadequate/jealous/untalented when it comes to reading other people's blogs.  i feel that way all the time!

and of course, this post from the person i want to be when i grow up, belinda.  she is just so positive and inspiring and i really really wish i was more like her! anyway, the post is about approaching spring cleaning for your brain.  wiping out all negativity and stress and taking the time to enjoy and be peaceful.  love her! 

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the other day, i was wondering what i should write about so i texted juliette and told her to tell me what to write about.  she came up with this brilliant idea to write about the worst parts of being unemployed and jobs that i would hate to do. i think it's a fabulous idea!! 

the worst parts of being unemployed

it's boring. the first day after i was fired was the hardest.  i woke up at 8 am and had a crushing thought of "i have nowhere to go.  nowhere to be. i was let go."  that was the longest day but then i became a champion sleeper and now sleep until 130 pm everyday which is when taran gets home.  sleeping in as long as possible eases the pain.  anything to make the days shorter.  most days i don't even leave the house.  i read, apply for jobs, do laundry (because it is endless!) clean, and watch ugly betty.  because oh how i have missed ugly betty.  and really, i have a ton of books to read that i haven't had time to read and now i do, and i love it.  i can read for hours a day and i love it.  and also, before i was let go, i was sooooo exhausted.  my job was very demanding and i was very much out of my league.  i was always so exhausted.  and i was terrified every minute i was there.  i knew i had to take something off my plate in order to be happy and now something huge has been taken off my plate.  

you feel useless definitely useless given how i spend my days.  and given how i spend my days i feel useless.  so i have decided to start volunteering again.  i want to volunteer at the city's soup kitchen.  and help my sister jessica who is very very pregnant and has a husband who is rarely home because he is in his intern year of being a doctor and works 30 hours shifts back to back.  i'm exhausted just reading that.  30 hour shifts!! being a doctor is not for the weak!

applying for jobs sucks  it enrages me when i have to put in every single job i have ever had in my application.  WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LOOK AT MY FREAKING RESUME.  it is the worst.  it is tedious and awful.  but applying for jobs makes me feel like i am actually doing something productive.

you feel your iq dropping each day  i really do.  that is why i do the social fabric collective bias classes so i learn something.  and i feel like reading makes me use my brain. i just have to use my brain everyday or i go crazy.

rejection letters hurt  nobody likes being rejected.  it isn't fun to get rejected.  i have only been rejected so far from a job i didn't even interview for, the position was just filled.  but i have gone on three interviews so far and got the first interview i went to, but it wasn't the right fit for me.  i got a bad feeling about it, so i turned it down.  i took a very scary leap of faith.  when i was offered my last job, i got a bad feeling but took it anyway.  and look where we are.  i will not ignore my gut any longer.  actually it isn't my gut, it is God whispering in my ear what to do.  thank goodness for Him.

have you ever been unemployed? 


  1. I'm currently unemployed, have been for a year due to visa constraints in Australia and it's the worst. Being in another country and having to rely on another persons income makes me feel helpless all the time.
    All the temp jobs I find I am "over qualified" for. I guess that's what happens when you quit a marketing job in america and move to australia hoping to find work. Everything you can do people think you would be bored doing so they don't consider it. If only they knew that at this point I was willing to do anything...
    If you ever wanna talk I'm always around, you know #unemployedlife

  2. Being unemployed is so hard! I was unemployed for 2 months and felt like I was going crazy! Good luck with searching!

  3. You will find the right job that is perfect for you! You just have to remember that :D

    Great post!

  4. I remember being unemployed. I hated it!!! The not knowing of what comes next, ugh!

  5. Keep your head up! I remember working part-time in the grocery store (which I HATED) and trying to find a "proper" full-time job. It was the absolute worst! I was definitely a bit depressed. It was harder hearing everyone AROUND ME magically finding jobs and there was just me: struggling with no luck. It took a long time before I finally landed something - and that was only through a friend! So definitely keep your networking and connections open, if you can! I know it seems sucky now but you'll eventually get out of the shlump! Keep at it! Happy Friday :)

  6. I'm a contractor and only work in the spring and fall months. I've been unemployed since the end of October, and I don't go back to work until March 9th. I've been working this job (off and on) since 2010 so there have been lots of months of unemployment. I can totally relate to your feelings! However, since I always have a job to go back to eventually I don't try too hard applying for other jobs. But, now that I'm pregnant, this job in the spring will be my one and only job for the year. I'm actually kind of dreading it because one. money, duh. and two. because I still haven't made any friends in the city I moved to when I got married and not having anywhere to go on a normal basis or anybody to talk to in person just plain sucks. I have lots of hobbies that help me get through the days, but I just miss having relationships with people even if it is just people from work. Hopefully you find the right job for you soon! I know being unemployed is hard and messes with you in all kinds of ways, but you'll get through it and come out better in the end than you were with that other job.

  7. Thanks for sharing all these great links! Being unemployed is no fun, but take some time to re-focus and relax (I took two weeks at least!) and then channel all your energy into getting yourself out there. I have faith in you!

  8. I'm here ALL DAY if you need someone to talk to. I get it. I've been there too many times to count. Sure, this time around it was mostly my decision, but I get it. Sure, I have Ainsley to keep me company but that gets old too. (truth). My best suggestion for passing the day is trying a new pinterest project when you're not applying for jobs. Definitely keep applying for work if you really want work. Getting depressed about it is so easy though. been there, done that. I'm here if you need me.

  9. Hey girl, I've been there and I understand everything you just said. But keep your head up. I realized that having a strong support system when you're feeling useless is very important. My husband would always point out things I won't be able to do if I weren't home like take the dog to the park or cook every meal. I got the point where receiving an email/reply from a prospect employer excites me even if it's a rejection email. It will get better though! And nothing will match that feeling you get after a really great interview where you feel like you got the job. :) Wishing you well wishes!


  10. Yes, yes and yes to everything. Here is something that hopefully helps with the rejection: not all job openings are job openings. Many companies will post fake job openings, because they are trying to check the job market to make sure they are providing competitive wages and benefits to their employees. That's why most companies that do those types of posts require a resume and, as soon as the end date for submitting resumes comes, the position is already filled. This was explained to my husband by his college business professor.

    Also, I really like the idea of sharing posts from other blogs. What a way to expand your blogger horizon! I will have to figure out how to do the link share :)

    -Anastasia Ivy


  11. Thank you for co-hosting with me! It's no fun to be unemployed when you are looking for work, but the perfect opportunity is coming your way. It will work out!


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