Lot 48: the divine miss m

February 11, 2015

the divine miss m

hello dears!! today i am taking a lovely break and handing the blog over to karen for the day!! in the meantime, i will be over at not entirely perfect guest posting!  see you tomorrow!! 


The Divine Miss M 

 Having grown up in Southern California, I've seen a fair number of celebrities. The funny thing is, most of my star sightings have happened outside of California. Thanks in no small part to living in Utah and going to the Sundance Film Festival. But there's one experience that will never leave my memory. One that happened in a far off land. The land of Canada.

Many moons ago, I was a young Mormon missionary, serving in Montreal, Qu├ębec.

I had arrived in Montreal in the middle of a hot and sticky summer. We worked hard, even though the weather was often a curse on our efforts. No one wanted to talk to a pair of Mormon missionaries, especially when there was lazing on the porch to be done.

One day, just a few weeks after landing in Canada, a girl we had been teaching (Jennifer), called to tell us that they were shooting a movie around the corner from her apartment and that there were trailers lining her street. She didn't want a lesson that day because she was going to be out looking for celebrities. But she invited us to come and Star Gaze with her. "Bette Midler's in the movie!" she practically shouted with delight.

How could we pass THAT up?

So off we went to Jennifer's that bright and sunny morning.

The excitement in the air was as palpable as the humidity when we exited the metro station and discovered that the whole neighborhood had been transported to the 1960s. Extras in period dress wandered here and there, some going into the small studio and some coming out and others standing around, cigarettes dangling from their perfectly stained lips.

We rounded the corner onto Jennifer's street and, sure enough, trailers lined one side. Big, deluxe travel trailers that surely offered every comfort, including air conditioning. We knew Bette Midler had to be in one of them, and when we found Jennifer sitting on the front steps of her building, we immediately launched into a million questions about who she had seen, and when and had she talked to any of them and were they nice and on and on.

My companion and I had been there maybe half an hour or so when Nathan Lane came walking down the sidewalk, accompanied by a bodyguard type. We tried to say hello, but he waved us off. He didn't have time for anything so common as a fan. He treated us more like flies than people. Later, in talking to his driver, we found out that this was pretty normal for him. He never liked to be bothered by people.

That was when my love for Nathan Lane turned cold. Where I used to love him and find him brilliant, I now think he is little more than a pompous, arrogant, over-hyped actor who happens to be kind of funny.

We waited awhile longer, chatting and laughing and getting progressively warmer as the sun geared up to its full potential.

And then. Then. There she was.

The Divine Miss M.

Stepping out of her trailer and onto the hot sidewalk, in full costume, ready to face a few hours of filming.

With a deep breath and feigned confidence, I approached her. "Hello, Ms. Midler!" I said in a rush. "Do you have time for a picture?"

She shook her head and pointed to her ear where a small device clung to her earlobe. "I'm sorry," she said, "I'm on the phone."

And that was my big conversation with Bette Midler.

I'm so famous.

What movie was she filming, you might ask? None other than the wildly unsuccessful Isn't She Great. Also appearing in the cast were Stockard Channing, John Cleese, and the very, VERY likable Christopher McDonald, who you might know as the bad guy from Happy Gilmore. He actually stopped and chatted with us for, like, half an hour and was late to the set because he was too nice to leave mid-conversation.

So there you have it. One of my many brushes with celebrity. And far, far away from Hollywood.

You just never know.


  1. Divine is the right word for Miss M

  2. Oh, I adore her! So jealous of your close encounter! :) At least she was nice!

    1. She was! I hope to really get to talk to her someday!


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