Lot 48: my favorite snowy day memory

February 3, 2015

my favorite snowy day memory

i think this post is appropriate as yesterday was groundhog day and it looks like we have 6 more weeks of winter? and to answer your question, YES we did watch groundhog day last night and that movie is amazing.

i grew up in a town where it never snowed.  my hometown is in the desert, a place where it gets up to 117 degrees in the summer.  it is HOT.  growing up, i got really confused when a town that i knew got hot in the summer also snowed in the winter.  i didn't know there were places like that.  

when it did snow, which was very very rare, it wouldn't stick to the ground, it would melt when it landed.  so no snow days for us, no sledding, no playing in the snow, nothing. we did have a cabin an our north that got lots of snow and i have fond memories of going to that cabin in the winter and sledding down this big hill near our cabin.  

but there was this one magical day where it snowed and the snow actually stuck!! it was a red letter day!! my friends and i were so so excited!! we immediately got to work building a snowman and did all the usual things, a carrot nose, rocks for eyes, etc.  i have a picture somewhere in my mom's stock of photos of us doing this, wish i could find it.  the snowman only lasted a few hours, the poor thing.  

last winter, when that big wind chill hit, like, all of America, my town got -2 degrees and tons of snow!! businesses shut down! the roads were empty because nobody had a clue how to drive in the snow! we didn't even have snow plows because snow like this has never ever happened!  usually in the winter, my town gets to be about 30 degrees in the morning but the rest of the day it is about 50.  my friends back home sent me pictures of the snowmen they built and what their front lawn looked like, i was so shocked!! 

but that one day, when i was probably 10, was by far my favorite snowy day memory.  building a snowman with my friends on that rare occasion was so fun and special, mostly because it was so rare.  now that i have lived in a city where winters actually cause snow and the city actually has snow plows for the past 5+ years, i have gotten used to snow and grown such a love for it.  my first snow up here was incredibly magical as i watched it flurry outside my window or as i walked in it through campus to class.  now i love winter and can't wait for the snow to come!! but unfortunately this year, winter here has been really weird and it has only snowed once, on christmas day, which i wasn't even here for because i was back home for christmas.  keep your fingers crossed we will get some fun and pretty snow before the winter ends!! 

what's your favorite snowy day memory?

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Lot 48

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  1. I'm not a fan of snow and, well, winter, but there was one snow day on my mission that sticks out and that was actually pretty fun. We were literally stuck in our apartment the entire day because we were snowed in, but we managed to make the most of it. And we went out and played in it.

  2. The only time in my lifetime that it has snowed and stuck in my hometown was 1989, I remember it vividly because it was so unexpected and it shut the city down! We had no idea how to act with snow! But we did have a lot of fun with it and built a tiny snowman (it was about an inch of snow, so there wasn't a lot to work with).

  3. It has never snowed here and don't think it every will and never in January or February as it is far too hot for snow, but I do like photos of snow and have been on a snow holiday once


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