Lot 48: my best high school memory

February 18, 2015

my best high school memory

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The Rachael Way

on our anniversary weekend when those girls told us they had snuck into the hotel and gone swimming, it got me thinking about all the fun things i have done in high school.  coming up there will be a huge story that goes live on not entirely perfect on 11 that is my favorite high school memory and i will post it here soon, but there are other fun memories besides that!

and not just high school memories, but study abroad, just good memories from different periods of my life. so i want to list a few of them. 

  • when we got a tour of the globe theater and we saw joseph marcell rehearsing for taming of the shrew at the globe.
  • remember when WE snuck into hotels to swim and used their hot tub?
  • remember when we would go to patrisha's house and use her hot tub and play marry boff kill and use celebrities names?
  • remember sleeping over at patrisha's house on new years eve and her family being kind enough to give us presents as kris kringle would leave presents in shoes on new years eve?
  • remember watching gossip girl late into the night on new years eve and then you would all fall asleep but i was never able to?
  • remember when i visited you, elise, at your apartment an hour away from you and we shared your bed on halloween weekend?
  • remember when patrisha's parents paid for a hotel in vegas for her birthday and we went and partied and had so much fun?? and there were so many of us we had two rooms?  and i stayed up after all of you fell asleep and looked at the gorgeous vegas skyline?
  • remember all those times on my family's boat at the lake in the summers?
  • we used the phrase "remember when" allll the time on my study abroad because some girls in the group liked to say that phrase A LOT.  they would often say it right after something had happened like "remember when we just ate that really good crepe" or as we were at the airport on our way to italy "remember when we went to italy?  oh yeah, that's right now!!!!   

and now my favorite remember when. it invovles running around in underwear, swearing we would never tell, and me telling you what i did because i don't care about the secret. and it's a really good story.

so, in high school, i was in theater.  i loved theater, i spent 30 hours a  week at dance class, i took singing lessons, i wanted to be a performer more than anything.  i'm not now, because, hello, life, buti was in every school play that there was in my high school career.  i preferred to do musicals, and in the spring they did “straight” plays which means it is such a play and not a musical so i didn’t do those.  there was definitely seniority which was why i was so furious when i was a singer and they casted a junior as dorothy in the  wizard of oz after i had just been a lead at regional theater over the summer.

but my senior year in the spring, they did another musical, little women.  you can see me circled, i was meg.  the boy in the circle was my husband in the play and i used this picture when i talked about stage kissing so i am recycling, oh the horror.

there was a tradition at my high school, and it was very top secret.  i am the youngest of 4 daughters, no brothers and all my sisters had been in theater at school.  they all knew the “sacred” and secret ritual that happens the night of the final show of your last show in your high school career.
i swore never to tell, but i don’t care and i will take my chances of getting hit with rocks i guess, because high school was forever ago and this is too good a story not to share, right? right.

so, after the final show ended, all the senior girls who were involved in the play  escape from the closing night party and steel the key from our director/theater teacher to go into a room where students aren’t allowed in.  it was a big room where the air conditiong ducts were and some small stairs that led to the roof.  our high school was only three stories, so it wasn’t scary to go up there.
and then, and this may sound weird, but high school kids are weird, right?  we would strip down to our bra and underwear and run around on the roof the high school yelling out “dixie high foreverrrrr!!!!!!!!!” and other silly things.  i remember it was cold and a lot of girls were super self-conscious about stripping down.  i was too because a) i am a prude and b) it was cold.  it was dark we could barely see each other, but we ran around screaming things and looking down at the tiny cars on the road.

after only like, 10 minutes, we would all get dressed and go back inside because it was coooold.  when we came back down, all the boys slyly asked where we went, but everybody knew.

since i was a sophomore i knew that night was coming and was so excited when it finally came.  it was fun!! i think it bonded all of us girls in a way, and even though i now only see what they are doing via facebook, i still remember the fun and crazy night where we ran around the roof in our underwear.


  1. I liked this story when I read it at Steph's blog and I love it just as much reading it again. Too funny!

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