Lot 48: more dating stories for your pleasure + a giveaway!!

February 2, 2015

more dating stories for your pleasure + a giveaway!!

remember how last week i wrote some fun stories about our early dating days?  well i am going to do it again because my one year anniversary is in less than one week!! and i can't believe it!

one of my favorite memories was when we went to the zoo together.  it was almost a month after we started dating, and it was just such a fun day.  i had curled my hair in preparation because i was happy and giddy, and we held hands and kissed and had people take pictures of just the two of us as we walked around the zoo.  we went back a year later and took the same picture, in front of the same fake elephant. we were married that year later.  it was cute.

one memory that was a little embarrassing for me was when we were watching my favorite tv show of all time, nikita.  it was the episode when one of the main characters died, and he was the love of one of the other main characters.  we were cuddling as we were watching the show and that character died, i started crying really hard because i was thinking about what would happen if i lost him.  but since we hadn't been dating too long and i didn't want to freak him out, i tried to hide it but he could see.  and i was just like "i just love you so much! i don't want to lose you like she lost him!" 

at my job at the time we were dating, we got free tickets to our local nba basketball team, the jazz.  the above picture is when i took him to the game that my whole work and our clients went to and everybody met him.

i tried to ask taran what his favorite memories were, but they all involved times when we were making out.  i couldn't get a serious answer out of him.  sigh.  i don't know what to do wit him. :) 

this was also a really really fun day.  this was the weekend we said "i love you."  we went to a restaurant opening that i got invited to through work and then we went to this really big outdoor department store next door that had a ferris wheel inside and fake beasts.  we took pictures with all of them and taran made me laugh as he kissed the abraham lincoln statue outside.  every day that weekend we did something equally fun and it was awesome. 

the day he told me he loved me was sunday, march 24 2013.  one month and one day after he kissed me for the first time and we became "official."  the night before, i had tried to take my contact out but couldn't, it was stuck.  the next morning, i thought it would be better but it wasn't.  i kept pouring saline solution in my eye but nothing was working.  it was starting to hurt so i went to the instacare and the doctor got it out and then gave me some nice eye drops to heal the scratched eye.  taran came over after and i remember specifically how concerned he looked at me and how intently he listened to me.  i had been telling my friends for two weeks how much i was dying to say i love you to him and my friends told me to wait.   i was so in love and had to stop myself so often from saying it.  that night we "watched" hitch.  we were staring into each other's eyes between kisses and then he said "i think i love you a little bit."  i was ssooooooooo happy!!! i started grinning and i kissed him and i was so happy i just started saying "i love you tooo!!! i love you so much i just can't believe how much i love you!!!!!!!!" and then he got really uncomfortable and started backtracking and saying awkward things because i was freaking him out.  it was very hurtful and i haven't let him live that down.  but a few weeks later he started acting as crazy in love as i was.  boys need time, you know.  

and now i want to introduce you to a new blogging friend, haley from the business of blonde!! hayley writes about marriage, travel and everything in between! i just love her writing style and her pictures always looks so professional! plus she always comes up with super fun blog posts ideas that i find myself wanting to copy.

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog.  Life? Recipes? Fitness?
The Business of Blonde has a little bit go everything and I definitely consider it a lifestyle blog. Most of my post revolve around my husband, Nick, or my second love books. I'd also been cooking a lot recently and I'm super excited to start sharing my recipes with everyone.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Lucille Ball, hands down. She has been such an inspiration to me growing up and now in my adult working life. I would ask her all about I Love Lucy, her production company and what it was like to be a pioneer of modern television. Plus let's be honest that would be the funniest conversation ever.

Describe your perfect Saturday
For starters Nick and I would both have the day off, which never happens on Saturdays. We would sleep in and spend the whole day relaxing at home. Netflix all day, cleaning, maybe a lush face mask. Then we would make dinner together and to go sleep early. (Am I crazy for loving to clean?)

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to?
The best place I've ever been it Italy. I was lucky enough to get to spend two weeks there after I graduated high school and it was incredible. I was in awe of all the history and architect in Rome, and could spend the rest of my life gazing out over the hills in Tuscany. I can't wait until I can take Nick to Italy so he can experience it too.

if you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Don't worry about what other people think about you. I spent so much time in my younger years worrying about what people would think if I did this, or how they would think of me if I said that. I based so many important decisions on others, not thinking about what was best for me. now I understand that the only people who matter are the people who support you no matter what.

hayley's favorite blog posts:

and now!! i joined a giveaway with chelsea to give you girl boss and access to blog inc. but it doesn't stop there!


  1. Aww, too cute! I love reminiscing about our "firsts", it's so much fun! :)

  2. One of my 2015 goals is to pay off one of my loans!

  3. So cute! I love that all of Taran's memories are about making out. Typical guy! I'm sure Chris would say the same thing.

  4. Oh so bloody cute indeed, just saying

  5. 2015 is to be more positive and inspire those that I meet. You never know what someone is going through so offer them your smile!


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