Lot 48: i read the script first

February 6, 2015

i read the script first

The Grits Blog - Little Friday Linkup

| ONE | it is my anniversary weekend!  catch up on our dating stories and how i felt 4 days before the wedding and look out for another post tomorrow and on the anniversary, sunday! because it's one year baby!!  

| TWO |  in 2011, i was working as an intern in la at two production companies.  i read a script that was getting a ton of buzz in hollywood and was very popular.  when i finished reading it, i sat there stunned for a minute. then i jumped out of my chair and started yelling at all the interns and assistants passionately "THIS MOVIE HAS TO BE MADE!!! THIS IS THE BEST SCRIPT I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!" i was so moved by it, it was so beautifully written and i left la remembering every detail of that script and had a burning hope that it would be made.  well that movie is out now, and it is called the imitation game and has been nominated for 8 oscars, as it well deserves.  i finally saw it on wednesday and had to squeeze my husband's hand tight to not give anything away to him or my friend.  they changed two big things from when i read the script, and one was my favorite part.  i don't want to and will not give anything away, but if you have seen it, ask and i'll tell you you what they changed. because how one plot line ended was much more satisfying when i read it than when i saw it. 

| THREE |  i can’t go where i want, do what i want.  i work hard.  my job pays well.  this is the highest paying job i have ever had.  but i look at other people’s lives and i am so jealous.  who are these people who can go everywhere whenever?  who are these people that can go on weekend getaways more than once a year?  what really really sucks about the situation is between my husband and i, we would be able to do that.  BUT! there is something called debt.  credit card debt, student loan debt, car debt medical bills because i am a walking zombie and have everything wrong with me ever (it feels like).  my husband is smarter than i am, in more ways than one.  he is so 

| FOUR | we all went swimming on saturday and now 10 out of 13 of us are sick.  plus, we gave the sickness to the people we were around the next day.  my whole family is on throwing up all over the place, the health department has been called, everyone is soooo sick.  my poor babies are throwing up, my poor sisters and brothers in law are throwing up and my sister with a 3 month old can't produce milk for her baby because she is so sick and it's all awful.  so pray for us, okay? 

| FIVE | i'm really glad you guys linked up for you are beautiful. i loved reading all your prompts! it helped so much and i am glad it helped you.  linkup again on january 19!! if you haven't read the posts that were linked up to it, you really should.  they are all so uplifting!! 

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  1. Happy Anniversary weekend! I hope you two have a wonderful time celebrating!

  2. Happy Anniversary! The Imitation Game was a wonderful movie! That's so neat you can have a small role in it now that it's becoming a huge success.

  3. Happy Anniversary! I know exactly what you mean about wondering how people can afford to go on so many trips and buy all the things, AND I know what you mean about debt too! If it weren't for our debt we would have SO much more expendable income! :/

  4. I can't wait to read about how you celebrated your anniversary weekend. I know I'm a couple of days behind. Anyway, that's so cool that you got to read the script before it was ever made. Such a great movie!!


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