Lot 48: i don't believe in writer's block: some blog post ideas

February 12, 2015

i don't believe in writer's block: some blog post ideas

**today i am doing a little q&a over at two martinis!!**

in my many years as a writer, an amateur tv writer who has spent time trying to break into the business we call show by writing scripts, i have never believed in writer's block. in my time as a writer for digital websites, press releases, journalism, all that in the professional world that put bread on my table, i have never believed in writer's block. 
  because the thing is, when you are a writer, you have a deadline.  you have a character that needs to be developed, a story line that has to be closed. there isn't time to sit there and stare at the wall.  there isn't time to procrastinate or go get more coffee.  there isn't time.  and frankly, when you do that, i believe you are doing yourself a disservice because you are feeding your "writer's block."  you are allowing you brain to relax and be in a block.  no. 

no, when i get to that place, what i do is think really, really hard.  i tell myself this is easy, because it is.  i line out the problem from start to finish in my head, i tell myself it's easy again, and then an idea comes.  an idea that works.  plug in that idea into your writing and there you go, a post, a press release, a story, a script, a journalism article for a magazine is done.  completed, finished, sent off to editors.  there is no time to stop.  don't get coffee.  don't let yourself stop.  think.  think think think and then think again.  

force the idea to come to you.

that is why i don't believe in writer's block.  forcing an idea to come has never failed me.  thinking and laying out the problem and forcing it to come, it has never failed me.  

so when i talk to blogger friends say "i'm in a blogging rut.  i don't know what to write about."  i give them ideas.  i tell them there a million things they could write about.  you aren't stuck.  you aren't in a rut.  you put yourself there.  you see a million things everyday.  take creativity from that.  you talk to a million people a day, take characters from that.  it goes on and on.  you live in the world, therefore, you should never run out of ideas.  when i realize i have sponsored a lot of blogs at once that want guest posts for each, i don't let it stress me out because i know i have plenty of ideas.  

so today, i will share some with you.  some blogging ideas for when you are stuck.  but only use this list once!! look at the rest of the world, take creativity out of anything so you will never again say "i'm stuck.  i'm in a rut."  remember: there is no rut.  you put yourself there.

  • your love story of you and your partner
  • horrible dating stories
  • what would be your ideal vacation. describe it in detail.
  • who did you have the biggest crush on in junior high?  real of celebrity??
  • why did you choose your college major?  
  • what was your favorite college memory?
  • your most embarrassing moment
  • do you think that bloggers should promote and review products for free if they are asked and free publicity for your blog, or should you demand to get paid?  what point should you only do paid posts?
  • pin images of your dream home, even if you can't afford it and pick a few to post.  write about your dream home and embed the pinterest widget so we can see all your pretty pins!
  • what is a list of the movies you watched when you were growing up that you can recite by heart and have memorized?
  • what did you do for fun when you were growing up?  we made music videos.  and cooking shoes.  we used that tape recorder until it broke. 
  • what were your favorite accessories growing up?
  • what do you think it takes to "make it big" as a blogger?
  • your blogging goals
  • music recommendations {i for one would love that because i am always looking for new music!}
  • if a genie could grant you one wish, what would it be?
  • waht is your favorite action series?
  • play marry, "do", and kill with celebrities.  my friends and i always do that it is so much fun! it is even more fun when you put a lot of hot celebrities together and you can't choose.
  • if you wanted to make your own tv show and star in it, what would it be about?
  • what are other careers that you would have chosen if you hadn't chosen the career you have?
  • who would play you in a movie?
  • if you could see one artist in concert, who would it be?
  • put all these questions together and make it a fun q&a!
  • what tv show were you obsessed with when you were growing up?  what show did you race home to see after school?  what marathon did you beg to come on?
i think that is a good list, don't you?  run my little writers, run!! next time you see writer's block, scream in it's face "you don't control me! you aren't real!" and then wait for the ideas to come.  have fun! 


  1. love these ideas!!!! I always feel like I get writers block.

  2. These are some great ideas! I find that I used to feel stuck with my blog content a lot, but as soon as I stopped trying to write for other people my content ideas came much easier. Pinning! :)

  3. These are great! I took a very long break from my blog and now that I am trying to get back I can't figure out where to start...this will definitely help me!

  4. When inspiration hits me (and it sometimes comes in WAVES) I write down every single idea that pops in to my head whether I'll write about it or not. I sometimes write frantically b/c the ideas are coming faster than my fingers can move. One day on my commute home I wrote down over 80 ideas. I almost always have a store of ideas sitting around for when I hit those ruts. This is a great list though, I'm sure you've inspired a lot of people with it.

  5. Great post ideas! I agree though, there is always something to write about... even if you have to think about it a little longer!

  6. I love this list!

    I don't believe in Writer's Block either, but sometimes I just don't like any of the ideas I'm coming up with.

  7. I love this list!

    I don't believe in Writer's Block either, but sometimes I just don't like any of the ideas I'm coming up with.

  8. This is a great list!!
    I have a list in my planner full of topic ideas. When I can't think of one I just scan the list until something pops out at me. I'm going to add a few of these to it.

  9. Great post and great ideas! I've learned that when I try to write about stuff that falls outside of what I'm passionate about, I cant' think of anything, but as long as I stick with my passions, I'm never at a loss for topics (time, however, is a completely different story, lol). So, when I hear people saying they don't know what to write about, I can't help but think they're still on the journey of finding their voice and their passion (which isn't a bad place to be! Just part of the process!). :-)
    Vicky @ randomlittlefaves.com

  10. Oh no :( My comment disappeared!!

    Anyway, great list (a lot better than some of the others I've seen with questions I'd love to ask/answer!). I think if I could have anyone play me in a made for TV (or in theaters) movie, I'd have to pick Drew Barrymore. Always did love her energy and spirit.

    If I could see anyone in concert, I've have to pick Bob Marley. Sad I'll never have the chance.

    Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for this!

  11. These are such original ideas! Why you chose your college course sounds like a nice one to write about, think I'll do that soon. Thought I’d let you know that I have featured it in my new blog post ’15 Posts To Put A Stop To Writer's Block’ (http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/15-posts-to-put-stop-to-writers-block.html)

    Sophie | http://dreamsandcolourschemes.blogspot.co.uk

  12. Preach, girl. I don't believe in it either. Thanks for the inspiration xx Happy writing.


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