Lot 48: he tells alllll again: anniversary edition

February 7, 2015

he tells alllll again: anniversary edition

here we are again!! i told you i was going to post everyday until my anniversary! i thought i would ask taran some questions about our marriage and our life together.  as you read this, today we are staying at a nice hotel in the city and we will be swimming in the indoor and outdoor pool and eating chocolate covered strawberries in bed with martinellis in champagne glasses and then we will eat dinner at the place we had our first day.  i rented this dress from rent the runway to wear tonight and this morning we are going back to the temple where we got married in and are going to do sealings.  (sealings in a temple is for the dead. to seal together families forever, even though they are in heaven.)

when did you know you wanted to marry me? when i told you i loved you and i let that sink into my soul and i realized that life would be miserable without you!  then when i put the promise ring on your finger that just cemented that desire for me! {surprise! you didn't know i wore a promise ring for 5 months did you? we know we wanted to marry each other, we just weren't ready.  so a promise ring it was. i loved wearing it, i loved everyone knowing i was taken.  when he gave it to me he looked me in the eye and said "i promise i will replace this with a real ring.  i promise we will get married.}

what was your favorite date you had with me?  the parade of homes!! i got to spend the whole day with you and find the spot where i asked you to marry me!! {the parade of homes was my favorite date too! we got to explore houses and dream of our future home together! i loved it is was such a special day!}

what are you most looking forward to in our life together?  i most look forward to being with you for the rest of my life and growing deeper and deeper in love with you and seeing you be a mother.
how do you feel about us celebrating our one year anniversary? i can't wait! i have been looking forward to it for the entire year! i can't wait to eat our wedding cake with you and swim in the pool  at our hotel and hold hands and cuddle.

are you still going to call us newlyweds? of course i am still going to call us newlyweds we are going to be newlyweds for the rest of our lives! i am always going to feel enamored with you! 

what was your favorite thing about our wedding day?  the sealing ceremony.  it was the most spiritual moment of my entire life.  it was like heaven came down into that room for that moment.  that is the closest i have ever felt to God.

and now i will answer these questions!! 

when did i know i wanted to marry taran? why was it so much easier for taran to answer this question? i think i knew when i read my patriarchal blessing.  {a patriarchal blessing is a blessing LDS members get when they are in their teens if they were born into the church, or a few years after they join the church if they are older.  it is a map of your life, a blessing from God of what His plan is for you and what He expects from you.  some people outside the church have a great problem with this because they don't want their lives mapped out for them.  but you see, it is completely your choice if you follow the blessing or not.  and it isn't like it is specific.  it doesn't say "you will start a blog named lot 48 and you will marry a man named taran packer."  it lines out opportunities you will have but is very vague.  and again, you have your free agency, your choice of accountability.  you can follow it if you want.} my patriachal blessing is very specific when it talks about my husband.  it lists 5 traits that my husband will have.  after 3 months of dating taran, i read my blessing and taran was every single trait that was lined out in the blessing.  it wasn't like "oh he kind of has that trait" it was "oh my gosh, that is exactly him, to a tee."  i knew then.  i knew he was the one God had planned for me.  i know that God made him for me.  i know that God paired us in the pre-existense, before we came to earth.  we were made for each other.  he is my soulmate.

what was my favorite date with taran? it was when we were very very first dating, when we were just friends and only went on two dates and it didn't go anywhere.  he took me to a shooting range out in the deseret and packed us a lunch.  i was so shocked and touched that he had packed a lunch for us in case i got hungry.  it was so sweet and thoughtful.  i love shooting and it was so fun to compete with him.  i totally won, btw.

what am i most looking forward to in our life together?  having our children.  i can't wait to see taran as a daddy.  he is going to be the most amazing father.   and i hope our children look like him.

how do i feel about us celebrating our one year anniversary?  nervous!! i am afraid people will be annoyed if i call myself a newlywed still.  and i want to be a newlywed forever.  and i am afraid we won't be on cloud nine anymore.  but as taran said, we will be on cloud 10 next!

am i still going to call us newlyweds?  heck yes!!! foreverrrr!!! and if people get annoyed i'll slap em' a new one!

what was my favorite thing about our wedding day? the ceremony, just like taran.  it really was the most spiritual thing i have ever experienced and i have never felt closer to God.  i cried during the ceremony but taran sobbed.  (shhhhh, don't tell him i told you that, he will think it's not manly.)  he sobbed so hard it was so adorable.  and i loved seeing everyone i loved in that room.  people traveled so far for our wedding, it was so special to me and i was so grateful.  i also really loved the luncheon and the stories everyone told.  and the ring ceremony. we did that so those are could not attend the temple ceremony could still get a ceremony.  it was so special.  the entire day was a fairytale, despite all this.

this was fun!! happy saturday!


  1. Oh I so loved these questions and answers, really I want to do something like this and think I will indeed do something like this it is such a great idea

  2. Happy anniversary to the both of you! I love that you are so enamored with each other. Here's wishing you many more happy years together.

  3. I love this post! You and Taran are just so cute and your story makes me happy!


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