Lot 48: happy 1 year anniversary to us!!

February 8, 2015

happy 1 year anniversary to us!!

baby, my darling, my love, my soulmate, the love of my life, i can't believe it has been one year!!!  if i thought i loved you on the day we got married, it is nothing compared to how much i love you now. our wedding day was completely magical and i loved every minute of it.  and i especially love the above picture. 

it has been quite a year!! we have had trials together and personally, but we survived them.  we learned from each other, we grew, we changed for the better.  you are such an example to me.  you are the most amazing man i have ever known.  you have taught me how to handle getting hurt or offended, how to save money, how to calm down when i want to explode, and so much more.

marriage is hard but it is also beautiful.  there is a reason why getting married is a commandment: it is the best way to become Christlike. we have had our fights, but we work hard at our relationship.  i have learned to compromise, but am still working on not getting pouty and bratty when i do.  you are so selfless it is amazing.  you serve me each day.  you treat me like a queen.  i know how much you love me through your actions.  

you never ever complain.  you are so calm, so chill, which is exactly what i need.  i am the opposite.  i am fiery, i am loud mouthed, i jump to conclusions and get offended easily.  you calm me.  you are my other half.  you were made for me.  and i was made for you.  that's what you said after two months of dating, and it is true.  we were made for each other. 

marrying you was the best decision i have ever made.  i would do it again and again and again.  i was soooo nervous before the ceremony i almost didn't go through with it.  but i knew what God had told me.  i had prayed about marrying you so much and so often.  i knew what was right.  i knew God had planned for me to marry you, i knew he had set us aside for each other.  getting married is scary and man oh man was i scared.  i was hypervenilating and tears were coming down my cheeks as i was mere minutes away from the ceremony.  but i knew it was time to trust God and to leap.  leap in faith.  so i lept.  and i'm so glad i did. 

and we are such a good lookin' couple, i say!! when i first saw you at class, afterward i whispered to my friend, "that boy is CUTE!!!!!" you're still cute and you get sexier and more handsome everyday.

i am more than grateful we are married for time and all eternity.  death will not part us.  i am so grateful we lived our lives in a way that we were worthy to be married in the LDS temple.  i love how much you love the gospel and the church.  i love how much respect you have for your priesthood authority and the gospel.  

i was a dancer for a really long time until i was forced to stop due to health issues.  my dreams were crushed.  i told myself "i am not getting married until i love someone as much as i love dance.  and i did."  i love you more than i have ever loved anything on this earth. 

one of my favorite parts of the wedding day was 6 months before we got married, i bought two journals that said " reasons i want to marry you" on the front.  i gave one to taran and kept one for myself.  we filled out the little booklet in those 6 months with things we loved about each other and gave them to each other on our wedding day.  it was so special and so sweet!! i was so excited when i got mine! i really need to read it more often.

for my birthday when we were dating, you gave me the most magical day.  you put so much effort and time into it.  and you named a star after me, the most romantic thing you have ever given me.

you have stuck by me this year as i have gone through some of the hardest trials of my life.  you have supported me and kissed away my tears and prayed with me and protected me and helped me.  you have saved me in more ways i can count.  you are my everything.

happy anniversary, the love of my life, my one and only.  i love you to the moon and back. and then back again and again and again.  galaxies.  fill them.

our proposal story our dating days our wedding day four days before the wedding and tarans take on our marriage.


  1. Eeek Happy Anniversary!!! Hope you two are having the most wonderful day :) You were such a gorgeous bride, LOVE your dress!

  2. Happy anniversary you look so bloody gorgeous but I am sure you know that

  3. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many more happy years together. The wedding photos are beautiful.

  4. Absolutely beautiful photos - happy anniversary!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I can so relate to you. I was a dancer and one reason I had to stop was b/c of my health issues. I can also relate to your personality and your relationship. I've only been dating my boyfriend for just over a month now but he is very calm and chill and "go with the flow"- unlike me. It seems like Taran is that way as well and like you said, he calms you- just like Steve calms me. In that sense, I think the whole "opposites attract" thing is true. Two fiery loud mouths in a relationship just do not work well lol.


  6. I absolutely LOVE the journal idea, how cute! Your pictures are beautiful - stunning bride! Happy Anniversary!

  7. I love you guys so much! Happy Anniversary!

    And your pictures are so gorgeous! You really are a beautiful couple!


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