Lot 48: day two in san fransisco

February 20, 2015

day two in san fransisco

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alright alright alright!! i am so happy to share day two in san fransisco with you!! {catch up on day one here}  i can't believe how much we packed into our trip!! 

saturday was valentine's day, and i told taran that i really wanted a necklace with his initial on it and boy oh boy did he deliver!

some guys might not like this, but taran does.  i tend to be very blunt about what i want him to do.  if i want flowers, i tell him.  i have a pinterest board that tells him the things i would like him to buy me.  so i told him i wanted flowers and he coordinated with my cousin to get me them.  my cousin's wife picked them up and on v day morning there they were!! so beautiful! it broke my heart that i couldn't take them home!!  

then we went into the city and got sooooo lost.  we wanted to go to pier 39 and rode the cal train from my cousin's house to san fran.  when we got off, we just started asking people how to get to pier 39. there was this really awesome and nice guy who just said "follow me, get off when i get off, i'll tell you where to go" so we followed him and we ended up in the shopping district and needed cash to get on the f train to get us there so we went to nordstrom rack to get cash.  we bought a heart shaped frosted rice krispy treat but they didn't do cash back!! so we just walked around and i was salivating at all the stores that were around and we finally went to a pizza place where i got my beloved dr pepper and we finally got change.

we finally made it to pier 39 and it was so amazing and beautiful!! we really lucked out with the weather.  it was so clear and sunny and not foggy at all.  it was magical.  i fell in love with pier 39.

we ate burgers at this cute little restaurant that overlooked the water.

my other cousin that i hung out with and she suggested that we take a boat ride on blue and gold fleet to take us under the golden gate bridge and around alcatraz.  we really really wanted to go to alcatraz but we didn't purchase tickets way ahead of time so they were sold out.  we were really bummed but loved the boat tour.

it had a narrator the entire time and taran was the only one who listened.  i kind of listened but was distracted by how beautiful everything was.  but now i know all about the 1906 and 1980whatever earthquakes and the fires.  #knowledge. the boat ride was so much fun and one of our favorite parts of the trip.

alcatraz!! i was so jealous of the people who were smart enough to get tickets way in advance and got to walk around and see it!! 

i did

they had this cute little heart that was on the pier just for valentine's day.  if you hash tagged #pier39 they gave a dollar to the city or something. then we just walked around.  but we did get ben and jerry's ice cream.  we wanted to go to the  exploritorium and the aquarium but we didn't have time!! we didn't have time to do half the stuff we wanted to do!!

we stopped in this irish store with gold coins.  i would be so rich if i stole them and they were real.

they had this cool ride that was expensive and we didn't have time to do.  also, i have always wanted to go to madam tussaud's but it is so expensive!! so i have never been.  there was just so much we wanted to do that we didn't have time for!!

we walked around the back of the pier to see all the boats.  imagine if that was one of mine? that would be so cool!

then we went over to our romantic valentine's dinner.   i had searched low and high for a place we could afford where we could see the water.  the restaurant was perfect, it was bistro boudin and i guess they are very serious about their bread.  it is all sourdough and they even had a museum.  they made bread out of these fun creatures and the museum was kind of cool.

 they had lessons on how to make your own dough and how to make it into a cool shape.  that would have been fun to do.

 you can barely see the water in this picture because it is dark but it swear it was there!

after dinner, we had to figure out how to get home.  but there was cool stuff to see across the street. such as this place called "the san fransisco dungeon" and i wanted to know what it was.  just a note, i get scared soooooooooo easily.  so when i was walking towards it, this guy jumps out behind the bushes and scared me.  i got so mad i was yelling and saying "why would you do that i hate you" and i swatted him and graced him with a few colorful words and ran away.  and the dungeon i guess is a boat ride with live people who scare you.

 then we went into this chocolate shop.  and it was amazing and beautiful and i want to live in that shop.  i got a lollipop and i lost it.  i was so distraught! it was a good lollipop! it was one of those big swirly ones, i love those!

we tried to get home and we asked so many people for directions of how to get to the cal train and how to get to the f train and everyone we asked was like "get on the 47 bus."  so we wandered for like a half hour and finally found the bus.  we had to get to the cal train by 915 and it was 830.  the bus said it would come in a half hour.  we weren't going to make it.  and then we found out the buses weren't even running because of the big pillow fight downtown. {awesome. my friend from day one said we should do it and gave me the info but i wanted a romantic v day}  my phone died even though i had gotten a portable charger because i knew that would happen but i didn't charge it! #winning.  when i knew my phone was dying, i saw a cab drive by and i memorized the number because taran doesn't have a smart phone where we could look up a cab company.  
after nearly an hour i was so frustrated i threw in the towel and called the cab.  when we got in i said "you have to get us to the cal  train by 915.  we have a half an hour." and he said "i will try i will do my best." and i said "what's your name?" and he said "luckhin" and i said "luckhin you can do it i believe in you you HAVE to get us to the train station by 915 we cannot miss that train." so he just weaved in and out of traffic and it was awesome and i got to see some pretty apartments and pretty parts of the city.  he got us there in time and i was so tired and so happy we made that train.  if we hadn't we would have had to wait an hour.  and the train ride to my cousin's house was a 45 minute train ride.  but we did it!!
and that was saturday! 

happy weekend!! please continue to pray for me as both my husband and i look for jobs and struggle through this very very difficult time.  



  1. I got super lucky when I went to Alcatraz last week. We were told to arrive as soon as they opened and get a stand-by ticket. I got there at 8am, got stand-by # 1 & 2, and we made in onto the night tour. I highly recommend doing the last tour of the day if you get a chance to go back! It was awesome.

  2. Wait...there are people who don't have smart phones??? :-)

    It looks like such an amazing day! I'm glad. Though I'm sorry about your lollipop.

  3. Boudin is REALLY famous!! When Keith and I went to SF his mom wanted us to bring her back some of their sourdough bread but the line was way too long. We went to Alcatraz because I'm mildly obsessed with it and you HAVE to go there someday!!There's an audio tour and you can go in some cells and the view of the city is awesome!! Glad you had fun :)


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