Lot 48: day one in san fransisco

February 17, 2015

day one in san fransisco

this is going be to be really hard post to write because there is no way that i will be able to convey how amazing our trip was, how much i loved the city, and how beautiful everything was.  i wish you could all have gone with me to see it if you have never been to san francisco.  it was the best trip of my life, by far and my favorite city i have ever ever been to.   because there is no way to convey how amazing the trip was, and i don't want to make it a super long post, i going to try to pull back and give you the highlights, except every single moment was a highlight.  i thought about what moment was my favorite and i just can't pick.  but hang in there, there is a pay pal cash giveaway at the end.

okay, so we landed at the oakland airport and my friend from study abroad and her husband picked us up from the airport and played with us for a few hours.  it was so much fun and i had really missed camille.  the thing about camille is that she is really really fun.  when i landed, i was feeling super sick.  i know not to drink diet coke on an empty stomach because it upsets my stomach but i was stupid and i did.  i got airsick and really needed to eat something.  camille is a nurse and she was just like i had remembered her from london.  comforting, calming, fun, and always jumps behind you and says "boo!" or screams.  i got her back so many times in london.  i had never met her husband, she has been married just about six months longer than i have.

the first thing they did was took us to golden gate park.  the morning/afternoon with them was an introductory taste of the city.  we breezed through everything.

camille and alex are really into disc golf so we played a few holes with them.  i was soooo bad at it. 

taran was a lot better at it 

then we went up to ocean beach and ran around in the sand.  i stood way too far into the water and the current came and totally soaked my pants.  i didn't care, the beach and view was so beautiful and i was just on a travel, new city high i didn't care. 

that's alex jumping behind us.  they are both so fun.  

 they then took us up to twin peaks.  i was completely in awe.  the view was absolutely beautiful. like i have said this was one of the moments when i couldn't even capture the moment.  it was too special and too memorable.  the view was by far the most amazing view i have ever seen in my life. by this point i was absolutely in love with san fransisco. 

 we were all so hungry and i had pinned every place i wanted to eat and do given from recommendations from caroline and joanna, so we went to tacolicious for lunch.  thank you joanna for the recommendation joanna

cute alley way at the restaurant. 

it was in the mission so everything was painted so beautifully.  i REALLY wanted to go to bi rite creamery and  tartine bakery which were really close to tacolicious (recommendation by joanna) but we didn't have time.  we needed to be in the silicon valley by four and get on the cal train to where we were staying with my family.  

we stayed with my mom's cousin andy, who works at google and is in the google maps division.  he gave us the VIP tour and it was SO AWESOME.

they had this visitors center that was brand new that you can only get in with an employee. they had sleep pods to try out and it was better than i imagined.  you close the pod so it's black and you can tilt it backwards and forwards and even has a massager!! it was so cool! 

this was the google lounge.  i tried to look cool and stuff.  this lounge and this blurry picture above is has a sweet slide on it.  andy tried to take us up but the guards were like "only employees!!" and andy felt bad but i didn't care.  i was at GOOGLE!!! and we got free water and all the free drinks and tried a bunch of them because you NEVER HAVE TO PAY FOR FOOD THERE.  andy said after a few months after he started he was like "okay, i want to try to not be hungry for just a second during my work day" because there is SO MUCH FOOD to eat and it is all so good and free. 

google is working on this thing that is better than google earth it is called liquid earth.  it was super trippy and was so much more intense than google earth.  

this was at the big google building.  everything is in google colors. 

i was dumb enough to think google was one giant building, but noooooooooo.  it is a campus with like, 50 office buildings.  so they have "gbikes" to get you from office to office.  they go once speed and are of course google colors. 

google lounge again

the yort that they put cublicles in.  

i was also dumb enough to not know that google made the android.  so they had a display for each version that came out.

whew!! this needs to be a series because we did SO MUCH so i will just be talking about the trip all week, if that is okay with you.  there is just so much i  want to share that i have to break it up.  

now win cash!! best of luck! xoxo

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  1. What a fun trip! I have always heard Google is a really cool place to work!

  2. It looks like you had a great trip! I visited San Francisco when I was like 5 or 6, but I want to go back so I can see the scenes from The Princess Diaries and Full House.

  3. San Francisco is so beautiful! Growing up, my family went there for a month every summer and a month every winter, and it was always my favorite time of the year. :) I am going back with the hubby for the first time in years and am super excited!

  4. That looks like so much fun! I want to take a tour of Google. But they'd never get me to leave!

    And you look SO CUTE!

  5. Man google is such a fantastic place to work. I wish I had sleep pods and free food!

  6. Looks like you had so much fun, I'm so jealous you got to visit Google!! It looks so neat!

  7. Some bloody marvelous photos that make it look like you had a great time

  8. What a fun post! I love all your pictures and am SO happy you had such a good time :) Chuck and I have a friend who interviewed at Google and filled us in on all that awesome stuff. He was offered a job there but turned it down, he said he wants to put on his resume "The Guy Who Turned Down Google" hahaha...
    Can't wait to hear about the rest :)

  9. oh man, a blast!! I'd love to go to Google HQ. :)

  10. The Google tour sounds so neat! I've wanted to tour there since I saw the movie The Internship just to see what it's really like! I love San Francisco as a city, it's got so many unique quirks.


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