Lot 48: blogmopolitan quiz: valentines edition!

February 13, 2015

blogmopolitan quiz: valentines edition!

helllooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! as you are reading this right now, you will find me on a plane to san fransisco!!! i can't waaaait!!! we have a little open time so please give me suggestions! we have some open time tonight so please send them my way! we are staying with my mom's cousin and he works at Google, so he is giving us a tour!! i am so excited!!  saturday includes a boat tour, pier 39, reservations at a romantic restaurant for valentine's day where you can see the ocean, the exploritorium, sunday golden gate park, lots to do and see i can't wait!! 

i love that i get two four day work weeks in a row! how awesome is that?!?! 

my sister is going to be moving away from us and to arizona soon, i need to soak up all the time i have left with her so we have planned a sister's night when we get back.

i sent valentine's day cards to each family member and also my babies.  my sweet little niece who is 2 called me to thank me for her glittery princess card.  my sister said when she got the card she said "let's call aunt lauren and thank her!!" she is the sweetest little thing.  even though the other day i called my sister and was talking to baby girl and she immediately said "where's taran."   sigh.  i just can't compete with them.  i also gave my 1 year old niece a card that had a cute little princess watch in it! and my sister with all the boys said they loved getting mail! their card said "hey nephew, stop hogging all the cute!!" it's true. 

because i was sooo sick on tuesday, this whole week i have been thrown off and i thought yesterday was monday and i thought thursday was friday and just a big mess.

i think i look at computer screens too much because my vision gets really blurry when i look at one.  #job #workinglife 

i am getting used to be being tough and "my way or else" kind of a person at work when i have to put my foot down and tell clients what i think.  it is terrifying. 

speaking of terrifying, i have made a decision to go slowly off my meds.  in a matter of 4 days.  so please pray for me.  i know i can do it. but i am really scared.

it is my mom's birthday today so i have to give her a shout out.  i sent her flowers today but she is the best mother a girl could ever ever ask form.  she is strong, kind, nurturing and wonderful and so pretty.  i literally don't know what i would do without her.  i love her so much.  she is my best friend and always gives the best advice and is the best at comforting me.  i love her to the moon and back.  and i am so proud of my dad for the surprise he has planned for her!!! eeek! she will love it! my mom is the most selfless person you will ever meet, she is always giving.  i strive to be like her. 

 i am so sure that you are so tired of me talking about my man but i really really love him.  and tomorrow is valentine's day so i can't go without talking about him again.  i LOVE that our wedding anniversary is a week before valentine's day because it's like we get two weeks of non stop romance and gushy cards and i am getting so fat because oh the wedding cake.  ooooooh the wedding cake.  but it's okay my workouts are killer and i never miss.  this man is the most giving, the most selfless, the funniest, most comforting, sexiest, sweetest man alive.  last night i was getting my nails done for the trip (SAN FRANSISCO BABY!!) and i called him to see if he was successful in exchanging my pants.  the girl who was doing my nails was like "wooooooow" when i hung up.  she said "he runs errands for you?? i can't get a man to do that!!" when i told him about it later, he said "i don't think i was being sweet, i was being normal."  because that is the kind of guy he is.  he is normally sweet and giving and caring and loving and lovely and i can't believe how much i love him.  {NOT PREGNANT} but i can't wait to see him as a daddy.  he is such a good uncle and so so good with kids.  i fall more in love with him each time he plays with one of my babies.  he loves them and they love him.  it isn't just avery who is obsessed anymore, her brother is obsessed too.  my sister tells me that when they are randomly driving around he gasps and says "there's taran driving a big truck with a lion on it!!" oh the imagination of a 3 year old, i love it.  lincoln talks about him non stop.  avery talks about him non stop.  and when he plays with my little londy loo, with her pony tails and her heart melting giggle, his heart melts and he just tickles her til she squeals so loud.  and i love it.  and i know he will be the best daddy.  he is supportive of me and everything i do.  he is the whisperer in my ear whenever i tell myself i can't do something.  i would be nothing without this man.  nothing.  he has made me a better person, and i am so freaking happy that he will be my valentine forever.  growing up, my parents would write each other love notes on valentine's day cards from feb 1 -14.  i wanted to follow the tradition but was late and started on the 6th but i have loved exchanging cards everyday.  loved it.  his cards always make me want to cry. 

i am so glad that erin finally made another quiz!! i had so much fun answering the questions!

enjoy your weekend and expect a full recap of my trip on tuesday!! and i'm off!! and below, why is it that everyone does linkups on friday?  so i joined them ALL. 

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  1. Aww I agree that men who play with kids are a big turn-on! You get a glimpse of how he'd be like when he becomes a father himself. :)

  2. So sweet that he runs errands and does things like that for you! Sounds like a keeper! :) Have a wonderful trip to SF and a great weekend!

  3. O love San Francisco! I highly recommend a wine tasting tour in Napa, white water rafting in Sacramento and catching a concert! Have fun!!

  4. I LOVE San Francisco! Hope you have an amazing time! Can't wait to read about it. :)

  5. I may have to do a postponed quiz, because I love them so much and forgot about this one! Have an amazing trip friend, you deserve it! Enjoy the weekend :)

  6. A guy hanging out with kids is really the cutest, such a great answer! Getting married is scary, I agree -such a big leap of faith, right?

  7. How awesome that you get to tour Google! That would be so cool!!!

    I guess marrying someone really is crazy scary haha! Such a leap of faith but so worth it :) Have a great trip!


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