Lot 48: anniversary weekend

February 8, 2015

anniversary weekend

** today i am doing a collab post with jana at life could be a dream! **

well well well!! we have so much to talk about!! if you follow me on instagram or have been not reading my blog for past week, you know this weekend was my one year wedding anniversary! it was the most magical weekend and absolutely perfect! 
we stayed at a nice hotel in the city the little america and i just love that hotel.  it is right downtown in the middle of everything.

looks like someone else had the same idea as we did! not our car, but someone else had their anniversary too!

after we checked in a got settled, we went across the street to it's sister hotel, the grand america.

that hotel is so absolutely gorgeous and i knew of two fun places to go in the hotel.  the first was this fun french bakery

this store was so cute i could die!! i loved all the display of macaroon!! i had never actually had a macaroon before, but had been dying to have one give all my hours of watching blair eat them on gossip girl, you know.

i got a rapsberry one and it was oh my heavens to die for.  ooooooh so good.  i want a box of macaroons to eat and then another box and i could have just eaten that macroon forever.  i almost cried when it was gone.  i also got a bit heart lollipop and i got mango gelato (you know my obsession with dried manoges, and this gelato tasted just like it, i was in heaven) and taran got blueberry gelato.  both so so soooooo good. 

the next stop was a cute little toy store/candy store in the hotel. it was equally cute! 

but first we saw this big powerful desk so i had to of course pretend i was donald trump and take pictures. this is my stern face.

this is my "i'm reprimanding you!" face

this is my "this whole kingdom is mine" face

this is my "i'm a kick a** serious business woman face."

this is "i'm too important to look at the camera"

and this is "you're fired!"

the toy store was so much fun! there were all this candy you could put in a little bucket and when you stood to do it you stepped on a piano and it made music! so i had to dance. this was the least awkward shot.

they had this adorable little hidden alcove for kids to play in.  they made it look like it was in a tree stump.

and there was a curtain you could hide behind. 

the ground of the grand america are BEAUTIFUL.  taran was soooo tired of me taking a bunch of pictures so i told him to sit and wait while i explored.

after our exploring, we went to my favorite mexican resasturant for lunch tres hombres.  they have the BEST tacos and burritos and chips and salsa and everything and it is so fun to eat there because look how it looks!

afterwards we cuddled in our hotel room and drank sparkling grape juice (why is martinellis sesaonsal?!?!) while we watied until it was time for dinner) 

taran got me these beautiful pearl drop earrings with a diamond the earlobe and a drop of pearl.  we went to michelangoes for dinner where we had our second first date, where our dating began.  he sent me there on the scavenger hunt when he proposed to me to get a clue because that restaurant is so special to me.  when we mad the reservation, we told the hostess our story and she made sure we sat at the exact table where we had our second first date!! and i really wanted the night to be special so i rented this dress from rent the runway and it was totally worth it!! i felt pretty and i looked pretty! it's rare i feel like that!  

i loved the sleeves!

at joujou earlier that day, i had gotten gold nail tattoos and i loved them! they matched the dress and were so fun! 

right as we were walking towards our room when we got back to the hotel, the bell hop was waiting for us.  i  had ordered chocolate covered strawberries ahead of time and asked him to just bring champagne glasses as we had our own mormon wine sparkling grape juice. 

after strawberries, i gave him his anniversary present.  i was so proud of myself, i knew he would love it and he totally freaked out when i gave it to him.  we all know from his birthday party that his idol and hero is ron swanson, so i got him the book that nick offerman, the actor who plays ron swanson wrote.  he was so happy to get it and says the book is very manly.  later, we went to the pool!! 

there were this hilarious but also super annoying group of girls in the hot tub who were screaming and laughing hysterically.  they had a phone so i asked them to take our picture. they did and when i got back to the room to look at it, she had sent us this text 

hahahahhah such a teenager!! taran and i were laughing so hard!! clearly 18. so funny.  as we walked out of the pool, they were walking out at the same time too.  i asked them if they were staying in the tower rooms or in the lodge and they laughed and confessed they weren't staying at the hotel at all, they had snuck into the pool.  i laughed and said i did that all time in in high school and then told an elaborate story that happened to my best friend patrisha not to me, about how the staff figured out "we" weren't guests of the hotel and "we" all jumped in a friend's truck and the staff yelled at "us" we have your license plate number!!!!! they thought that was hilarious. 

the little america hotel is well known for their amazing, out of this world buffet brunches.  they are amazing and i had been looking forward to such a brunch since we had booked our staycation.

everything there is sooooo good and everything you would ever want to eat for breakfast is there.  EVERYTHING. fruit, yogurt, made to order omlette bar, waffles with cherry sauce on them and whip creme and brown sugar and hot chocolate and  orange juice and ceral and a million different kinds of potatoes and different kinds of sausages and bacon and eggs and on and on and on.  heaven. 

all weekend we had these beautiful flowers that taran had given me that i made sure to bring to the hotel!  when we finished breakfast, we went home and exchanged anniversary cards. 

his card was so sweet it nearly made me cry! i love him so much! 

we always debate over who loves whom the most, and he had given me a necklace that says "i love you more" but i got him in a card in glitter, so i think i win. 

we cuddled for a while and i took a nap, and when i woke up taran had made me sweet and sour chicken and then it was for the most fun part of the weekend of all: eating our wedding cake!! 

it tasted just as good as i remembered and it really felt like my wedding day all over again when we ate that cake.  taran has been battling this horrible norovirus that hit 10 out of 13 members of our family because we all went swimming last weekend and somebody threw up in the pool and the stupid teenager lifeguards didn't close the pool or clean it.  so all of us were hit with the nastiest, ugliest, worst flus we have ever had.  taran had it bad, i was blessed enough only to have an itchy rash and sore throat, but poor taran was struggling so much last week. on saturday morning, i wanted to go to the temple we got married in to do sealings like it would be were getting married all over again, but my throat hurt so much and i was so tired that we didn't go.  it just goes to show you, you can't plan everything, not everything goes as planned and all that matters is that we were able to be together.  we will go to the temple today :) 

one last thing: marriage is hard.  nobody ever said that it is easy.  taran has made me grow in ways i couldn't have imagined.  we fight, we have issues, we have communication problems, we bicker, someone is in a bad mood, someone crumbles and the other has to pick the other up, even if they are about to break too.  but the thing about marriage is that it is 100% worth it.  marriage is like a crash course on becoming the most Christlike person you can be.  love makes it all worth it.  moments like cuddling after a long hard day at work, your husband kissing away your tears, coming home and realizing the dishes are done.  i'm not perfect, i am not the perfect wife.  i have all my faults, as does he.  but we work hard to make each other happy.  we work hard to ensure the other person feels safe and secure and loved and protected.  marriage is hard.  but it is so, so so so worth it.  

i would marry taran again in a heart beat and all day yesterday i couldn't stop thinking about our wedding day and the incredibly spiritual sealing ceremony.  i haven ever felt closer to God or to Heaven.  our marriage is blessed by God and we are married for time and all eternity.  allll eternity, death will not part us.  and that is one of the best gifts God has ever given me: the ability and choice to marry my soulmate and my one true love for all eternity.  taran is the greatest man i have ever known and i ever will know.  he is my other half.  and i KNOW we were set aside for each other, placed on earth to be with each other, set up together in the pre-existence to be married.  God made taran for me.  God made me for taran.  we make each  other better people (taran sure makes me a better person and apparently i have redeeming qualities that taran wishes he had i am an example to him as well).  i thank the Lord everyday for sending him my way, for blessing me with this amazing man.  

 i love him more than i ever thought i could love someone.  this year has gone by so fast.  and we are still newlyweds.  newlyweds foreverrrrrrr.

hope you all had an amazing weekend!! happy anniversary to us!!

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  1. I barely missed you! I stayed at the The Grand America Hotel last weekend, amazing hotel!! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Looks like a blast and you look beautiful all dolled up :)

  3. Looks like you had a bloody awesome time, and that cake I would love some of that cake

  4. That looks like such an amazing anniversary weekend!

    I love all of the details and all of the places that you went. I'm so sorry that you guys got hit with that sickness! That really sucks. But it sounds like you still managed to have a great time anyway and didn't let it get you down.

  5. Looks like you had an amazing weekend! That cake looks delicious! Have a great week


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