Lot 48: taran's 30th birthday party

January 5, 2015

taran's 30th birthday party

i have a very serious confession:  i am self concious about my weekend recaps.  the people who i kill weekend recaps are natalie and linsay (both blog crushes) but i just can't write it as funny and as awesome as they do.  also, my life isn't as awesome as theirs are so.... whatyagonnado.

i spent my weekend completely and solely on taran's 30th birthday party.  i spent the entire weekend getting ready for it.  and battling inner demons (i am beautiful, i am skinny, i am worthwhile, she says into the mirror.  and before we recap taran's birthday party, let me tell that my biggest fear is throwing a party and no one comes.  and that is kind of what happened.  because it was just my family and his family, none of his friends came!!  even his friends that said they would come!! 

so let's recap. yesterday we had taran's 30th birthday party.  his birthday isn't until wednesday, but i wanted to do it on the weekend when people could come.  i was a little disappointed that none of his friends came, but at least his family came.  my sisters came and his parents came and his brother, his wife and her kids.  my family doesn't really know his family that well, so it was a good opportunity for my in-laws and my family to get to know each other. 

 i only wanted it to be simple because i am SO NOT my sister, as much as i wish i was.  i just got pizza and soda.  simple.

 i made blondies instead of cake because he likes that better and blondies are his favorite.  it was my first time making them and they turned out so well!!

 i wanted the party to be ron swanson themed.  i wanted a cake with frosting bacon and eggs on it, but i could find a baker in time.  so i printed out ron quotes and posted them in the kitchen.


my families getting to know each other for the first time! it was nice!  and it was so nice of my sister to let us use her house! even though she wasn't there!!

 cute pictures of taran growing up! i loved them he is so cute!

then i held this chunkey monkey and he was on my lap and tried to slide off and i'm like "you are 5 months old.  you can't stand or sit up on your own.  what is your plan.  you can only lie down on the floor and kick your chubby adorable legs and smile at me.  okay you can get down.  but first instead you lie down in my lap and i will blow kisses at you and blow my lips at you while you smile.  okay that's better."

taran had a great time and said that all that mattered to him was to be with me and his family and it was a perfect party.  i hope he isn't lying to make me feel better and i really hope he didn't think the party wasn't so lame, i really just wanted him to have  fun and feel loved and spoiled.  he said that is what he felt, i hope it's true. i love him so much, i just wanted to make him happy and show how much i loved him.  oh well.   he keeps telling me it was the perfect party, so i guess it was.

happy birthday baby!! mushy post coming on wednesday! 


  1. Oh my goodness, that little chunk of baby love is SO cute!

  2. Aw I really like it! My boyfriend is turning 30 this year too and I am freaking out over if I should do it up big or just keep it simple. I love the Ron Swanson quotes!

  3. It sounds like a good party! That's lame that none of his friends showed up, but they're the ones that missed out.

  4. Happy birthday to your hubs! Ron Swanson is the man. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Don't you hate when people say they will come to a party or get-together and then they bail? UGH, pet peeve! But I'm glad your families came and it looks like a great time!

  6. The Ron Swanson pictures are absolutely the best part!!

  7. Looks like such a fun party!!! and you are great at weekend recaps…at least you do them, I have never done one before!

  8. LOOOOOVE Ron Swanson everywhere! Also - hilarious that you think I kill weekend recaps. Your bar is set too low! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Taran! It sounds like a sweet party and I am sure he appreciated the efforts and the time he got to spend with family!

  10. Awesome decorating...love the pics. Bummer that his friends didn't come, but I'm sure everyone there had a blast and he appreciated all of it!


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