Lot 48: our early dating days

January 26, 2015

our early dating days

**this is a super mushy post so i apologize in advance**

^^confused by "second first date?" we were friends for a while and went on several dates but it didn't turn into anything.  we went out of touch for 8 months until i thought of him and asked him to go to a hockey game with me.  he took me to dinner instead.  that was our second first date, when we started to actually date.  "sealed forver" is the term we use when we get married in the LDS "mormon" temple as we believe that we are sealed for eternity, not just on the earth.  death will not part us.^^

with our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up, i have been thinking a lot about my most favorite memories from when we dated and boy there are a ton of them!  i think i am going to share a few every week until our anniversary because i kind of like my husband and want to talk about it. 

i have always thought the beginning of a new relationship is so much fun.  i remember a few days after he kissed me he called me to ask me out again for friday.  i already missed him and did not want to wait until friday!! wednesday came and he texted me to ask if i was busy that night and if he could come over.  i was so happy that he wanted to see again so soon i was over the moon!  when i got home, i told my roommates to stay upstairs so i could kiss him lots and not be interrupted. ;)

^^the night we got engaged^^ 

after our date on friday, we saw each other every single day after that.  in the 710 i have been with him, i think i have only been apart from him for no more than 20 days.  for about the first week of dating, he would always text me after work and ask me what i was doing that night.  me, being the blunt human i am, i said "lets not play games.  i want to see you too come over" and he did everyday after that, usually with a present like my favorite cookie or something in hand.  swooooon. {insert heart eye emoji} 

i remember so clearly the moment i knew i was in big trouble and that i was going to fall head over heels for this man.  i'd had a bad day at work and he had called me as i drove home and as i was telling him about my day, he was so sympathetic and sweet and comforting.  most guys i had dated would have first of all not called me at all but instead just texted me, and would have responded "haha thats too bad lol."  i loved that he always called me instead of texted me like a real man should and was giving me the exact emotional support i needed.  after that call i thought "oh dear.  i am seriously going to fall in love with this man."  it only took two weeks of dating before i knew i was in love.

the above picture is linked to one of my favorite memories too.  we had gone to a soccer game and it was only a few days after we had said i love you.  we were in that mushy stage where we kept saying it over and over and over (oh wait, we are still like that :)) and as we were walking to the car after the soccer game i said "i just love you, like, like, uh, like the galaxies.  fill them."  taran has never let me live that one down because it is so awkward and ridiculous.  

more sweet memories to come because i can't help but share! 


  1. That's so sweet.
    I love that he would bring you little things every time he went to see you... and he called! So many guys don't do that now a days. It's refreshing to see that that still happens.
    You've definitely got yourself a good one.

  2. Aww, so sweet! I love love stories!! :)

  3. That is SUCH a cute board! I've thought of making one of those, but I don't know if I know all the dates haha.

  4. Awwwwww! So sweet. What an exciting time! Happy Anniversary!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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