Lot 48: make up bag essentials

January 1, 2015

make up bag essentials

hello dears!! i hope you are all enjoying your time off and happy new years day!!  i hope you all have taken a breath of fresh air to breath in the new year and allow yourself a clean slate.

today i have the lovely lindsay who is here to talk about makeup bag essentials!! as i have made it very, very clear, i have no idea about beauty or fashion, which is why i am so glad that i have lindsay here to give us tips!! because i neeed them!! take it away lindsay!


Hello, Lot 48 readers! My name is Lindsay and I blog at Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos. What’s in a name? I write about my most beloved things- bourbon, makeup, and shoes. I sometimes even post recipes and DIY projects; never know when the mood will strike!

However, my all-time favorite topic is makeup, specifically products on a budget. I believe in treating yourself, but I also know you can look beautiful without spending an outrageous amount of money. I’ve recycled one of my older posts below (with a few updates!) because I think it best describes what I do. In 2015, I plan to focus on budget-friendly products, tutorials, and more. I also look forward to introducing my new series, Beauty A-Z. Hope you’ll stop by!

If you’re unsure how to spend your holiday Ulta and Sephora gift cards, maybe my 12 Things You Need in Your Makeup Bag will give you some direction! 

I have so. Much. Makeup.  Maybe too much.  It’s my thing.  I will probably be found buried under decades of hoarded Sephora/Birchbox/Ipsy/Ulta samples one day.  I’m no makeup artist or professional… like most of you, I'm just a woman who never stopped playing dress up.  If you’re a makeup novice or interested in branching out, here are the products I suggest keeping in your makeup bag:

BB or CC Cream
They're taking over the market for good reason!  BB and CC Creams have replaced my normal primers. They contain SPF, moisturizer, concealer, and help correct dark spots.  

Eyebrow powder
Eyebrows look best when shaped and filled in (I do not mean shaved and drawn on).  Go no more than two shades darker than your hair color.   

Eyeshadow primer
This is especially important if you wear cheaper eye shadow.  Otherwise, your shadow will crease and fade.

Eyeshadow Palette
Buy a palette with colors that suit your taste.  I prefer nudes, but there are many options.  This is a fun way to experiment.

I realize eyeliner seems daunting to some, but keep it for special occasions.  I wear it every day- it's not for everyone, but creates an amazingly dramatic look.  

If nothing else, curl your lashes and swipe on a couple coats of mascara.  Instant pick-me-up!      

Great for under eyes if you struggle with dark circles and puffiness (as I do), and to cover those awesome hormone-induced breakouts.  The two below are the best I've ever encountered.  

I think every woman should own NARS Orgasm.  It's iconic.  
SplurgeNARS Orgasm 

A good highlighter is key to looking vibrant (and great in pictures).  I like to apply it above my eyebrows, the corner of my eyes, and cheekbones.  
SplurgeBenefit High Beam 

Setting Powder
It's smart to seal in all that hard work!  

You're never fully dressed without lipstick!  Finding the right shade is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Find your signature shade! 
SplurgeYSL Rouge Volupte' Shine 

Brush Set
Everyone needs a few standard brushes, and I'm a big fan of brush sets. Sonia Kashuk is always a budget-friendly go-to!
Save: Sonia Kashuk Holiday Limited Edition All That Jazz 10 Piece Brush Set
Splurge: Bobbi Brown Basic Brush Collection  

What would you add to the list?

Thanks for letting me take over today.  Hope you'll stop by and say hello! 


  1. Great picks. I use some of these things, and will look in to others! Happy New Year!

  2. I'm like you and know nothing about make-up. I hardly wear it, and when I do, it's pretty basic. I've never spent a lot of money on it either. Most of the stuff I get either as gifts, winning in giveaways or to test for blog posts. I wish I knew how to use eye shadow properly though!


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