Lot 48: hey it's a new year!!

January 2, 2015

hey it's a new year!!

OMG guys it's the new year!!! doesn't that make you so happy? i know it does for me!!!  if you are visiting from mr and mrs powell or endless bliss or a sorta fairytale where i am guest posting today,  ( i know! three guest posts in one day! and they are all different!) welcome!  if you are a regular reader of mine, go check out my guest posts! 

| ONE | as i have been watching the mindy project my husband has been watching here and there with me and has now declared that he wants to watch it from beginning to end.  FINALLY YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRAIN HUSBAND.  honestly.  whenever we watched it, it was like, "i don't really like this show but i like the nurse" and now all of a sudden, there is this switch where he is like "I MUST WATCH ALLLLL THE MINDY PROJECT

| TWO |  i am a grandma and want to go to bed a 7.  7 people.  and i don't have kids.  but i get so sleepy during the work day!! it's my medicine, i swear!!! i get so sleepy!! as i am writing this it is 737 and i'm like "woah! i wanna go to sleep!!" 

| THREE | i am halfway through RHONYC and my bestie gave me RHONJ season 2 for Christmas because she knows me so well and you better believe i ordered danielle's tell all book at the library and i am SO GLAD she is gone because i hate her so much.  i knew she only lasted through season 2 and as we watched the season 2 finale i was evil and said to taran "i hope she isn't in any of the other seasons because she dies.  in real life."  that is how much i hate her.  and i sad dina is gone, i loved her.  and let's just not even get into teresa's jail time.  STOP SPENDING SO MUCH MONEY TERESA honestly.  i feel like joe tried but teresa just is a spending addict and spends allllll the time and spends everrrrrything. also, a strip club/car wash?!?! really chris? ps did albie ever graduate law school?  i am so behind.  thanks to the lady who works at the third party company at work that told me where to start on my housewives journey, i am so grateful to you brea. ps. i saw danielle tweeted teresa after she was sentenced to jail and was like "oooohhh don't you love karma yessssss" and i just wanted to punch danielle all over again.  but really though, stop spending money teresa. 

| FOUR |  getting so excited for taran's birthday party on sunday!! i can't believe my husband will be 30.  i always forget how far apart we are in age.  i am sitting here, being 24 and here he is, THIRTY which is no way old (it really isn't!!) but i am just surprised that he is 30.  i kind of don't believe it because we are so in sync on everything else.  it just feels weird.  i'm like "nooo.... i don't think you're 30.  you're just a few years older than me.  no. you're not 30. it doesn't seem that way."  

| FIVE |  i miss my babies.  after all the love and  attention and play time i got to have with every single one of them (except june because she is 6 weeks old and sleeps alllll the time on mommy or daddy's chest in the baby carrier) i miss them.  i cherished Christmas vacation so much because of that.  i  love LOVED playing with all of them non stop and especially with isaac, who i feel like i just got to know.  (5 months old!) he is so squishy and angelic and special.  he has great things ahead of him, i know it.  he is so special.  i can't even describe to you how special this baby is. 

kay. happy friday. 


  1. Happy New Year! I'm cracking up at your husband with The Mindy Project because that same exact scenario happened in my house too and now he can't get enough of it! Every time we watch he says at least once or twice 'this is a really good show!' - and I'm like, I know!!! And yay to lots of real housewives binge watching! The earlier seasons of RHoNJ were sooo good - as crazy as Danielle was (and I'm sure still is!) I kind of miss her because it was so fun to watch all the drama and nonsense! Hope you have a great weekend and happy birthday to your husband! xoxo, - M @ The Sequin Notebook

  2. RHWOwhatever is SO addicting to me! New Jersey is a train wreck..Teresa is literally such a horrible person I mean come on lady..you can't afford your lifestyle anymore-change it!! haha. I love when Bravo has marathons..I totally binge watch!
    Happy New Year Lady!

  3. I've been wanting to watch The Mindy Project from the beginning. I watched a few episodes on my flight to London, and I was literally laughing out loud by myself in a quiet airplane. I would have been embarrassed, but it's Mindy! I love her, and I loved her book, so I want to watch more. I wish I went to bed early! I have a bad habit of staying up way too late. Happy early birthday to your hubby! I hope y'all have a blast celebrating.

  4. Ooooh girl you are really behind on RHONJ! You will start to hate Caroline and Jacqueline as they become mean girls and turn on Teresa, and Teresa really changes over the next few seasons. And let's not get started on her narcissitic sis-in-law :-P

    And you're not a grandma! If so, then I am too because it's 3:00 and I could use a nap.. or two!

    Happy New Year!

  5. All of a sudden I've wanted to start watching the Mindy Project- I've caught a little bit at the end of New Girl, and told my husband that we need to start watching!!

    -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  6. Happy New Year!

    I couldn't get into The Mindy Project, despite my love for Mindy Kaling. Too bad because I wanted to love it.

  7. Love The Mindy Project. My man was the same way with New Girl, he would walk in talking about how much the show annoyed him and now he can't stop watching. Love your blog btw.


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