Lot 48: dear taran

January 7, 2015

dear taran

today is my husband's 30th birthday so get ready for a super super sappy lovey dovey mushy post! skip if you must!

dear taran,

growing up in Church, as an activity that all young women had to do, i made a list of things i wanted in my husband.  strong jaw, smart, hard working, loves the Lord, priesthood worthy.   everybody always talks about finding "the right one"  "the one"  "their soulmate."  and my goodness my goodness i have found mine, and have married mine.  i can't believe it!! thank you for choosing me to be your wife.  oh my word thank you for choosing me.  i honestly have zero idea of how i got you.  you are a literally the most amazing man i have ever known and i love you more than i ever imagined someone could love another person.   you are my soulmate, my best friend, my confidante, my comforter, my supporter.  you are supported everything i have done.  you have held me as i cried, you have laughed with me in our life's best moments. 

with nearly a year of marriage under out belts (just booked us at the second best hotel in the city for our one year anniversary, woot woot!!) there have been moments when we have laughed until we cried, cried because we were hurting each other's feelings, cried because we were angry and fighting, most mostly, we have cried happy tears as we look into each other's eyes because we can't believe how lucky we are.  we found each other.  the Lord placed us in each other's paths so we would meet, because we soulmates and we are meant to be together.  

 my favorite part of the day is when we get home from work, and we snuggle up in bed and talk to each other about our days and eat dinner and read or watch tv and just be together.  we just want to be together.  we want to be together, just to be with each other, just to be next to each other.  

i love your little quirks that are mostly endearing but also annoying.  how you tap your teeth so loudly when you sleep.  how forgetful you are.  how you would literally do anything for me.  how helpful you are.  how comforting you are.  how supportive you are. {okay those last ones are just plain amazing :)} 

when you were born 3 months early,  the doctors said you wouldn't live a week.  okay, fine then, he'll die when he's five.  i want to send those doctors card with just a drawing of one of my fingers on it because you showed them wrong! today you are 3-0!!! i loved looking at the pictures from when you grew up.  you looked like a preemie still.  when i saw your picture of your 25th birthday? you looked 18!!!! and ahhhh! still soooo handsome!!! 

i could go on forever with how much i love you.  my love for you knows no bounds.  happy birthday baby.  i can't wait to share dozens of more of your birthdays with you.

your wife


  1. Aww, this is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  2. I love this! I hope Taran has the very happiest birthday!

  3. Happy, HAPPY Birthday to your sweet guy!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, aww, this was adorable! Happy, happy birthday to Taran!

    xx Kelly
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