Lot 48: brand new family pictures + starbucks giveaway!

January 21, 2015

brand new family pictures + starbucks giveaway!

it had been several years since we had  taken family pictures, so the day after Christmas, we fixed that.  all pictures by M Felt Photography.
so many of us!!  my blog is so big now, i am not going to say anyone's names for their protection.  never know... ps the first time someone saw a picture of me in my house, house back home, house i grew up in, they thought it was a museum.  if i had a nickel for every time i heard that.  my parent's are art collector's, okay?  my house IS a museum.

adorable.  and they aren't even siblings!

all 7 grandkids!

proceed adorbs pictures of me and my hubs.

mom and dad.  they are really, honestly and truly, the best parents in the world.

i can't even contain myself.  she is SO GORGEOUS.

my sisters and i.  what is happening at our feet?

she just wants to be one of the girls.  and is holding on to her auntie's leg. hey if you look at the above picture and above above pic at the same time, it's cool!!

i have no brothers.  so my mom and my three sisters.  the sister in the solid red shirt is going to have her baby in april!

^^the original 6!!!^^

now go win stuff. 

Winter cold got you down? Well you're in luck - I've paired up with several other amazing bloggers to gift one of you with a $100 gift card to warm up with some Starbucks! Enter using the rafflecopter below and make sure you go say hey to all the other awesome bloggers sponsoring this giveaway! Must be 18+ and a US Resident to win.
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  1. These are such great family photographs! Wow, lots of little grandbabies! SO cute!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. I need this starbucks so badly! and You have a gorgeous family!

  3. These are beautiful photos Lauren.
    I love the one of your legs with the little one down below.. she's just trying to be like one of the ladies. Precious!

  4. Awww I love this! The pictures turned out amazing and you can definitely tell this is your family.


  5. Blah. My comment got eaten.

    What I originally said was that your family is gorgeous and I love your dress!

  6. These pictures are GORGEOUS! Beautiful family :-)

  7. Beautiful pictures girl! You look amazing :) and those little ones....ahhh, TOO cute!


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