Lot 48: announcing... you are beautiful linkup!!

January 29, 2015

announcing... you are beautiful linkup!!

you guys!!  this is such an exciting day!! i am ecstatic!  today emelia and i launching our brand new linkup called.........
Lot 48

we all struggle with self esteem, each and every one of us.  and during this struggle, we can often feel alone.  there is no reason for that. the purpose of this linkup is to build a community where we can all feel supported from one another.  emelia and i want to create an uplifting atmosphere where you can read other's struggles and feel comforted.

i'm not doing this to build my blog.  i'm not doing this for any other purpose than to create a community where everyone feels safe and loved and supported in their times of need.  you can write about anything related to your self esteem. weight loss, going through a hard time, loss of a loved one, whatever you need to write about.  i know that for me, i am going to list several things i like about myself each week and good things i have done that week to build my self esteem.

we all have struggles.  and there is absolutely no reason for any of you to feel alone while you struggle.  let's be open, let's be real, let's take what the world labels "beautiful" and smash it with a hammer.  it doesn't matter if you look like a victoria's secret model.  it doesn't matter if you are technically overweight.  it doesn't matter if you have a boil the size of your face coming out of your neck.  YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL.  no matter what, you are beautiful.  don't believe that you are?  this is the perfect way to gain confidence about yourself.  i challenge you to stop the voice in your head that tells you are worth nothing, that tells you you are fat, that tells you you are stupid or whatever it says, and tell it to shut the *&#$ up.  God created you, therefore, your body is perfect.  believe that.  remember that.  if you don't believe in God, whoever you believe created you created you perfectly.  somebody created you.  and they didn't mess up.

the linkup will be bi-weekly but to kick off the linkup, come back here next Thursday, Feb 5 to linkup and share whatever you would like.
grab the button and i can't wait to see tons and tons of you next week! love to all!! muah!

ps. thanks so much to ashley for designing the button, emelia and i are so not designers and the button is gorgeous.


  1. Love the purpose behind this linkup! :)

  2. This is a wonderful idea for a link-up! I definitely want to participate!!

  3. This is such a great idea for a link-up and also a great reminder for everyone!

  4. What a great idea! I can't wait to read these and participate!

  5. wahoo! i'm really excited to participate in this! :)

  6. Aw, this is so sweet. What a wonderful idea!

  7. This is an awesome linkup! I can't wait to participate :)

  8. So excited you are doing this. We all need support, love, and kindness, and this blogworld is the perfect place to get it.

  9. This is great!!! I'm excited I put a reminder on Thursday!!!

  10. I am so excited you are doing this! I can't wait to check back next Thursday


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