Lot 48: March 2014

March 31, 2014

Why can't celebrities stay together?

i feel like every week, i hear about a new celebrity couple separating/getting divorced.  i know that there are plenty of non-famous people who get divorced (duh) but since they are celebrities, i hear about their divorces. 
^^am i the only one who thinks miranda kerr looks like she's 15?^^
i read miranda's interview in cosmo shortly after she announced her separation from orlando bloom.  in a nutshell, she said the reason they were getting divorced is because they didn't really have time to spend with each other anymore as their careers were so demanding.  what?!?! this really irks me, when people choose careers over family.  i don't know their whole situation, maybe they were just really unhappy, but really? you don't have time for your husband anymore because you are working on your new skin care line, so you are going to divorce him? okaaaay..
i wasn't surprised at all when gwenyth and chris announced their separation.  gwenyth had said in several interviews how hard marriage is and how much work goes into it.  it just didn't sound like she was really happy. i know there are so many reasons to get divorced, and that its none of my business and they're celebrities so who cares.  
but honestly.  whenever celebrities get engaged or married, my first thought is 'hmmm. i wonder how long they will last.' is it because marriages must be harder in the spotlight?  is it because being famous is so demanding and you're so busy?  are celebrities just selfish people who don't take time to work on their marriage and keep it alive?

^^yes, i put hillary duff in here. my inner 13 year old, Lizzie McGuire loving self had to^^
i just  don't feel like celebrities take marriage seriously.  it seems like its not a big deal like it should be.  marriage is serious business! about a week ago, i found out a couple who i don't even really know was getting divorced after three months.  i was so upset i lost sleep over it. i lost sleep over it.  i felt so pathetic and weird, that i was so upset over people who i didn't even know. but it really bothered me.  divorce makes me sad. i always have dreams that members of my family are getting divorced, especially that my parents are getting divorced.  i think its one of my biggest fears.  good thing i married such an amazing man who will fight tooth and nail for our marriage and i for him.

why do you think celebrities get divorced so often?

March 26, 2014

i'm a stalker

so, we all know that i really like babies.  and sometimes, i get a liiiiiitle bit weird.  so while i was getting lunch across the street from my office today, i saw this little thing. 
 so, naturally, i took pictures.  because, how could i not?  LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS.  honestly, though. 
 look at that smile! 

 thinking i'm a little bit creepy?  let me tell you that she reminded me an awful lot of my niece who I haven't seen in a few months.  she had the chubby-ness down, just like my niece, and she smiled just like my niece.  

 this isn't the first time this has happened.  i often take pictures of babies. but when i think about it, i tend to only take a picture of a baby when he/she reminds me of a niece of nephew of mine.  there. have i redeemed myself a bit?

- Lauren
your neighborhood stalker

March 25, 2014

change of URL!

Hello Lovelies!
I have changed my blog URL to lotfortyeight.blogspot.com.  Please click this link to follow along on bloglovin!

Thanks so much!

March 19, 2014

well, okay, i guess i'm excited for it..

Helene In Between

so... i know that i was all a mess of emotions a few days ago when i wrote this post but... it is march! and it is still so cold! and it is really quite frankly, unacceptable.  when i went home a few weekends ago, i got all these fun new spring/summer clothes and was so excited to wear them! but then when i got home to this horribly cold place, i couldn't wear them!! i'm still wearing my parka! i know that those of you in reallllllly cold places like chicago, michigan, etc, are scoffing at me right now, but i'm from the desert! and this is cold for me!

and so! i can't wait for summer because of THIS

^^no that is NOT me, that is my suuuper athletic friend Kim.^^

we have talked about where i am from and that i am from the desert.  but what is GREAT about my hometown is that we have two man made lakes and my summers are spent there.  my family (as in my dad) has a boat and we took her out every single week growing up.  i LOVE going home in the summer because it is filled with tubing, cliff jumping, lounging on the tube, tanning and eating sandwiches in the sun.  it is glorious.  

^^i am on the far left but why am i telling you that because i have no makeup on and look like an alien.^^

^^look at my tan lines! remember what tan lines are? or have we forgotten because of this horrible winter?^^

^^my bestie. doesn't she look so relaxed and carefree?? SUMMMMMMERRRRR^^

^^i am an EXPERT at tubing.  the only time i fall off is when i protecting someone else. my bestie is on the left, she has been serving an LDS mission in Taiwan and will be home in 2 months and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT.^^

^^that's me in the turqouise swimsuit jumping.  you can walk from the parking lot to the cliff so it's always packed.  people take beers and sandwiches and just lay on the cliff all day.  to the right of the picture is where this nifty little reef is where you can lay on this rock with a few inches of water over you.  bliss^^

SUMMERRRRRR!!!!!!! let's do it!

xoxo, lauren

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Harrods

Hello my dears!! I feel much better about taking a trip down memory lane on wednesdays instead of mondays.  it just feels better, yeah? 
how has your week been?? i've been just a little mia due to me being an newlywed and all.  i just want to snuggle up with my husband and watch a movie instead of blogging. can you blame me? and also, an update! it looks like the hubby might possibly-maybe-hopefully-keep-your-fingers-crossed be able to come with me on my business trip after all!  i really hope it works out! it would be so fun to have fun in Disneyworld together for a little bit!  
I am really excited about this post! Harrods was one of my favorite (favorite?) places in London. Enjoy!

I actually had a really special treat of turning 21 while on my study abroad in London.  I waited to go to Harrods until my birthday as a special celebration, and let me tell you, it was definitely worth it!  

a large majority of the things there are as expensive as if you walked into Dior or Prada.  given how pounds nearly doubles when converted to the dollar, everything is already expensive for americans in england. when i looked at the prices for things, it was a little mind boggling! 
^^check out my platinum blonde hair and bangs! oh, 21 year old self...^^

^^i thought i was really cool.^^

^^but this chair, guys..^^

^^would have walked down that aisle with me and pretended it was a runway? you would? then we can be friends.^^

and now for the main event.....

They have chocolate EVERYTHING and it was BLISS.  take a look at the menu

^^we got HOT CHOCOLATE.  and no, it isn't water with powdered choclate in it. it is literally hot chocolate.  chocolate in a cup, melted.  and the spoon doubles as a straw.  hollaaa....^^

^^the bakery! the b a k e r y!!!!!  the most delicious sweets there! ^^

and now to show you these fancy escalators....

^^With a creepy gold manequin at the top......^^

^^Spitting image^^

Harrods!! Have you ever been?

xoxo, lauren

March 18, 2014

a chronological progression of bangs

 i have discovered that i really enjoy writing about flashbacks to my childhood.  so lets throw it waaaay back and talk about BANGS.
several months ago, i think at thanksgiving(?) while home, i pulled out my box with all my memorabilia in it to show Taran.  but what i found was just really really great, classic pictures of the original bangs. you think you have bangs? no. these are the ORIGINAL bangs.
*disclaimer: you might sense a bit of sarcasm in this post. i am not being sarcastic. these bangs were the BOMB.

^^the BANGS, guys.^^

if i ever have a daughter, you BET i will do her hair just like this. because really, what other way is there to look good?

xoxo, lauren