Lot 48: niece, guest posts and cars

December 8, 2014

niece, guest posts and cars

hello hello!! i hope everyone had a very happy weekend!! mine was very busy.  on friday night, we babysat two of my nephews, and it was such a sweet experience.  you can find the details of it tomorrow on my guest post at noor's place!!   on saturday, we bought a car and took my niece to the festival of trees!! sunday, i was very tired and took a near 4 hour nap!!  

also, today i am guest posting over at boone and owl talking about winter essentials, so be sure to stop by!! 

we got a hundai elantra and i am so in love with it!! we got it at carmax, and i highly recommend them.  the whole process was really nice and we didn't feel pressured until the very end.  i recommend not financing through the dealer, their apr was HORRIBLE.  so horrible, it is pretty much the same as someone robbing you blind.  so we financed through american first credit union and that was a really nice experience as well.  of course it was all really nerve wracking, but my acura was breaking down constnatly, so it was definitley time to get a new car, and with our new jobs, we could finally do it!! i am still on cloud nine and so excited about it!! 

then we went to the festival of trees, which i love and go to every year.  it is at an expo center and is a HUGE event.  all the sold gingerbread houses, trees, treats, everything, benefits the local children's hospital.  and it is so fun and everything is so extravagant and fun!! my sister rachelle had just had june so we took avery off her hands for a few hours and took her on an aunt & uncle date!! it was so much fun.  she is seriously the cutest little girl i ever did see.  

got her blankie and doll for the 20 minute drive there!! 

this tree was fun and spun a ball around, all the way from the top to the bottom.  it was cool!! 

i love seeing taran with her.  he is so sweet and good with her, and we all know she is obsessed with him.

this was a dickens cottage, and avery was just dying to go in there and was distraught when i told her she couldn't.

 the house on the far right is actually the salt lake LDS temple.  so cool!! i told her it was where ama and pop pop got married and it was where jesus lives.

 taran was holding her and she reached out for me to hold her! my heart melted. 

always the queen of blurry pictures, elsa's ice castle!! 

i hadn't eaten since breakfast with the choas of buying the car, so i got myself a donut, muffin and banana.  she ate most of it.  cool.

my heart just exploded. his hair is too short. AGAIN. aah! i hate it when it's that short! how am i supposed to run my fingers through it?!?!? 

despicable me!! 

again, she wanted to go lie down on that comfy bed.  i told her when we got there that we couldn't touch things we hadn't bought, so she kept saying "okay, let's buy it!!" (everything was auction and was sold for at least a few grand.) so i said "okay, where's your money and we will buy it!" and i would hold out my hand. she said "i don't have any" so i would say "darn! we can't buy it then! oh well!" 

this was a medieval castle!! 

the best part of the entire weekend though, nay, the entire month thus far, was the drive home.  "shake if off" came on the radio and avery started to bounce in her carseat and rock her head back and  forth ("dancing") and say "shake it.  shake it off."  when we heard that, we both looked at each, mouths agape, and started laughing hysterically.  she was playing a game on my phone but i coaxed it out of her hands to play the song on repeat.  so she she just saw there, in her carseat, with her little pig tails and perfect blonde ringlets and bounced to the beat, bobbed her head back and forth and sang as many words as she knew.  IT. WAS. ADORABLE.  i am sincerely sorry that you weren't there to witness it.  it was amazing.  so the whole drive home, she keep singing out lyrics that she knew while instantaneously asking where olaf went (i downloaded this frozen app that i thought she would like but she kept pressing the wrong buttons, making him so away.)  i am tellin' ya, this girl is the CUTEESSSSST!!!

i got my amazing wine glass from tabitha and was so excited when it finally arrived!! i love it!! 

and that was my weekend folks!! hope yours was cozy and wonderful!! now go kill monday!! take a quick look at my winter essentials that i posted on boone and owl's blog today too!! 


hello my dears!! today i want to talk about winter essentials as winter is officially upon us!!! it is snowing over here in utah and it is time to make a list of winter essentials.  yeah??  this post can also be seen on boone and owl's blog today too!!

 photo winteressentials_zpsd3bd2fd8.png
  1. wool blankets.  lots of blankets.  this is one of the reasons why winter is one of my favorite seasons.  lots of cuddles!! get tons of blankets, grab a snuggle buddy and get under those blankets!! 
  2. vasline hand lotion.  winter completely ruins your hands.  the cold wind rips up your hands and makes them disgustingly dry.  and it hurts!! this vaseline intense care is awesome for fixing this problem!! especially the hubs hands, his are so dry! 
  3. peppermint hot chocolate!! this is my go to cozy drink!!  
  4. ugg boots!!  you can find them here, and i assume they are very comfy.  i want them.  i am sure my feet wouldn't get wet if i wore those!! and there is great traction on the bottom so you wouldn't slip!! win win!!
  5. space heater!! for me, this is a MUST!! i get sooo cold, even in the summer.  i get cold so easily.  i have to have a space heater because we don't want to have a ridiculous electric bill but i still need to be warm, this is the perfect compromise.  i have had a space heater for 3 years and have gotten my money's worth an then some.  i love it.  i also have one at work, under my desk, because i can't stand being cold.
  6. eos lip balm.  i am completely obsessed with this lip balm.  i absolutely love it.  not only does it look cute, but it also feels soooooo good. and it really hydrates your lips!! 
stay warm and happy winter! :)


  1. Congratulations for the new car. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This exhibition sounds so fun. Seems like you guys had great fun altogether x

  2. Love your new car! I'm glad it was a good experience, car buying can be the literal worst so it's nice when it's a good experience! Your niece is SO cute!!!

  3. So excited for you about the new car!

  4. Yay for the new car! You must be so stoked pretty girl! Yay yay yay!

  5. Congratulations on the new car! It's true, the dealerships rob you blind with those ridiculous APRs, so I'm glad you were able to finance through the credit union. Much better!

    Your niece is adorable!

    And those gingerbread houses are amazing!

  6. First, I love your green dress ... so cute! Congratulations on the car! Looks like fun outing with your niece. I love spending as much time with mine when I get home. Happy Monday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Congratulations on your new car! It's so cute. Festival of trees?!! That sounds like so much fun! I love all of the gingerbread houses. I've never heard of such a thing. People are so creative. I love that it all goes to a great cause too. June is absolutely precious! I love her little outfit.


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