Lot 48: "the Christmas spirit"

December 23, 2014

"the Christmas spirit"

first of all, i totally thought i wasn't going to be able to link up with tay and ash tomorrow but then my friend delivered a present with this recipe attached!! holiday link up win!! tell me if the drink is any good! i have a lot in store for you! two linkups and the way that you can have the Christmas spirit all year long!! 


and now!! i joined the sequin notebook for a holiday card swap!!

i swapped with alyssa, who you see on my sidebar as "alyssa goes bang!"  

this adorable card sings!! but it wasn't annoying because you had to press it to sing.  a major plus! 

and the envelope was so cute too!! i had so much fun trading with alyssa and getting to know her better!! i loved the card she sent me too! 

**this post was originally posted on the straight arrow, but i wanted to post here as well!!**

the saying “the holiday spirit” or “tis the season of giving” is something that has always kind of bothered me.  i never understood why this time of year was the time to give.  shouldn’t we be giving all year round?? if the “holiday sprit”  is being kind and neighborly.... why aren't we doing that always?  why do you only do it from november – december?? it doesn’t make any sense to me.

“tis the season for giving??”  i feel like every single charity really gives at this time of year.  that is completely just my assumption, i could be wrong, and maybe it is just that they get a lot of publicity around this time of year, but everyone is always giving clothes, donations of goods, etc this time of year.  it makes me want to scream what about the rest of the year?!?!!  do the people in need suddenly get homes and clothes and food the rest of the year??

that is why is love the song don't save it all for Christmas Day by Celine Dion so much.  it talks all about giving throughout the year, and not just on one day.  i love this song. 

it is pretty much the same for me for new years resolutions because i believe that you should be working and improving on yourself constantly, all year long.  so today, i wanted to give you some ideas of how to give back not just this time of year, but all year. 

always, always try to make the "new person" feel welcome.  we have all been in this position.  whether it be the first day of a job, or first day at school or at a book club or something.  i always try to make that person feel welcome.  i talk to them, try to get to know them, and make sure they feel like we want them there.  my coworkers did a great job of this as i started a new job two months ago by pulling pranks on me daily! (she says sarcastically??) but no, i think that was their way of welcoming me to the group.  it was fun.  they also took me out to lunch on my first day and all tried to get to know me.  that was wonderful and so kind.  i immediately felt like i was part of the team.

bring treats to neighbors.  you never know when someone is having a bad day.  a little treat and a little kindness can go a long way to brighten their day.  my husband and i went around giving a chex mix to our neighbors, and even though only one of them was home, i like to think they felt grateful and served.  giving loving service is always my motto.  help them when you can.  make sure they know you, unless they smoke pot and always have parties, then you might want to stay away (or not.  maybe they are lovely.  but from my experience, they aren't...) but that's the problem: everyone deserves kindness!! 

buy a meal for a homeless.  in college, i did a documentary for my film class on a homeless detox center.  it was the most eye opening, rewarding experience of my life.  these people are homeless or of very low income, and crash at the center to detox and kick start their recovery.  it showed me that homeless people look scary, yes.  but they are just like you and me.  they are human beings.  they are usually good people who need help.  they need love.  true, a lot of the money you give to a homeless person they will usually buy on drugs or alcohol (this i know from my documentary) which is why i like to buy them a meal instead.  that way they don't use the money for something else.  make sure you are in a good part of town, maybe have a strong guy with you?? but most of the time, these are kind people who are down on their luck.

babysit for free.  yes, for free!! having all older sisters who all have more than one child, i can tell you that they FOR SURE need a night out, away from the kids.  but usually what stops them is they can't afford a sitter.  do it for free!! let them take some time away from wiping diapers, whining children, and a messy house. whenever i babysit, i always like to clean up once i put the kids to bed.  i did this so often at my sister's house that once when i didn't have a chance to do their dishes, my sister and brother in law came home and my jokingly said BIL said "what's up lauren? you didn't do our dishes and watch our children??!"  hahaha, so you can see i do try to clean up the kitchen when i sit.  the  feeling of a clean kitchen feels soooo good and if the parents come home to sleeping babes and a clean kitchen, wow!! that would blow them away!! 

whatever holiday you celebrate this season, keep in mind that Jesus was the Savior of the World, and this season is a tribute to Him.  i spend all year long trying to be more like Him.  when we serve others, we serve Him.  and even if you don't believe in God, being a good person is what you should strive to be anyway, so why not give all year round??

happy holidays!! and in my case, Merry Christmas!! 


  1. Oooohhh a singing card is so cute! We're so glad to have you and Alyssa as part of the card swap - thanks for joining in the fun, and happy holidays!
    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook

  2. A card swap is so fun! I didn't join up but I love the idea! Plus that punch looks really cool! Maybe I will have to try that!

  3. You got a great card, such a great swap! And that punch looks DELISH! Love peppermint stick ice cream :)

    Merry Christmas Eve-Eve!

  4. I agree we should be giving and serving all year long! This time of year there are constant reminders of it, but once it's over and there aren't as many reminders do we stop giving and serving? Great post!

  5. I'm not usually a fan of peppermint, but that drink sounds pretty yummy!

  6. The Christmas Punch sounds like a delicious recipe! I may have to try it! I love what you said about trying to make the new person feel welcome. I hate when I'm in a situation and I'm the only person who doesn't know anyone else. My introverted side shows so much. That's why I try to do exactly what you said and include the new person in conversation. I hate when people feel uncomfortable.


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