Lot 48: the best social media tools to grow your blog

December 8, 2014

the best social media tools to grow your blog

 this post was originally posted on pink on the cheek last week!! 

having been blogging for quite a while as well as my day job of social media coordinator, i thought i would share some of my wisdom when it comes to promoting your blog via social media!!
the channels you absolutely need to use:

now let me break it down:

nobody uses google+ we all know that.  google is trying to make it’s own facebook and it didn’t work, it never will.  if it was going to take off, it would have by now, but it hasn’t.  the reason why you need to use it is for SEO purposes.  what’s SEO?  search engine optimization.  when somebody searches “lot 48” i want my blog to come up as one of the first options on google.  how do i make this happen?  by constantly and consistently posting to google+.  google loves it when you play in their backyard, so even though nobody is reading your google+ posts, google is.  and they love that you are using their social media platform.  by doing this, my blog has gone from being nonexistent on google to being the second thing that pops up when you search “lot 48” in a google.  fantastic, right?  what if someone doesn’t know what your url is but they want to find your blog so they search for it in google?  i have searched for a lot of blogs on google and have had no success in finding the blog.  what a shame.  you lose readers this way!!

twitter: this is the second most important.  i would almost say it is the most important, except we have already established that for SEO, you need google+ and SEO is VERY important.  twitter is fabulous because posts are only on someone’s feed for so long that you can post several times a day without anyone getting annoyed.  let’s say someone follows your blog on twitter but nowhere else.  they could be browsing through their feed and see you posted something interesting and intriguing.  so they click on the link and read your blog.  then they realize they like your blog and follow you on feedburner, bloglovin,  gfc, whatever.  it is a GREAT way to gain followers!! also, if blogger friends retweet your posts, that increases your audience and gives you even more exposure to an even bigger audience! twitter is so so SO GREAT for gaining followers!! 
with that said, keep in mind that just because you have x amount of twitter followers doesn’t mean they read your blog everyday.  keep that in mind when promoting how many readers you have and especially when looking for who to sponsor.  if a potential sponsoree says they have x number of twitter followers, take that with a grain of salt as those followers might not read every post as mentioned.

pinterest:  now pinterest i think is only useful if you are in a certain niche of blogging.  for instance, pinterest isn’t that valuable to me as i don’t write posts that are pinnable.  i don’t post recipes, i don’t post fashion posts or beauty posts.  the only pinnable posts i write are blogging tips.  if you are a blogger who is trying to break into the niche of fashion, recipes, or beauty, pinterest is a must.  use lauren’s tutorial on how to label all your photos so that if they pin an image from your blog, it references your blog!! that is very important!! if a reader pins your post, that is a great way to drive traffic to your blog!! 



  1. Those are great tips. I didn't realize that about Google+. I guess I'll grin, bear it, and start using it...

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    1. oh sorry!! http://www.pinkonthecheek.com/2014/11/name-blog-photos/

  3. I completely agree with what you said about Google+. I don't get it, but I use it for SEO purposes. It definitely helps in making your blog more prominent in Google searches. Even though I'm not in a ton of people's circles, my G+ profile has over 1 million views. I use a lot of hashtags, and I think that helps a lot! But most of my page views come from Pinterest, so I always try to make my blog images pinnable. Love this post!

  4. I didn't realise the SEO benefits of Google+. I have a lot of problems with it, but I think I might use it more often for that reason. Thanks for sharing! X

  5. I've never thought of that as a reason to post to Google +, but you bring up a great point. I always just forget!!

  6. I never thought about Google+ with regards to SEO! I'm going to have to start using that!

  7. Thanks for the Google+ tip! U honestly didn't even know it existed until I started blogging and still haven't explored to see what it is. I'll change that ;)

  8. I didn't realize the value of Google+ - this post was a total eyeopener! Thanks for the tips.

  9. Really love this post! I knew I was using Google+ for a reason! LOL!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  10. Like everyone else, I never thought of using Google+ for that reason, but it makes perfect sense! Thanks for the tips.


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