Lot 48: thanksgiving weekend!!

December 1, 2014

thanksgiving weekend!!

 *i make no apologies for the majority of these pictures being of my niece*

darlings, how was your thanksgiving? was it amazing?  mine was!! it was absolutely perfect and oh so yummy.  my mom had been up here {remember my parents still live in my hometown which is 300 miles away} and had forgotten to give avery and june some presents.  so i wrapped them up and brought them over to rachelle's house when we arrived for thanksgiving.  {note:: it is the in-laws turn to have the doxey girls for thanksgiving this year, we trade off.  for Christmas, we will be with my family.  my in-laws were going to california and we didn't want to drive that far, so we crashed my sister's thanksgiving with her sweet in-laws} when avery walked into the house after playing at the park, i picked her up and we said hello and after hearing about her fun playground activities, i told her ama had a present waiting for her and june.  that was a mistake because then all she wanted was to see her presents.  so i took her down to my sister's bedroom and let her have at it! she was so excited.

she is the best big sister and is so protective and obsessed and possessive of june that she wanted to open june's present first.  it was the cutest little pajamas and the cutest little bow!!!

then she focused on opening hers.

ama gave her the cutest little dress and some hair clips!! she promptly put one hair clip in my hair and had me put one hair clip in her hair.

then it was off to go show mommy.

i love her so much my heart could burst

yes, i am in fact 2 yrs old.

taran and i were assigned to bring an appetizer.  we made this delicious pomegranate bruschetta and  everyone complimented me on how delicious it was and how everyone couldn't get enough.  i said "hey, taran made it.  i just picked the recipe and smeared the stuff on the bread." because we all know how much i hate cooking and that my husband is a saint and does all the cooking for us.

gobble gobble.

we had these pumpkin jellies and we gave one to the person sitting next to us and told them something nice about them.  and then we gave the other pumpkin and told them something we were grateful for. 

i got to sit next to my girl, my bud, macy, rachelle's niece.  she and i have been buds since rachelle got married.  so we chatted about first grade through dinner and exchanged pumpkins.  

then the girls tried on scarves.

the #1 thing i am grateful for! my husband. 

my sister's nephew was absolutely adorable.  he was so squishy and cute and was so curious and smart.  i could have held him forever. soooo cute!! 

true to taran form, he fell asleep while the rest of us made a fun craft.  we cut out laminated Christmas lights and letters that spelled "believe" to hang wherever we wanted.  i am going to hang them up on my cubicle at work!! 

when we got home, we  toasted with martinellis and rang in the new season!!  we also kept with the tradition of seeing a movie on thanksgiving so we saw the penguins of madagascar, which was fun! it was really funny and i liked it! but of course, i took a nap before the movie due to turkey coma.

on black friday, we went car shopping.  my car has had sooooooo many problems and it is really beyond time to get a new car.  we went to carmax and were very impressed with everything about them and the car i liked the most that i drove was a hyundai elentra.  i really liked it and hope we get that one.  we also got approved for a car loan with a bank, so now we can pay for it! i'm excited. 

the rest of the weekend we spent relaxing which was just what i needed and it felt so good. i am so blessed and so happy to have all these comforts and amazing things that i have.  i love my life!! 

it is that time of year where a little extra cash couldn't hurt anyone! i have teamed up with a few darlings to bring you $100 in paypal cash! because we all know at this time of year, we all need it!! this giveaway is open to international and US residents and will be $100 US dollars, transferred into whatever currency.  the giveaway will run dec 1 - dec 8! best of luck lovelies! happy holidays!! 


  1. Your nieces are absolutely adorable . . . no need to apologize for all the photos of them, I'd do the same :) Glad you had a good holiday & how exciting about the new car!

  2. I'm so glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Your niece is just a doll! I hope you get that new car! That's exciting!

  3. I would have done the same if I had a cute little niece like yours :D
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