Lot 48: remember remember

December 25, 2014

remember remember


how is everyone's Christmas going??  mine is going GREAT!!! i am so happy to be with my family and am so happy to celebrate Christ's birth.

as i have written before about my feeling for the materialism of this holiday, now is the time to remember the true meaning of today.

as i was reading the Christmas story in the Bible last night, it occurred to me that i hadn't done everything that i had wanted this season.  i feel like a bit of a hypocrite. i should have given more; not presents, but service.  and spread the message of the true meaning of Christmas more.  this morning, i felt so ashamed and so embarrassed that i had trouble finding my presents under the tree.  presents shouldn't matter, i am so blessed!!! all i need is my family healthy, preferably happy and my husband.   i have that and that is all i want.  taran is my greatest and best Christmas present.  yay to it being our first Christmas together!!

my chance isn't over to share my testimony and spread the true meaning of Christmas.  i can still share my testimony of the Lord and thank Heavenly Father for sending Jesus to us many many moons ago.  today is the day of Christ's birth.  it is the day that the Savior of the World, my Savior, my Lord, was born.  so today, i am going to say a prayer.  a prayer of thanks to Him.

Dear Lord,

i thank thee for all the infinite amount of blessings i have.  i am thankful for my amazing husband, for sending him to me, for his sweet nature, his forging nature and pretty much everything about him.  i thank thee for sending our family 7 beautiful and healthy babies and are blessing us with another one in april.  i am thankful for my family, my loved ones whom i can go to whenever i need help.

i am well aware that every air i breathe i owe to thee, and i thank thee for the chance to be on this earth, a chance to become more like Thee, and a chance to serve those around me.  i am so blessed.  i am grateful for a sharp mind, a mind that got me an excellent job.  i am grateful i was only unemployed for one month.  i have had such hard times in my life Lord, impossible times in my life, and thou has stood by me through each and every one of them.  i have never felt alone, i have never felt without comfort.  Thou has been there for me every single step of the way throughout my life, and for that i am eternally grateful.

i am grateful for the gift of the Atonement, that thou can suffer for our sins, our heartaches, our trials, anything we need to give thee.  that is a priceless, priceless gift that i hold so dear.

i love thee so much Lord.  i love thee more than anything.  happy birthday, Lord.  i love thee so much.  and i thank thee for these blessings thou has given me.


and in the spirit of prayers, i absolutely love this song.  it really is a prayer and so moving.  enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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  1. What a beautiful post! It's always great to remind yourself what's really important this time of year. I also love Idina Menzel's Christmas album! She's flawless.


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