Lot 48: questions of fours

December 9, 2014

questions of fours

happy tuesday loves!! today i am over at noors place talking about being an aunt and how much it means to me!! there is a really really cute story involved at the end that happened over the weekend, you won't want to miss it!!
i saw these questions from natalie's blog and wanted to steal it. its fun! so here we go, questions about me. 

4 names people call me other than my real name:  lulu, lala, laur, ?

4 places I have been: NYC, rome, paris, cancun

4 things I don’t eat: cheese, seafood, olives, stringly noodles

4 favorite foods: gushers, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, mashed potatoes, mom's apple pie

4 things I’m always saying:  "oh my word", "forizzle", "like, seriously", "like, for real."

4 places ive lived: los angeles, london, saint george, utah (hometown) salt lake city, ut (currently) 

4 things im looking forward to next year: my health improving, moving to a better apartment, traveling with my husband, my niece being  born

4 movies I have watched more than once:  what happens in vegas, warrior, father of the bride three amigos (grew up on those movies)

4 places I would rather be right now:  my bed, my parent's house back home, with a niece or nephew, my bed

4 books I recommend:  big little lies, garden spells, the sugar queen, gone girl

4 tv shows I watch:  brooklyn 99, scandal, stalker, the blacklist (THE BEST SHOW ON TV)

4 jobs i've had: waitress, retail associate (bath and body works) project manager, social media coordinator (currently)

i am having a crisis with my blog lately.  i love blogging so much.   and i have so many ideas, so many posts i want to write.  i am an incredibly impatient person.  so when i get an idea of a post, i want to write it and publish it immediately.  i have enough content to post twice a day, at least twice a week.   and i want to know what you think.  i want you to tell me if you think that would be annoying.  so can you please please please pretty please do me a favor and fill out this survey?  it would be SO HELPFUL!!

when you fill it out, you are entered for a chance to win a free director ad spot on the blog!! this ad space includes a q&a, social media shoutouts and option for a giveaway! 


  1. love this! i'm going to have to copy too!!

  2. I've been to all of those places except Cancun. Rome is literally my favorite city in the world. My happy place is in the Mediterranean Sea. I love that city so much! Seafood is my favorite! Do you not eat it because you don't like it or because you're allergic. I'd be sad if I was allergic to it. I've never had a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, but it sounds delicious! I just checked "Gone Girl" out from the library, and I'm excited to finally read it. I decided not to see the movie yet, because I'm a believer in reading the book first. Scandal is one of my favorite shows ever! It's so good! I love stressful shows like that, like Revenge and How to Get Away with Murder.

  3. Lulu is such a cute nickie . My friends sometime call me Nunu :D

  4. I love this too! I'm totally gonna steal it.

  5. No cheese? No sushi? No olives? Basically my entire life! Haha :P Gushers. Darn gushers are good!

    I have heard of Blacklist but don't even know what it is about. Perhaps I need to look in to it!

    I love posts like this.


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