Lot 48: pet options

December 17, 2014

pet options

being as baby hungry as i am, i want to fill that void with a pet.  i am dying for a dog, but we can't get a dog because we don't have a yard for it to play in and that would just be cruel.  so we have to get creative.  we can't have a pet that takes up a lot of room, a pet that needs a TON of attention, that needs to run around and play in a big open space, and a pet that maybe we could keep on porch so the apartment doesn't smell?? given how cold it currently is, i kind of feel like that would be kind of cruel unless the animal could handle it?? i need help here!!

i love melissa's hedgehog, and she has give me a ton of really good advice.  but i am not sure about a hedgehog.  these are our pet options.  out of all of these options, i really, really want a bunny.  but it a weird time to sell bunnies.  and i have tried so hard to find a bunny for sale but i can't for the life of me find one!! it is so sad and frustrating!! i want a bunny!!!

we had one in our apartment my sophomore year of college, which i LOVED.  i was a little annoyed that my roommate didn't ask if she could get a bunny, but i ended up loving it anyway.  it was so cute and i really want that, but i can't find one anywhere!

we babysat a fish over the weekend and that was kind of fun, but fish are pretty boring, let's be honest.

some baby chicks would be so cute!! but what do i do when they grow up??

advice?? opinions?? and make me something clear i hate cats with every fiber of my soul.  so don't suggest that.

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  1. I would vote for hedgehog. They're S O cute x

    Noor's Place

  2. You could get a small dog! When we lived in an apartment we got our dog - a bichon/poodle mix. They don't required a lot of exercise and they are really cute and sweet!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. I vote you get something you can snuggle with!

  4. Cats are the perfect animals.. unless your not a cat person.. we have a German Shepperd puppy who should be getting fixed in a couple months, and my fiance just informed me, that he may not want to fix him, because we might bread him... you know what that means.. another dog in our house!! its a crazy house already!!

  5. I vote hedgehog, chicks, or a cat. When chicks grow up you get eggs, but be sure not to get a male or he will crow in the morning and no eggs. But they would eventually need a coop, don't know if you could put on on your balcony or how they would do in the cold. They aren't exactly cuddly either. I know you didn't mention a cat, but I'm a big fan. I hated cats growing up but wanted a pet and was in a similar situation to you so I gave in a got one. I now have two in addition to my puppy and they are amazing. They love to snuggle, they are supper affectionate, and require close to zero care compared to the dog. Plus you can leave them alone and they are pretty much self sufficient. I think the temperament and awesomeness probably depends on how you raise it, or otherwise I got super lucky adopting two rescues who just turned out to have great personalities.

  6. Hmm I love my dog but I totally understand how you don't want to get one when you don't have a yard. Although if you get a small dog they don't need as much running from as a large dog! Can you tell I'm a dog person? haha

  7. I would love to get a mini pig! My friend has one and I am obsessed!

  8. How long did you live with the bunny/care for it? We had bunnies too, and they're a shocking amount of work. And they smell. And will chew wires, walls, and carpet, which is not ideal in a rental (unless you own, do you own?) If you did a lot with the bunny in college than you already know this, but just in case the roommate did all the work, I'm giving you warning! They do okay in the cold so you could do the porch thing, but other animals will eat them so you need a super intense cage setup.
    How about a dog? Puppies are too much work but an older animal at a shelter needs love too! Or a sugar glider, lord those are cute.

  9. I had a hedgehog, if I can answer any questions for you! I will tell you that even though I planned and researched owning a hedgie for months on end before I pulled the trigger, it was still a different experience than I anticipated. But I loved my little guy and miss him like crazy. As for dogs though, honestly, not all dogs need a great big yard to run around in all day. Some just need a good walk once or twice a day. If I could have dogs in my apartment I would rescue a retired racing greyhound or adopt an Italian greyhound. They're a little high-maintenance because they're so delicate, but make absolutely WONDERFUL pets and Italians don't require much exercise!

  10. I agree with some of the others, you can always get a small dog, like a toy breed! They truly don't need a lot of room to play and exercise, and apartment would be fine for a Yorkie or a Min Pin or something like that. I guess the only thing there is you couldn't leave them outside in the cold, but Yorkies, for example- I'm biased because my Yorkie is the best dog ever ;)- don't smell or shed. Mine likes to play and run around a bit but as I said he doesn't need much space to do it in, and he's also cool with a lot of snuggling on the couch!

  11. Have you checked Craig's List? That's where I found both of my bunnies. I adopted Bruce Wayne from a girl that just couldn't take care of her bunnies anymore. She gave him to me for free. I paid for Hare-isson Ford, but found his breeder on CL too.

  12. I used to have a Hedgehog named Flitwick (Harry Potter inspired), and I loved him so much! They are low maintenance, and they don't smell like guinea pigs and hamsters do. I had to give him up when Jon and I moved in together because he has a big dog, but I miss him! Hedgehogs are awesome pets. I recently saw a listing for a pot bellied pig, so that could be another option for you haha.

  13. I have had every pet under the sun and cared for every other animal besides...hedgehogs are SO adorable and interesting, but they aren't very cuddly and they don't live very long...
    Chickens can be a ton of work and need a bit of space. I think fish or a rabbit are your best bet! :) Good luck!

  14. Honestly I would go for a hedgehog or a bunny. Ducks are so darn adorable when they are babies, but as they grow older not so much. Plus they poop A LOT. Outside on a deck probably wouldn't work out once they got bigger. Fish, like you said, are kind of boring. Bunnies do not really smell as long as the cage is kept clean and hedgehogs are so much fun! You could also look at getting a ferret or a chinchilla!

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