Lot 48: our Christmas traditions

December 24, 2014

our Christmas traditions

i can't wait to share with you my Christmas eve traditions and i am so glad that i get to spread it like wildfire in the #blogmas14 linkup with tay and ash!

these are pictures from two years ago, last time we were all together as a family for Christmas.  i can't believe how tiny all the babies look and how many are missing!! we have 7 now!! in these pictures, there are only 4!!! 

guys, i know the above graphic looks terrible with the red and the green, but i just couldn't resist.  

^^my mom two years ago with all her grandbabies.^^

^^daddy and oliver, in this picture he was barely 6 months old.^^

^^we will possibly take a visit to santa this year, but as you can see, the kids hated it and think santa is the devil.  i have no idea why this is a universal thing with kids.  no idea^^ 

 i love this picture.  you can see all of us from two years ago.  my aunt, my grandparents, and all of us children with our husbands (i wasn't dating taran yet, so he wasn't there).  we have this tradition where we play chimes.  and it is absolutely hilarious.   we get out the box with all the chimes and the sheets of music that says what number of chime plays when, and we simply cannot get it right.  we are a musical family.   we all sang growing up, my dad is a guitarist, you would think we would be able to get the hang of this.  but no.  it is always a disaster.  but i kind of love it because it always ends up being really really funny.  

on Christmas eve, my mom makes a big dinner that includes honey baked ham, stinky cheese potatoes, green beans and this absolutely delicious 3 layer jello that is to die for.  i love it.  

after dinner, we sing Christmas carols around the piano while my sister Jessica plays.  we all took piano growing up, but she is the best one and is the only one who stuck with it.  we used to go caroling on the back of a hay bale and we would go knock on doors and sing carols, the whole neighborhood.  we haven't done that in a while and i don't know why we stopped.

after carols, we get to open one present.  and it is always matching pajamas!!! us 4 girls (remember, i have no brothers??) put them on, and we take pictures.  they always end up being awkward as we try to be sexy. 

then my dad reads the Christmas story from the bible, i take hot chocolate orders, we eat Christmas cookies which include: molasses, sugar cookies, jam thumbprint cookies, and brownie cookies, and peanut butter bars with chocolate topping.   

then we read one Christmas story from the basket of Christmas books and then off to bed.  we always leave the Christmas lights on alll night long.  

having Christmas with the kids is the best.  two years ago, they got that lego table above, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  but the dads really liked it too, and spent a lot of time throughout the break building things with their kids.  ha

Christmas morning, we all have decided a time to get up.  we gather in my sister's room where she reads us Christmas stories while my parent's put the finishing touches on things.  all of our rooms are on the top floor and the tree is downstairs.  then we line up in age order at the top of the spiral staircase that drops us right down at the tree.

we are not allowed to go down the stairs until we hear the dancing santa.  it is this dancing santa doll that plays "rockin' around the Christmas tree."  then we rush down the stairs, my dad is always filming, and we open stocking first.  then we open the presents.  my  dad watches us all open his presents and sits  in his red chair.  he gathers his presents and then when we are done, we gather around him and watch him open his presents.  i think this is meant to be, he doesn't want to be distracted by his gifts and he just wants to watch our joy as we open our presents.
first of all, i totally thought i wasn't going to be able to link up with tay and ash tomorrow but then my friend delivered a present with this recipe attached!! holiday link up win!! tell me if the drink is any good! 

 two years ago, my amazingly talented sister jessica made these dinosaur jackets for all the kids!! they were so cute!!

look at those faces!! i can't believe how much they have grown since then!!

i absolutely cannot WAIT for Christmas this year!! i can't wait to see all the kids faces light up.  my mom told me the other day that she went a little overboard (not surprised) and is just giddy with grandma excitement to spoil all 7 of her grandkids.  and i really can't wait to see their excitement!! that is what i am really most excited about.  

merry Christmas eve!! i hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow! 



  1. This looks wonderful! Sounds like you have a great family and lots of wonderful memories and traditions! The kids in their dino jackets, too cute!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. These sound like such wonderful traditions! I love getting together with the family and celebrating the holiday. I haven't been able to make a trip home for Christmas in so long, and it makes me sad. I miss my family so much! We always get PJs for Christmas too! I love it! You can never have enough. Singing carols by the piano sounds like such a fun tradition! I don't have anyone musical in my family. I wish I knew how to play the piano! I can't believe your sister made those dinosaur jackets. They're amazingly adorable!


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