Lot 48: i wish i was more positive

December 2, 2014

i wish i was more positive

i know i am super late to this linkup, but i wanted to join in on the giveaway anyway.  because i am really trying to be a more positive person.  belinda is the most positive person i have "met" and i strive to be like her.  i wish i was more like her.   i want to see the good in things.  i want to be positive.  i want to be upbeat and positive and look on the bright side, i really do.  because living that way is just better, its just a better way to live and life is easier that way.  it is something that i really struggle with i really struggle with being a negative person and i don't like it.  so i want to join this link up to share some positive things on this fine tuesday.

Meet @ the Barre

1. Tell me something that you love about yourself.  i like how much of a go getter i am.  i like that i take the initiative at work.  i like that when i feel down, i stare at that negative beast who seems to rule how i feel and yell "i get to decide how i feel" and it makes the beast go away.  i like that i am strong.  i like that i am successful and that i am smart and that i got a good education.  i like that i am nice to others and try to make others feel welcome.  

2.  Tell me what you want to work on. definitely being kind to myself and being more positive.  i want to be positive, i don't want to be negative.  i want to hold my head up high and keep a smile on my face in the midst of trials and bad circumstances.  that's what i want.  i want to become that person.  i also want to love myself and treat myself better.  i want to not criticize myself and when i look in the mirror, i want to tell myself i love me.  i want to be kind to me.  God created me in His image, of course i should treat myself right.  it is a disservice to myself to be so cruel to myself.  i want it to stop.

3.  Give someone a compliment and mean it.  i know i already mentioned her, but i want to give belinda a compliment .  i think belinda is the most amazing woman.  she handles being so far away from her family with such grace, and whenever i am having a bad day, reading her blog always makes me feel better.  she is just SO POSITIVE and it is contagious.  i love her so much.  i also want to compliment my sister andrea for managing 3 unruly boys.  she just had a baby and has 3 kids under 4 and somehow manages their craziness with such grace.  it amazes me.  she amazes me.  i respect and admire her so much.  also my sister jessica who's husband is a medical intern and is never home.  she handles the two kids and the one in her belly with grace as well.  she astounds me.  she handles things so strongly and independently.  everyone in my family is so amazing.  i learn so much from each of them.  and don't even get me started on my parents, especially my mom.  my mom is superwoman and the toughest woman i know.  

4.  Tell me something that you are proud of, succeeded in or are just generally pumped about.  probably my job and that my blog has reached 1000 followers!! my job is absolutely amazing, and i am so blessed to have it.  i think i am really successful for my age, i make good money and i am a manager.  i love my job and i am proud of how "important" it is and how wonderful i feel doing it.  i am also proud that i was only unemployed for one month after i got laid off.  that is a huge accomplishment and something to be proud of! 

i also had a revelation over the weekend.  as i went about my long weekend, i saw a lot of people post about "lazy afternoons" or "lazy days" and such, and that made me think.  what defines a "lazy ----" and is it a bad thing?  all my life i have put my self worth dependent upon how busy i was.  if i stayed at home all weekend and did nothing but laundry and watched tv and read,  i would tear myself to shreds and criticize myself until i was in tears.   this past weekend, i decided it had to stop.  ENOUGH.  i get to decide how i feel.  i work hard.  i deserve to relax.  over the weekend, truthfully, my lovely health issues paid me an unwelcome visit, which was the cause of my bedridden weekend.  and i hated it.  i wanted to go out and do things.  but plans fell through. i got really sick.  i was in unimaginable amounts of pain.  so, yes, you could say that my weekend was "lazy" but so what?  i started watching the real housewives {which is fantastic by the way, i am watched season 1 of NYC and new jersey and i think i like NYC best and bethenny the most} and read my good book and cosmo and i enjoyed myself.  until the third day, i got really really down on myself and called myself useless and worthless because i was so bedridden and had done nothing but relaxed all weekend because i was in sooooo much pain.  taran and i had plans for the weekend that all fell through and i got sick and i just hated all of it.  and after hours of crying and telling myself i was a worthless waste of space and a pathetic excuse for a human being, i said NO. i get to decide how i feel.  i get to decide to be nice to myself.  i get to decide how i react to situations.  i get to handle situations.  the little voice in my head that tells me i am nothing does NOT dictate my life and happiness.  i do.  ME.  nobody else.  and it was empowering and felt i had a breakthrough.  i was proud of that. 

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  1. Love this post! I haven't posted my positivity one yet, though it is in my drafts! I am the same in that I am very hard on myself and I have a hard time just sitting still and relaxing because I feel guilty and like I should be getting something done!

  2. THANK YOU for so much positivity in a single post. I have been busier in college but sometimes I feel so useless for not accomplishing the goals I set which can apparently be TOO much to handle. But there are certainly some bright sides I need to focus on.
    Noor's Place

  3. I absolutely love this post. We could all use a little more positivity in our lives.

    And I think you are doing a GREAT job at taking care of yourself and being more positive. You are fabulous and beautiful and I am really proud of how far you've come in getting yourself healthy.

  4. "I get to decide how I feel." I love that, it's really so powerful. And in thought it's simple but in reality, it's so easy to just give yourself up to overwhelming emotions sometimes. Awesome post!

  5. yay for your breakthrough! i am definitely negative sometimes and really mean to myself, especially with how often i work out (or dont). but being mean to myself doesnt help. and i honestly think that lazy weekends are the best and i feel better after one of those than a super busy one. i need that time to recharge so i can be the best me during the week. thats just me though!

  6. This is a great reminder to stay positive! Sometimes it's easy to forget, but being positive makes all the difference.

  7. It's hard to be positive all the time, for sure. Belinda is one of my favorite bloggers as well! I love how positive she stays no matter what life throws at her. :)

  8. Hi! Found you through Noor! It is hard to always think positive, but it does make for a better day, doesn't it?! Loved the post!


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