Lot 48: holiday card reveal

December 20, 2014

holiday card reveal

i am happy to share my holiday card with all of you!! several of you have gotten them as i have sent them to my closest blog friends, but i am happy to share!!! i loved my holiday card but had a horrendous experience with minted, who i ordered my cards through. 

do yourself a favor and do not order one thing from minted.  i am shocked by their horrendous service and their sh**ty work.

i ordered these cards along with cute envelopes that and was told they would address the envelopes for me.  i sent along an excel file with all my addresses.  i got the package and was so excited but when i opened the box, the envelopes were completely blank.  

i got on the phone with customer service and bullied the into throwing in free overnight shipping,  free return label printing on the back, and a rush order.  all for free.  

a WEEK later, i got another box.  only FIVE envelopes were addressed.  i couldn't believe it.  only 5?!?!? are you kidding me?!?!! the envelopes finally had the "deliver to" and the return label on the back, but only 5 were addressed!! i was livid.  i was going to call customer service, but then was just so fed up, i decided they weren't worth my time.  

so we had to print the labels ourselves, and the printer broke like 3 times in the process, we couldn't figure out how to get them to print, it was a nightmare.  

i love how the cards turned out and i have heard cards turn out well but envelopes are typically the same story.  DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MINTED!!! let's put them out of business, shall we???

**since writing this post (because i always schedule my posts) i have spoken with a member of minted who has refunded my order completely and offered to throw in some thank you notes or something for the trouble.  she gave me her contact info so i might take her up on the offer for invites to my hubs birthday party, but probably not.  and i will be calling her if the money is not back on my card within 10 business days.  

i asked if the company was new because of bad everything was, but she said the company was 8 years old but the envelope service was new.  alright then.  let's just avoid that for now, okay??


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  1. These cards are lovely. I am so sorry you had to go through it all. It sounds very irresponsible of them. I have heard a lot about Minted and my sister has ordered some stuff from them but they surely weren't cards.

    Noor's Place

  2. I loved the card! Thank you so much Lauren! So sorry you had such a bad experience with Minted!

  3. I love your Christmas cards! It came in the mail. I'm so behind in mailing mine.

  4. I'm surprised! They're usually a good company, albeit wildly overpriced. But the cards turned out super cute!

  5. Your christmas card is beautiful!!! I am so surprised that minted was like that, I have always heard great things…sorry you had to go through that. Taking and creating the cards are enough work in itself!

  6. So sorry you had such a hard time with Minted! I've actually been looking into them for wedding invitations for a friend. The big draw of them was that they will address the envelopes for you. Now, I'm definitely not going to risk ordering from them in case they turn out how yours did. At least the card is beautiful!

  7. I've never ordered from Minted, and now I don't ever think I will. It's crazy to think that they messed something as important as Christmas cards up. Even if the envelope service is new, they should have been prepared for the influx of orders for the holidays. That being said, your Christmas cards turned out so cute! I love the font in card next to your picture. Y'all are such an adorable couple!

  8. I loved your card and smiled instantly when I received it...so thank you :) I can't believe the ordeal with Minted...I have never used them but see alot of people do...hmmm. At least your cards turned out great! ;)

  9. I hate that you had such a bad experience. I also ordered my Christmas cards from Minted this year, but I had a completely different experience. I was very impressed with the quality and work of the cards, and I received my order rather quickly. Regardless, your cards turned out very cute!

  10. Wow! I've only heard great things about Minted. I'm sorry you had such a horrible experience! Your cards did turn out super cute, though! I was so excited to get mine!

  11. I love it! You guys looks so amazing!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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