Lot 48: essential oils

December 10, 2014

essential oils

hello hello and happy wednesday darlings!!! i am so excited to for karen from a peek at karen's world to guest post today!! i have always wanted to get into essential oils and use them, but i have never known where to start!! today, karen is going to show us how to get started and how to use them! i am so excited!!! take it away, karen!!


Greetings, Lot 48 readers!
I’m Karen from A Peek at Karen’s World and I am SO excited to talk to you today about a subject in which I am becoming more and more passionate: essential oils!
I know what you’re thinking.
Voodoo. Hocus pocus. Rubbish. Snake oil.
Just plain silly.
After all, when something comes marked up with warnings like "These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA," something MUST be amiss.
I know because I thought all those things.
I have a friend who was constantly talking about the benefits of using essential oils in her everyday life and how they had kept her kids from getting sick and had taken care of some behavioral issues in her son and helped with allergies and one day I thought, I could just try them and see what happens. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?
So I ordered myself a bottle of Thieves, the one my friend swore and raved the most about for its antibiotic properties.
 And then, one day, I got a sore throat. And the sniffles. I was miserable and on the verge of getting really sick and I remembered that bottle of Thieves and I tried it. And within an hour, my sore throat was no more.
I know. It sounds ridiculous. But it is absolutely true.
That day, I became a believer. And now I’m excited to talk to you about this crazy adventure and some of the things I have learned over the past few months.

What are essential oils?
They are the oils from plants and trees, in their simplest form. The oils are extracted through a distillation process so that you get the purest and best properties that you can then use in so many ways it’s insane.

Why essential oils?

I’m sure you’ve heard that bacteria are becoming immune to antibiotics because they are overprescribed and then we don’t finish out our prescriptions. Plus, think of all the other chemicals you’re constantly putting into your body when you have a headache, a tummy ache, anxiety, depression. We are filling ourselves full of chemicals constantly. But essential oils are pure and natural. Which means they aren’t full of chemicals. No more filling your body with things that you can’t even pronounce, or that come with long lists of side effects. Really, the question is why NOT essential oils?

What are essential oils good for?

SO MANY THINGS! They can be used to help with pretty much any ailment you can imagine, both physical and mental. Of course, these things aren’t a cure and I would NEVER recommend quitting medications to switch to oils, especially without talking to a doctor first. But, in my experience, they can be used to help with physical and mental health, allergies, all-natural cleaning products, beauty products. I mean, honestly, you can use essential oils for just about anything you can imagine. And more that you can’t imagine. Which is why I’m so grateful for Pinterest and the hundreds of uses I have discovered there!

How do I use essential oils?

The easiest and generally most effective way is to get a diffuser and sent those micro particles right into the air. But many oils can also be applied topically or taken internally. They are seriously so easy.

Where would I even start with essential oils?

It’s super easy to get started. All you need to do is click this link to go to my Young Living page. Fill in the customer information, and you’re all set. (If it doesn't automatically fill it in, my Enroller ID is 1736701.)
Now, you have two choices. You can become a Retail Customer, meaning you just buy the products whenever you feel like it and you pay the regular price for them.
OR. You can become a Wholesale Distributor. Which means you get a discount on products, plus, like with every other distribution business out there, you can earn commissions and sign up new people, etc.
I originally signed up as a Retail Customer before falling in love with the products and switching over to Distributor. I’m like that. I need to really believe in something before I can just jump in and go for it.
But one of the biggest benefits of joining as a Wholesale Distributor is that you can order the Premium Starter Kit ($150) and get 10 different oils to start off, plus a diffuser, and a handy guide that tells you what in the world you just got yourself into.

And those are the basics of essential oils. I would be THRILLED to answer any additional questions you’re sure to have. I had, like, a million when I first got started. In fact, I STILL have questions all the time and get all kinds of great advice from friends and from the internet. 
Be sure to let me know if you need help getting started!


thanks so much Karen!! i am going to click that link and get started with essential oils! how about you??

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  1. I love EOs!! I sell Young Living too. LOVE!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. As I sit here terribly congested with a cold I'm thinking I really wish that I had essential oils to try right now haha!

    1. There are definitely some great things that help with congestion. I hope you feel better soon!

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  4. I have to admit, when I think of essential oils, I do think of voodoo craziness. I never thought to use it for curing anything. I hate sore throats. I may need to try Thieves next time I get one.

  5. Great post Karen! You really are such a gift writer - even with a topic with which I am very familiar I loved reading what you wrote! :)


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