Lot 48: dear santa

December 1, 2014

dear santa


dear santa,

i have been so blessed this year.  i got married, i got two amazing jobs, and i was blessed with marrying my love in the temple, for all eternity.  but it has also been a hard year.  i have had a lot of health problems, causing me to take a disability leave from the job i loved.  my disability leave was hard, but my health improved as i worked incredibly hard on it.  i succeeded in improving my health with multiple therapies.  but when i was a week away from returning to work, i was laid off.  what a hit that was. 

i was so blessed to find a job within only one month.  what a blessing that was.  and now i am at a job that i love even more than my previous job.  i didn’t think that was possible.
this year, i am not asking for anything material.  i don’t think Christmas should be about material things, anyway.  it should be about service and remembering the true meaning of Christmas, Christ’s birth.  this Christmas, i ask that you help my grandparents.  their health is declining and they are not doing well.  i ask that you comfort them, support them and improve their health.  i ask that you help ashley with her pregnancy and chelsea with hers.  i ask that you help my other dear friends and family who are carrying babies, that they will have healthy babies in the coming year.  

i ask that you help my dad’s knee.  i ask that you help him be able to bend it as he needs to.  i ask that you heal his knee so it isn’t torture for him to work a full day.  i ask that you help my mom as the toll worrying about all her loved ones takes on her.  i guess this isn’t so much a letter to you santa, but a prayer.  i have always thought that Santa is the atheist’s Christ, so it seems appropriate.  
i ask that my health will improve.  i ask that i will overcome the trials i am dealing with.  i ask, no beg, that my two huge health problems will continue to improve.  i ask for help with us saving and preparing in the long run for children.  please santa, help my health.  we can’t have babies until my health improves.  

those are the things i ask for.  not anything materialistic.  just help.  and hope.  give me hope santa.  give those who have no hope, hope.  give those who are without comfort, comfort.  help me help those around me.


  1. Those are beautiful Christmas wishes.

  2. Such a great list! I hope you get everything you wish for!

  3. wishing you and your loved ones a year of recovery and health. This is such a touching letter Lauren!

  4. Such a beautiful letter!! I love how generous and giving everyone is during the holiday season! I can only hope that all of your Christmas wishes come true!!

  5. Your letter had me in tears. It was so heart felt and so kind. Thank you so so much for writing this and sharing this. You are showing what the true spirit of Christmas is all about!


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