Lot 48: a christmas weekend

December 14, 2014

a christmas weekend

it's true!! i really am warming up to weekend recaps!! it's happening!! 

the weekend started with our marketing department holiday lunch, which included white elephant gifts.  i loved angie's santa costume.  i brought a pink teddy bear that lights up in it's stomach as a flashlight.  everyone thought it was hilarious.

and i got this!!! i am so excited, i am totally going to make this and wear it at Christmas!! my family is going to get such a kick out of it!! 

and my coworker won best sweater by far.  it was so hilarious.  and our bosses gave us an early Christmas present by letting us go home after lunch!! wahooo!! early weekend!! 

given my post on friday, you know i packed up my friend's (?) things from her desk and am going to take them to her.  it included a fish.  and transporting a fish home is NOT EASY.  it was very, very tricky.  but we did it, harold.  we did it.  

the next day, it was santa time. 

we got there at the perfect time!!!  we got there right as all the kids were in santa's house!! june was sleeping on mrs. claus' lap, not knowing what was happening, because, come on, she is one month old.  and lincoln was telling santa he wanted a train?? and the best part he has this dog that he carries around with him non stop called "scout." it is so dirty and mangled and soooo time for a new one.  but lincoln will not let it out of his sight.  so his mommy, (below) said to him "we are going to ask santa to fix up scout, right??" and lincoln nodded.  because it is time for a new scout.  so time.  and when we were babysitting him last week. we saw two extra scouts in a drawer.  hahaha.  but jessica can't hand him a fresh one, or he knows.  it has to be dirty and gross.  so she has to rough it up a lot before switching them. it's a process. 


i thought she and london looked so cute and chic walking around the mall!!! they looked so cute together, and london looked like a chic frenchwoman.

 she just dresses so well. and her clip!! her hair clip was gold and sparkly!! she is so cute i about die every time i see her.

we were crossing the street and i told the kids it was time to hold hands and there were enough adults for each adult to hold a kid's hand, but noooooooooo they all wanted to hold taran's hand.  i asked eli if we could hold my hand and his response was "i want to hold taran's hand too!!" ugh.  fine.

 for lunch i ordered a burger with a side of isaac cheeks.  because aren't they so delicious?? i could hold that baby alll day long and i would not get tired of it.  he is always so calm and sweet and squishy!! i am so in love with him.

oliver asked santa for a "very shiny airplane."  i love talking to him, i love his tiny little voice

 then we went to my favorite store, charming charlie to get a present for my bestie.  and for me, because hello, it's Christmas and i can't go in that store without wanting to get everything in it.  these napkins were at checkout and i laughed so hard.  i wanted them.

and pretty window shopping.

and then because, hello, it's me and hi i'm lauren and i'm a sugaraholic, i made taran stop in with me to "it's sugar!!" where i got a huge lollipop and  peep.  but again, i wanted everything.  taran said no.

like, wow.

SNL skit, anyone??

then we went home and i took an nap and then started to read this.  it is very honest and sad.  she is very honest about what happened to her.  i'm not very far into it. 

and then we made this, courtesy of mary's recipe but made it into a pie situation, and it was gooooood.

his grandma gave us a myriad of Christmas goods.  a lot of good yummy stuff!!! hooray!!

sunday, we watched "12 dates of Christmas which was fantastic and went to my sister's house as my parents were in town (yet again, just move here already) to visit my grandparents and we all went to my sister's for dessert.

i finally FINALLY got to hold june.  i never get to hold her because either she is sleeping and rachelle won't let me or avery won't let because "my baby" and she's possessive.  but i finally got to hold her. 

and so did the hubs!! a man with a baby, i'm tellin' ya.

i had my sweet babes on my lap as my grandpa and i read them a book.  isaac is sooooo squishy and avery was just so stoked about turning pages. 

and then avery decided to jump up and down incessentaly and that made isaac laugh so hard, which resulted in my heart melting into a puddle on the floor.

as i mentioned, i re-did my ads so use PA30 for 30% off production assistant ads, which is just social media love and a giveaway.  i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are close to having your shopping done so you can just enjoy the season!!


  1. What an awesome weekend! I kind of want that ugly sweater kit that you got. That looks awesome! And that pink coat. Omg! She looks so adorable. I also love the gold and white dress in the shopping window. I want it!! So cute. That would be a perfect New Years dress! I've been wanting to read 'My Story,' so you'll have to let me know how you like it when you're through!

  2. His Christmas sweater is fantastic! I love seeing how creative people can get at those parties!

  3. Wow! What a Christmas filled weekend. I love that ugly sweater kit! I've never heard of it before! Glad your fish made it home safe! I love that your nephew has a dog named Scout he carries around. I have a real dog named Scout! How cute is it that everyone wanted to hold Taran's hand? My nieces are the same with Nick... go figure!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. There is so much goodness in this post I don't even know where to start.

    The babies are just so cute! You are the luckiest aunt. Okay, no, I am, because no one is cuter than my nephew, but I sure do wish he had siblings!

  5. I finished shopping in mid-October!

  6. Stopping by from Jen's page, I think my fiance would love that ugly sweater christmas kit! Where did they find that?! Ha! It's genius. Happy Holidays!


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