Lot 48: what i learned about taking charge of my career

November 13, 2014

what i learned about taking charge of my career

last week was my first week at work.  and it was different than any other first week at any other work.  why?  because of cosmo.  don't be fooled by the picture above, i have not read this book.  i don't like reading books that are non-fiction.  they bore me.  but  i do love reading the work section of cosmo.   i have learned so many valuable things from that section of cosmo.  sheryl did a guest article in that section several months back, and one thing that she said that really stuck with me was that you should never be afraid to speak up in a meeting.  you should never be afraid to ask a question, to engage yourself.  she mentioned she was in a meeting and the women were sitting on the chairs outside the table.  they sat in the corner, not saying anything.  the room was filled with men.  she said to the women "come sit at the table" encouraging them to include themselves.  

on my first day at this new job, i was in a meeting with all the executives of the company.  for a split second, and only for a split second, i felt intimidated.  but then i thought "no.  i'm smart.  i belong here.  i can contribute."  before the meeting, i had asked my coworker to tell me who did what that was attending the meeting.  my boss introduced me and then i went around the room and said "who's tom? who's eric?  who's soandso?" and then said to each, "yes, i know what you do, you do this. you're over this department."  once i had gone around the table and met everyone, my boss said "wow, she is sharp."  yes.  i am sharp.  yes, i am smart.  i leaned in.  i spoke up during the meeting.  i didn't allow myself to feel scared.  i gave opinions.  i gave suggestions, even though it was my first day.  

and then we have this awesome video.

i am guilty of saying sorry a lot.  this commercial helped.  it may sound stupid, but it gave me the courage to ask stupid questions. to not say sorry to repeat something, to not apologize for speaking up.  i deserve to speak up.  my boss hired me for a reason.  i am at this company for a reason.  i have ideas, i am good at what i do, i know what i'm doing.  there is no need to apologize for asking a question, especially when i am so new.  i force myself to act like i belong, even if i feel self conscious and a voice in my head tells me i don't.  and it feels good.  it feels so much better than sitting in a corner feeling scared to say anything.  i want to lean in.  and because of these lessons, i feel like i had the best first week of any job. i felt proud, accomplished and like i had done a good job.

don't be afraid to speak up!! you deserve to be in that meeting!! you deserve to be there!! take a lesson from sheryl.  speak up.  sit at the table.  sit amongst the men, the workers with seniority, etc.  you are just as entitled as they are.

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  1. I absolutely and totally love this post. I am trying to get better about speaking up, but it's great if you can do it right from the start. It establishes who you are as an employee and gets you respect a heck of a lot faster!


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