Lot 48: this is how the first week went

November 7, 2014

this is how the first week went

heyyyyyy hey hey hey!! it's friiiiiday!!! {happy dance ensues}
  • i am happy to report that my first week at work went GREAT!!!! it really did!! i feel like i have gotten the hang of things, have a ton of work to do already, and am loving the work i am doing!! and the coworkers are funny.  which is one of the best things about working in marketing!! i have such a good feeling about this job.  it is already so good and in the evenings, i get excited to go back in the morning.
 my coworkers are funny.  they keep leaving things on my desk.  my second day, when i got back to my desk after a meeting, this creepy picture of my workers was there.  clearly photoshopped.  so obviously photoshopped that's why it's creepy.  nobody has claimed responsibility to leaving it on my desk.  and then yesterday they left this weird pamphlet on my desk.  i think it's funny.  one of the benefits of working in marketing is that everybody is funny!!
window washers were washing away the other day and it scared me so bad.  i am terrified of heights so i could barely look.  my palms got sweaty just looking at them.  and then they were slamming into our window near my desk while they washed it and i jumped every time.  i felt so anxious the entire time they were there and was so glad when they were gone!! 

  • maroon 5 has released this amazing new album that is their absolute best YET and i am just absolutely dying. it is soooooooooo good i have been listening to it on repeat for days.  i am obsessed. this is BY FAR their best album. i looked at tour dates and am happy to announce that we will be going to LA the first weekend in april for the concert, knotts berry farm and six flags!!  by that time, it will have been two years since my last trip so it is definitely time to go back!!! i need to go "home" where my heart is.  my the entertainment business is.  where my heart is.  and it is kind of a romantic trip for me because the last time i went, i had been on one date with taran, and the entire time i was in LA, i just could NOT stop thinking about him.  in the lines for roller coasters, i imagined him next to me.  i was falling in love with him already.  so it will be wonderful to go back to those places with him actually there with me.  a dream come true!! ps. also, surprisingly, leighton meester, our beloved B, her new album "heartstrings" is actually pretty good!! give that a listen too.

  • besides learning how to do your job and the ins and out of a company when you start a new job, you also have the other stuff to learn.  like, there is no free soda machine.  the plastic utensil drawer in the break room won't always be full, so bring a fork from home for lunch.  and the water sensor that fills your glass is finicky. the glasses we get for water are clear, so the sensor doesn't recognize it, so it spits out water in awkward spurts.  but! if you wrap your hand around the cup with your hand facing the sensor, it works perfectly! poor little sensor was confused because the glass was clear!! it was a big victory for me. 
  • i am worried about my dad.  we know he had his knee replaced, but his physical therapy isn't going as well as he would like.  he is a major overachiever (hello, he's a surgeon) and is frustrated with the pace his physical therapy is going.  and he is in so much pain, and during physical therapy when they bend his knee, it hurts so bad he nearly passes out.  it breaks my heart.  i wish there was something i could do for him.  prayers and good thoughts his way would be greatly appreciated.
  • did you miss this post about giving a child in need a box of Christmas presents?? it is such a great organization and i am so excited to give a little boy or girl the gift of Christmas!

and now, have you entered this amazing giveaway with boutique sui numeris?? they have an AMAZING collection of dresses and accessories!! one lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card plus a surprise accessory from the shop!! all entries will be verified and shipments to USA addresses only please.  you only have about four more days to enter!! 


  1. I'm seriously SO happy you have been enjoying your new job. So far my brief stint in marketing has also taught me that everyone you work with is so funny and great to be around. Yay marketing for the win! (:

  2. Yay, I am so glad you are liking your new job! The window washers would have scared me too. Haha. Have a great weekend! :)

  3. Sending prayers to your dad. Sorry to here is recovery isn't going as planned.
    Glad to hear that your liking your new co workers. That picture they left on your desk is realllly funny!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. Oh my gosh those window washers make me nervous too. Glad you're enjoying the new job!

  5. so glad you're enjoying the new job. TOO funny with the co workers and their pranks though!

  6. I am so glad you're enjoying the job and that your first week went well. Sounds like your co-workers are awesome!

  7. I am so glad that the first week went well and that you are enjoying the new job! Sending many prayers for your dad's speedy and quick recovery!

  8. So jealous you're going to see Maroon 5!!! Take me with?! ;)

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  11. I'm glad to hear your first week went well! I hope your dad has a quick recovery soon!

    Ps- this is my 3rd attempt at typing this comment because for some reason I couldn't get your vs you're typed correctly haha. Don't mind me with all the deletes today!


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