Lot 48: these are random thoughts + positivity

November 10, 2014

these are random thoughts + positivity

before i jump into sharing my random thoughts with you, i wanted to join belinda in sharing some positivity on this monday!! i am so blessed.  i really, really am.  i was looking at my life yesterday and how much it has improved for the better in the past 3 months, and it truly is amazing.  the Lord answers prayers.  he answers prayers and has blessed my husband and i beyond our wildest dreams.  i am so grateful.  we have good jobs now, my health is improving, we have a cozy apartment with heat and power and food in the fridge.  we never ran out of money while i was unemployed and i owe it all to the Lord.  to the Lord and me.  i was faithful, i tried my best to have hope.  i had lauren design me an image that said "there is light at the end of the tunnel" and hung it opposite of my bed, so i could look at it all day.  i worked hard, i applied to countless jobs.  i trusted in the Lord.  and He blessed us.  we did it!! we made it through our rough patch.  and i am oh so very grateful.  if that isn't positivity, i don't know what is!! {speaking of the Lord, did you see my post yesterday about my faith as a Mormon? feel free to ask me anything about my faith, i'm an open book!}

okay, now onto random thoughts.  i keep all my blog ideas in my phone.  whenever inspiration strikes, i write my ideas down on a note on my iphone.  i realized the other day that a lot of my ideas wouldn't make a good post on their own, so i thought i'd throw them all together!!  so here you go, a peek at my brain.  don't say you weren't warned!! 

  • yes, my dad wanted me to go on 100 first dates before i got married.  100!! i made it up to about 25.  he asked this of all of my sisters and the only one who got the closest was my oldest sister jessica, i think. didn't you get up to 75, jess?  
  • in defense of "based on a true story" movies.  i think a lot of times when there is a biopic made, people get angry because the facts aren't always right.  they claim that hollywood needed to "sex it up" or something and but the truth is, the screenwriter needs to write a compelling story.  a story that keeps you interested.  not all true stories can hold your interest for 2 hours.  the writer has to change it at least a little bit to make it interesting.
  • llama gifs.  i just love them so much.  the first one is stolen from this post from sarah and i laughed oh so very hard when i saw it.  i do NOT want your food, sir.

this isn't a llama gif, but it is just too funny to not share.  stolen from the same post from sarah.  i laughed so hard i about died when i saw this.

  • it bothers me when stay at home moms get looked down upon because they have given up their careers to raise their children.  being a SAHM is HARD.  i see my sisters struggle each and every day.  moms have to deal with these little monster children daily, and when you are around them alllll day, it takes so much patience!! right?? being a mom is a job!! it is one of the most important jobs in the world.  and yes, warrior is my favorite movie of all time and i am passionate about that too. but i feel like i have talked about that a little too much.  because i just love it SO MUCH!! 
  • after we went to a petting zoo a few weeks ago with the kids and avery held this adorable bunny, i have wanted one.  my roommate decided to get a bunny my sophomore year of college, {without asking, btw, which was lame, what if i was allergic?} and she let it roam around the living room and chill on the couch, and i kind of loved.  bunnies are sooooo cute!! and i want one. it very well might happen.
  • what is smart, exactly?  people are smart in different ways.  my husband thinks i'm a genius (??) because i can write and i tend to pick things up quickly.  but i SUCK at science and math.  i think taran is a genius because, hello, he is, and is amazing at science and math (obviously, he is an engineer).  it is a constant debate in our house who is smarter.  taran is waaaay smarter than me.  he says i'm smarter.  but who is to judge?  we are all smart in different ways.  so why compare?
  • i would like to thank the person who invented contacts.  i really hate wearing glasses.  like, a lot.  they give me a headache, and you only get good vision depending on where you look.  contacts?  you can see everything no matter where you look!! it's amazing!! also, tampons.  lifesaver.  thanks to who invented that.  what in the world did women do until they were invented. 
now things not pictured

  • i am really self consious about my handwriting.  i have really bad penmanship.  always have.  and i hold pencils and pens weird.  i was in a meeting the other day at work, and the guy said, "who taught you how to hold a pencil??" and the other day at dinner with my grandparents, while telling my grandma i was still having trouble signing my new last name, she said "you have horrible cursive."  but this is an ex elementary school teacher we are dealing with folks, so i understand her critique.  
  • have you ever noticed that the actors and actresses who were in the golden age of film, like in the 30s and 40s and 50s, or whatever decade you choose, had like a ton of affairs and husbands and wives?? audrey got around. so did katharine and humphrey and all of 'em. they all had affairs.  all of them.  was that just a thing that was okay back then? why was this the norm?
  • why do people get up so early?!?!? i don't understand it!! i am not a morning person and truthfully wouldn't even make it to work if the hubs didn't wake me up in the mornings.  no alarm is powerful enough to get me out of bed.  it's a problem.  on the weekends, i have no problem sleeping until 11 and i don't get why i get stared at when i admit that.  sleep is awesome!! sleep in!! why do some people get up 3 hours before you go to work?!?! sleep in until the last second! that's my motto!! 
  • grey's anatomy lied.  gasp! my BIL is an intern and fresh out of med school, and he has no bailey.  they are just kind of one their own, scared to death that they will do something wrong and kill someone.  i think it's unfair.  they also get paid, nothing.  just barely above minimum wage.  minimum wage!! and they are doctors!! 
  • leslie knope really should be president. 
  • i have more notes, but this is getting long so i'll do a part two but lastly and surprisingly, leighton meester, our blair waldorf's new album is actually really good. my favorite song is "runaway."

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  1. This post made me giggle so much! 100 first dates! That's actually kind of cool- I should start counting and see if I make it. I don't doubt it- good men seem to be hiding from me!

  2. Llama gifs for the win!! LOVE THEM! xoxo! You're also making me wonder if josh and I had 100 dates. hmmm. lol

  3. Love it! It's such a good idea to reflect on how blessed we are :)

    P.S. 100 first dates?! I really hope i don't hit that number haha

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I looove to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade with my family - then we spend the rest of the day listening to Christmas carols while we cook (and eat!). :)

  6. I'm cracking up over here with the llama gifs. Could you imagine one of those just following you?HA!

  7. Positive thinking leads to positive life :D

  8. 100 First Dates?? That's so many!

    Llama gifs for the win!

    Bunnies are the best. I love my bunny. He's the cutest thing ever!

  9. I keep blog post ideas on my phone too, otherwise I'd never remember anything. I LOVE gifs...llama gifs are the best! hahah and lastly, i am fascinated by the love lifes of hollywood back in the day...it was all so steamy and juicy!


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