Lot 48: superstitions + a giveaway to blow your mind

November 3, 2014

superstitions + a giveaway to blow your mind

helene had this as a topic in her blogtober14 challenge, but once again, i am late to the party.  oh well.

i have a lot of superstitions.  for example...

  • whenever salt spills, i HAVE to throw some over my right shoulder.  as a waitress for 4+ years, if i was cleaning up a table and knocked over the salt, i threw it over my right shoulder every time, resulting in very strange looks.  but i have too!! 
  • i am also very superstitious about jinxing things.  if i say something that i want to happen, i always ALWAYS knock on wood.  every time.  i joke that i wish i had a peg leg so i would never have to search for wood every time i need to knock on it.  because this happens at least 2x a day.  i'm weird.  
  • i don't, however, have any lucky pennies or lucky shirts or lucky anything.  i also don't believe in if a black cat crosses your path, you'll have bad luck, or if you walk under a ladder you'll have bad luck.  for me, it's just the knocking on wood and the salt.  the an absurd degree.  like i said, i'm weird.

and now i know you are waiting with bated breath to hear about how my first day at my new job went!! i was  nervous to return to work after 3 months away, but it felt GREAT!! i felt so good about myself, so good about putting in a hard day's work, accomplishing something.  everyone was really nice and took me to lunch, i had a lot of good ideas that were well received, i learned a lot and it was just a great day!! i like the company and the people i work with so far seem nice.  i am so happy to be there and it went really well!!

i was worried that i wouldn't get to write as much as i wanted to, but it turns out that won't be an issue!! i will get to write lots of blog posts and i can't wait to get started, get my hands dirty and really contribute!! i am baaaaack!


and now, i am so excited to announce this amazing giveaway with boutique sui numeris!! they have an AMAZING collection of dresses and accessories!! one lucky winner will receive a $50 gift card plus a surprise accessory from the shop!! all entries will be verified and shipments to USA addresses only please.  good luck!!


  1. So great to hear your first day at your new job was so lovely! You will do wonderfully, I hope you continue to love it!

  2. I am so glad your first day went well! I knew you could do it!

    I totally knock on wood too. Every time.

  3. Glad you had a great first day at work!! First days are so nerve-wrecking but also exciting!

    And as for the jinxing things I am all about it! :)

  4. So glad you had a great first day of work! I'm soo happy for you, sweetie! :) you really deserve it!
    I have to knock on wood too... I don't want to risk it. half the time I end up knocking on my head though because I can't find any wood! HA!
    Thanks for including me in the giveaway!


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