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November 4, 2014

operation christmas child

in high school, i was part of a service club called "RASK" as in, random acts of selfless kindness.  each holiday season, we would participate in what we called  "angel tree."  we would each get assigned a child to give presents to for Christmas.  i loved being part of it every year.  we would get information on  the children's age, gender, and what the needed and what they wanted.  then we would have a big wrapping party in the library and the best part, deliver the presents to the children ourselves.  well, we would deliver the presents to the parents, so they could tell the kids santa brought them presents.  these families were always so grateful and it made me feel so good to give those unfortunate a Christmas.   

since high school, i haven't really done anything like that and am excited to say that this year  will be different!! i will be participating in the samaritan's purse: operation christmas child with a beautiful exchange. i am so glad that i get to provide a little boy or girl Christmas this year!  and you can participate too!! just go  to  the website i provided and join in!! you just pack a shoebox full of presents and give a $7 donation and mail it off by nov. 24!!  you can find all the in depth information in this document that our host hayley has put together.

i have mentioned that Christmas isn't exactly my favorite season because everyone gets so caught up in materialistic things like presents and parties.  the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  that is what Christmas should be focused on, and it bothers me that everyone seems to focus on the present aspect.  needless to say, commercials around this time of year drive me absolutely crazy.  presents are not what this season is all about!! but this year, i feel really good that i have the opportunity to do something Christlike, something that He would do.  yes, i am giving a present to a child, but i am bringing a smile to a child's face.  i am sharing Christ's joy.  i will for sure include a spiritual message in my box, to make sure the child knows the true meaning of Christmas.

i will be back to talk about this amazing organization on nov. 14 and show you what i have bought and what i have packed!! that day will be a linkup, so be sure to join in the fun and share your shoebox too!!  be sure to grab the button and get shopping!! my favorite part of this season is the giving.  i would  much rather give presents than get them.  i am so excited to take part of this amazing charity this year!! don't miss out this opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!!

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  1. Yay! So glad that you will be joining us--thank you for participating! I love your explanation and know that OCC lends a hand in changing the lives of so many people! Also, the link up post will be on November 14 and the linky closes on the 17th. You can feel free to share the link to that doc so that people that have never participated know what to do! :)

    1. I'll be joining as well! We pack a shoe box each year and I just love this organization and how a little box can be bring a child so much joy.


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