Lot 48: my operation child box!!

November 14, 2014

my operation child box!!

today's the day we talk about our operation Christmas child boxes!! i am so excited to share what i bought!! i chose to shop for a 5-9 year old girl. do i get a gold star for showing you a picture of me without any makeup?? that should get extra points.

i decided to go with a frozen theme, because, duh. i also wanted to give her candy and of course, a spiritual message.

what we have:
  • anna doll from frozen.  i had a hard time deciding between her and elsa, because i love elsa's outfit and hair more, but anna is more of a role model.  elsa has issues.  not a role model i would want for my daughter.  so anna it was.
  • a cute frozen purse!! i could just picture a little girl walking around, putting all her toys in it.  i know i would have liked it.  maybe i chose things i would like?
  • i filled an ornament with my favorite candy, gobstoppers.  you have to have candy at Christmas, right?
  • i just now realized i didn't take the price tag off the last two presents.  oh well.  i'm sure you won't judge me, it was dirt cheap.  like i mentioned, i wanted to get something about the spiritual message of Christmas.  i liked this story and it was perfect for kids.
  • a mickey mouse stickers book because it was 50 cents.  do kids between 5-9 sticker things? oh well.  i just threw it in there because it looked fun.
and now it is your turn to share!! go to a beautiful exchange to link up your post! tell us what you packed for your little boy or girl!! this linkup will last until november 17!! 

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also, i am super excited to attend this blogger event tonight!! i have no idea how i got invited, but i RSVP'd far enough in advance that i got a bracelet, wrist band and glitter!!! can't wait! only problem is that i am supposed to wear all white... and i have like, no white clothes..... so..... i have no idea what to do about that.  i also wish i had someone to go with. but what a perfect opportunity to make new friends, right?
happy weekend!!


  1. I love your box! And for such a good cause! I'll definitely have to join in. And I'm super jealous about the GroopDealz event! You'll have to let me know how it goes :)

  2. What a great box! I love that you did this.

    Also, have so much fun at the blogger event. It sounds awesome!

  3. YES! Stickers are literally the best. haha. I use them with my middle school kiddos all the time. Love your box, girl!

  4. Looks like a fantastic program! Glad you have fun making up the box!


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