Lot 48: i am thankful i am blessed

November 27, 2014

i am thankful i am blessed

 happy thanksgiving everyone!! i am going to pull a total blogger cliche and share a list of things i am thankful for.  i know. soooo cliche and i am sure your feed is blowing up with the same kinds of posts.  so bear with me for a minute because i would feel uneasy and ungrateful if i didn't share my gratitude in my abundance of blessings the Lord has given me. i have shared what i am thankful for in the past, but so much has changed since then!! 

my Lord and the gospel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  yes, i am Mormon and proud of it.  it is the single most important thing in my life.  i need this gospel.  i need my Lord.  i need him.  the gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happier than anything has.  i would go to the moon and back for it.  there is nothing in the entire universe that i love more than this gospel.  it has saved me.  it has improved me.  following the Lord's commandments and the teachings of this amazing church has turned me into the woman i have always wanted to be.  i could go on for hours.  i love this church.  i would be nothing without it.  nothing.  

my husband.  obviously, this is the first on the list.  last year, he came to thanksgiving with my family, but he was just my fiancé then.  but now he is my husband!!  after 9 months of marriage, i still don't get tired of saying that!! i really want to do Christmas cards, and i blame natalie for putting the idea in my head.  i hadn't really thought about it, but now i want to do it!! but seriously, my husband.  he is an absolute saint.  i really, truly cannot believe how much i love him and how lucky i got.  how did i get him??  i really have no idea but i am oh so very grateful.  i love him so much.  i am so thankful for all he does for me.  he is the most amazing man i have ever known (sorry dad).

my family. i am a little disappointed that i won't be with my parent's this year, but am glad i will be with my sister.  how our family rolls is we alternate holidays.  this year, it is my turn to be with my in-laws this year for thanksgiving.  but they are going to california and we didn't want to drive that far, so i asked my sister if we could crash her party with her in-laws.  i really like her in-laws so i am excited.  but i am a little disappointed that we won't get to do all our traditions as per usual.  but it will still be a good day!! 

my job.  i am so incredibly blessed that i was only unemployed for one month after i got laid off.  in this economy, i feel like that is kind of unheard of.  i am so blessed.  it is like dating.  i loved my last job so much i thought i could never love another job more.  now that i am at this new job, i see all the flaws that were with the old job, all the red flags i should have seen, and how much better this new job is for me.  sounds like dating, right?  i really love my new job.  

taran's job.  he finally has an amazing job where he is an actual engineer and using his brilliant brain and gets paid what he deserves.  i am so beyond proud of him.  we both got our new jobs at the same time, it is so amazing how everything fell into place at the last minute. the Lord is so good.

you.  i can't believe how much i love blogging.  i really had no idea when i started how much i would fall in love with it.  i love the writing outlet, i love "meeting" other bloggers, i love the community, i love the friends i have made, it love it all.  it is so fun and i can't ever see myself giving it up!

there are million things that i could go on with, but i don't want to take any more of your turkey day time!! 

have a fantastic day with your friends, family, whomever and i will see you next week!! 


Hearing from you makes my day!!

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