Lot 48: how to look like a knockout

November 25, 2014

how to look like a knockout

my dear readers, for you today i have a treat!! you might have notice boutique sui numeris has been hanging on my sidebar this month and you might remember them from the giveaway last month!  

today, we have a fun q&a with elizabeth from the company!!   boutique sui has also been featured in life &style and elle magazines!! these dresses are absolutely stunning and are sure to turn heads wherever you might wear them.  they would be perfect for holiday parties! AND at the end of the post, the boutique is premiering a brand new dress, only to be premiered on lot 48! exciting!! 
how long has the company been around?  

Boutique Sui Numeris is almost 3 years old!  We appreciate the support that we have received from so many women during this time that simply admire beautiful clothing.

what started the boutique?  

Boutique Sui Numeris started as an option for women who want to invest in beautiful, classic, and durable clothing.  Fast fashion is very common now, but classic fashion ..There's nothing like it.  A classic wardrobe can be subtle and simple. It can be chic and over the top.  We're in the business of promoting a pretty, polished, pristine, and provocative lifestyle.  We love it all!

tell us the story behind the name "boutique sui numeris" 

"Sui Numeris" is defined as "of its own rank" in classical Latin.  We encourage women to set their own trends and showcase their individual styles with selective items that complement authentic personalities and subtle sophistication.

where can we find the dresses at Boutique Sui Numeris?

Boutique Sui Numeris is a luxury e-boutique available to the professional on-the-go or ladies who would rather shop in the comfort of their own home.  We offer a quality customer experience complete with tailored, individualized packaging for each item.  

where does the inspiration for the boutique come from?

We are inspired by everything pretty, and we just adore authentic vintage.  We love Old Hollywood--the elegance and glamour of Diahann Carroll, Dorothy Dandridge, Grace Kelly.  We also like a little edge--Just a bit to keep things lively.

what is your #1 fashion tip?

Less is more. A dress simply complements YOU.  You are the focal point, so take good care of yourself and let your style complement a happy, healthy you.

i love this company and the inspiration behind it!  
and now..... their brand new LBD dress as part of their vintage line..... the yasmin dress!! this dress is to be sold exclusively for lot 48 readers, so if you are interested in buying, email support@boutiquesui.com

isn't it beautiful?? you can't buy it just yet as it is BRAND NEW but soon! in the meantime, use code holidaylot48cheers for 25% OFF ALL items!! 

thank you boutique sui for sponsoring lot 48 this month, and everyone have a happy turkey day tomorrow!! 

and don't forget! i am a semi-finalist for a "favorite blog of the year" so please please please pretty please vote for me!

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