Lot 48: heyyyyyyy!!! it's a great day!!!

November 21, 2014

heyyyyyyy!!! it's a great day!!!

hey hey hey!!! i have five things to share with you!! 

GUESS WHAT!!! i am typing on my brand new macbook air!!! and it is oh very awesome and it makes me oh so very happy!! i can't figure out how to scroll up and down a page.  can anybody help me with that?? 

second thing!! i have fulfilled my life long dream {maybe not life long} of getting a floppy winter hat!! and that makes me oooooooh so very happy!!! i feel so chic and cute!  

third thing!! you may have noticed i cut my hair!! 3 inches baby!! i can't STAND to have long hair!! it drives me crazy! if it is past my collarbone, i can't handle it.

fourth thing!! my mom brought up my mini Christmas tree and my ornaments!! so now we can get decorating our apartment!! 

fifth thing!!! we have tabitha from a hundred tiny wishes on the blog today and i am so excited to introduce you to her!!  she writes about such real things and shows her true self, like how she feels about her body and her beliefs for life and things she really sucks at.  i love this girl's rawness and how she gives it to you straight!! 

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog. Life? Recipes? Fitness? I started a hundred tiny wishes in September '13, as an outlet... and most of the time it's a place where I bear my soul. Basically, It's a place for me to share the beauty of life and just be me. I write about family, diy, beauty, motherhood, style, my many confessions, beauty reviews, and more; because living a hundred tiny wishes at a time is a lifestyle.

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? This is always a hard question... I could choose Robin Williams, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Emma Stone, Tina Fey... oh these possibilities are end
Describe your perfect Saturday: Being lazy! Ha. A prefect Saturday would include going to the park with Lil Man, considering that in a perfect world, the weather would be amazing, and after the park we would grab lunch. Usually the hubby works on Saturdays, so it would be perfect if he was there too!

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to? If I could go anywhere, it would be to Washington, DC. My bestie lives like 20 minutes outside of the city, and I really miss her. Plus I would love to submerge myself in American history. On the flip side, my favorite place I have traveled to is New Orleans, LA. It was the best vacation, and there is just so much history there. I can't wait to go back!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?  My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my son and hubby, while drinking hot coco. Once the tree is finished, we usually watch a Christmas movie like Polar Express. The tree usually doesn't go up until the first weekend in December,  so that's what puts me in the Holiday mood :)

tabitha's 3 favorite posts of hers:
Dear Lil Man {My goal is to write a letter of encouragement to my son on each of his birthdays... he turned four in September and this is the first of many letters.}
 Things I've learned about parenting {Being a first time parent is all about learning what works and what doesn't}
25 beauty tips and tricks { Because makeup sometimes doesn't make sense....}

and don't forget to enter this awesome giveaway!! stay tuned because i am signed up for, like every Christmas giveaway in blogland, so you will get to win a TON of stuff!!

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  1. Cute hat/hair! I just got mine cut last weekend, but I feel like my hairdresser cut it just a bit too short...ain't nothing but a thang though, it'll grow back!

  2. I just bought a floppy winter hat too. I love it, it makes me feel so stylish and cold weather chic!

  3. Congrats on the MacBook! love your hat and your hair looks great! Happy Friday!

  4. Congratulations on your MacBook! I have no advice on how to use it because I am very definitely a PC girl.

    That hat is super cute and I love the haircut! I'm so glad you have so much happy news for this Friday!

  5. I love the floppy hat! It looks so so cute on you!

  6. Ahhhh! So many fun things today! Congrats your new purchases! Happy Friday!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Woohoo! Congratulations on mac book!

  8. Yayy for new computers! Your hair looks cute with your new cut. I CANT wait to start decorating a tree, but since we host Thanksgiving we usually wait until after.


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